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Soccer Picks

On Football Whispers, you can explore all the available sports betting options dedicated to the many US states that have legalized online betting. On our website, you can find pages dedicated to information about placing bets, the many bonuses offered by various sportsbooks, and much more. To start off, you can have a look at some of the bonus codes available for players from the US:

The online sportsbook segment in the United States is filled with a lot of options for bettors. However, choosing the right destination might have a significant impact on the kind of success that users might experience with the betting picks. It is imperative that bettors go for the finest sportsbooks. In this article, we hope to provide clarity and insight into five of the best online sports betting sites in the United States.

Top five sportsbooks


BetMGM ranks as a market leader in many of the states where betting is legal. This is down to a combination of excellent bonus offers that have helped the brand get a lot of traction amongst bettors. The same bettors will not be sticking with BetMGM for too long if it did not have a great product portfolio. This is not the case, as BetMGM manages to present several thousand betting markets every week. They are able to span multiple sports with amazing ease. Furthermore, new players get to enjoy a massive risk-free bet worth $1000. All these make BetMGM is one of the best sports betting sites in the USA.

Football Whispers: News, Soccer Picks, and Sportsbooks Offers


One of the instantly recognizable brands in the United States would be Caesars sportsbook. After managing to acquire the assets of William Hill in the United States, Caesars has been able to grow even more. The brand already has a presence in and it is expanding to other corners of the country. At the same time, Caesars is one of the top places to find an attractive set of offers in almost every department. The best match of $1001 is enough to get users started with a sizeable bonus that can come in handy on one of the many markets available on the platform.

Football Whispers: News, Soccer Picks, and Sportsbooks Offers


BetRivers is run and operated by a brand that has immense experience in the world of gambling. Apart from the online sportsbook segment, BetRivers is operated by people who run brick and mortar casinos in many parts of the country. BetRivers comes with the advantage of a solid betting portfolio that manages to comprise major sports with ease. BetRivers is already operating in multiple parts of the United States like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Arizona, and more. The loyalty program offered by BetRivers has been able to pick up excellent reviews. It has the potential to reward regular players with sizable numbers.

Football Whispers: News, Soccer Picks, and Sportsbooks Offers


DraftKings is one of the modern sportsbooks to make its presence felt in the US markets. It has been able to successfully transition from the daily fantasy sports brand to a top destination for sports. The brand has already been able to expand to many states in the US. There are further plans to expand DraftKings to almost any state in the US where betting is legally possible. One of the biggest factors that make DraftKings the best online sports betting platform would be a slick interface that is unmatched by many. Further, there is a seamless integration between the betting segment, casino segment, and daily fantasy sports space.

Football Whispers: News, Soccer Picks, and Sportsbooks Offers


The sportsbook from FanDuel made its first appearance in 2018. After starting out in New Jersey, FanDuel has grown into a major player in the sports betting market with operations in different parts of the country. One of the top reasons that make FanDuel the contender for the best online sports betting site in the US would be a butter-smooth interface that is a joy to use. On this interface, users will be able to find markets on all major sports as expected. The pricing provided by FanDuel is also in line with the competition. Compared with many other brands that have been around for a while, FanDuel’s advantage comes in its modern appearance and feel.

Football Whispers: News, Soccer Picks, and Sportsbooks Offers

Different forms of sports bets in the United States

The process of identifying a sportsbook that is legal in a specific state might be an easy process, but identifying a potential wager can be quite difficult considering the many betting options available. Some of the top betting choices available from the best sports betting sites in the USA would be:

Sports betting odds – This is the crucial aspect of betting in the United States. Anyