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How to use the BetKing Free Bet – up to ₦600,000 free bets for new bettors in 2024

BetKing is one of the most generous bookies in Nigeria when it comes to bonuses and free bets. You can say they live up to the royal title in their name – A bet king indeed!

Once you register on this platform, you can cop free bets up to ₦600,000 within 14 days. How? You may ask. We'll discuss all about how to use BetKing free bet in this article. Read to learn the following:

  • How to get the BetKing free bet plus important terms and conditions;
  • How to use the BetKing free bet on your phone; and
  • The overall working structure of BetKing free bets.

I'll also be sharing my expert tips and tricks to help you get the most out of BetKing free bets. Let's go!

How to use BetKing free bet

How do the BetKing free bets work?

The BetKing free bets offer is simple. Open an account on the platform, bet, and you get a free bet to bet even more! The entire deal runs for 14 days and you only need to bet at least ₦500 on sports or virtuals each day. If you do, you'll get a 10% return as a free bet.

Please note that you can only use free bets won on sports betting in the sportsbook and those won from bets on virtuals in Virtuals. They are not exchangeable. Also, you cannot withdraw the given free bet. However, you can use it to place bets which may then fetch you withdrawable funds.

Let's look at this scenario for an example. I placed a ₦1000 bet on Luton to win against Fulham in the Premier League. It failed. However, my ₦1000 bet qualifies me for a free bet of ₦100 (10% of ₦1000). Assuming I use it to bet on a winning odds, X – 3.1 (Bologna vs Juventus) the next day, I'll get ₦300 I can withdraw. That's a reasonable sum considering the stake amount. Essentially, I got back 30% return on my investment even though it was lost. Not bad, we must say!

Get up to ₦600,000 Free Bets with BetKing's welcome bonus

Most bookies in Nigeria offer a welcome bonus capped at ₦100,000 – ₦200,000. So, it is amazing to see BetKing offers up to ₦600,000 in free bets as their welcome offer. To avail of the welcome bonus, new customers need to sign up using the BetKing referral code BETMAX.

While others offer a one-time matched deposit return, Betking's offer is spread over two weeks. You get a return for each bet you place during that period. Besides, there are no specific wagering requirements for the free bet. You only need to keep betting every day.

BetKing free bet for new customers

Think of it this way – the bookie is giving you a two-factor authentication on your bets. You bet to win. But even if you don't, you get another chance with your free bet which might win. And what's more, you can get up to ₦22,000 worth of free bets in a day. That's huge! Imagine how much potential returns you could net with that amount of bets.

Who can get the BetKing Free Bet? – Important terms and conditions

Every registered bettor on BetKing can get a free bet reward. One exists for newly registered bettors and another for existing users. But of course, you must be 18 or older to open an account with them. Also, certain terms and conditions apply. They include

  1. Free bets are for betting only: You cannot convert your free bet to cash or withdraw it. You also cannot use them to get other BetKing bonuses or cashbacks.
  2. Some markets are blacklisted, avoid them: You can use your awarded free bet on any sporting event or market excluding the blacklisted ones. Also, remember that virtual free bets are for virtuals. Meanwhile, Sportsbook free bets are for sports. No switching.
  3. No bet combinations: You can use your free bet on singles or accumulators. But, don't try to use them for combined bets whether splits, systems or any other. Also, ensure you exhaust the bet amount at once.
  4. One free bet promo per customer: Once you get a promo involving free bets, you cannot get it again. For example, you can only get the BetKing welcome bonus once. After that, no more.
  5. BetKing takes the stake, you take the win: You can withdraw whatever wins you get from the free bets. But only after BetKing has removed the stake amount. For example, let's assume I staked on a winning 2.16 sports odd using a ₦3000 free bet. If it wins, I'll get ₦6480. However, BetKing will remove the ₦3000 I used in making the bet leaving me with ₦3480.
  6. No to Casino: You can only use the BetKing free bets on sports betting including virtuals. Using them in other events like virtual Jackpot prizes or casino games is invalid.
  7. Mobile site or app only: Freebets are unavailable on the BetKing m-lite and desktop site. So, you can only use them on the mobile site and app.
  8. Use before expiry date: Every awarded free bet shall have an expiry date based on the promo duration. Ensure you take full advantage of them before then.
  9. Real money stakes and Free bets do not mix: You cannot add your money to a free bet in placing a wager. For example, let's say you have a free bet of ₦100. But the bet you want to place costs ₦500. Don't try to add your money to complete it. It is not allowed. You can place the bet with your money alone. Then, later use your free bet for a cheaper wager.
  10. BetKing calls the shots: The bookie reserves the right to withdraw or cancel your free bet if you violate any rule. So, make sure you follow all stipulated guidelines on betting responsibly.

Things to know about BetKing free bets for new users

You already know you must register on the BetKing Android app or mobile site to get the free bets welcome bonus. However, it is only until you deposit and bet on a sports event that BetKing will credit you the free bets.

The minimum amount you can stake in a day is ₦500. Once you do that, your free bets – 10% of your stake will appear in your account the next day. The higher your stake amount, the higher your free bet. Nevertheless, the maximum freebet you can get in a day is ₦22,000. So even if you make bets of like ₦300,000, you'll still get only ₦22,000 worth of free bets. You must gamble with caution after all.

Join the BetKing Free Bets Club for existing users

BetKing free bet for existing customers

BetKing offers a Free Bets Club where existing customers can get weekly free bets of up to ₦10,000. However, not all customers are eligible to join this club. You can only join if you meet the following requirements:

  • You have a BetKing account registered before August 18th 2023.
  • You have placed at least five bets on the platform since your registration date.
  • You have actively used your account for at least 30 days since registration before August 18th
  • You have placed at least one bet within 30 days before August 18
  • You have completed your bank profile registration

Note that the required bets do not include free, cancelled, voided, or cashed-out bets.

How to use my free bet on BetKing – Step-by-step guide for Nigerian customers

Claiming the BetKing free bet is easy. However, the most important part of the package is using it properly. You must use your awarded free bets to stake on good odds. That's the only way you can benefit from it. Otherwise, it is useless.

Below, I'll teach you how to use the free bet on BetKing in three easy steps.

  1. Login to your BetKing account or create one: To do this, you must first open the BetKing app or site. You'll see both buttons at the top right part of the screen. Tap LOGIN to access your account or JOIN to create one.

Join to get BetKing free bet

  1. Make your bet selections: Select the sports, competitions, and markets you'd like to bet on. It could be a single event or multiple ones. Remember, you must not combine or split your free bet and you must use it at once. Once you've decided, add to your bet slip by tapping the odds.

BetKing betslip

  1. Use the Free Bet Option: Enter your bet amount – it must not be more or less than your awarded free bet. Once done, tick “Use free bet”. Then, press “Place bet” to confirm.

How to use BetKing free bet on a phone?

  1. Open the BetKing app from your phone's home screen. If you don't have one, you can go to the mobile site instead.
  2. Select the sports event whether Real or virtual depending on the given free bet.
  3. Tap the odds under your preferred market to add to your bet slip
  4. Pick the “Use free bet” option
  5. Submit your bet.

Expert tips on how to use free bet on BetKing in Nigeria

The BetKing free bet offer is one every bettor will enjoy. It is easy to get. Besides that, it requires no wagering requirement. All you need to do is create an account on BetKing. Then, deposit at least ₦500 to bet every day. That's it, you can enjoy up to ₦600,000 free bets. And what's more, there's no limit. You can take advantage of it by exploring different sports options including virtuals.

Here are some tips to help you take good advantage of your BetKing free bets.

Try matched betting

If you have two unused free bets perhaps from day 1 and 2, you can try betting on two opposite outcomes in an event. That way, you'd be sure of a return regardless of the result. This strategy might not work for football without careful planning. But for head-to-head sports like Tennis, you can be sure of a definite outcome.

BetKing match betting

For example, consider the game odds below. You can bet on 1.80 with a free bet and 1.90 with another free bet. One of the slips will surely return as a win. At the same time, you would have utilized your free bet.

The totals market is your best shot

Another important tip on how to use free bets on BetKing is to concentrate on the Totals market. For the first strategy to work, totals are your best shot. You could bet on Bochum winning the away team in a Bundesliga match. The only thing is you'll need to find the accurate odds to break even. Using an odds calculator might work.

Over-under can work too

While totals offer more potential payouts for free bets. You could also bet on the over-under market using the first strategy. BetKing mostly expresses it as a half-goal or point. Therefore, you can't land on a tie giving you a successful outcome from the two.

Hello reader! I'm Maryloveth, an avid content writer specialised in the igaming industry for over 2 years. I love writing guides and informative articles to help people find relevant answers to questions and make informed decisions. When I'm not in the middle of a book or web page, you can find me gisting with family and friends.

BetKing Free Bet FAQ

You only need to

  • Make your bet selections;
  • Add them to your bet slip;
  • Look for the use bet option;
  • Tap to place your bet.

You can find your available free bets under your main balance in the accounts section. So in case you’re wondering how much free bet you have, Go to “My Account” in the menu.

Log in to your account. Then, select your preferred virtual sports to bet on. It’ll appear in your bet slip. You can now use the free bet option to place your stake.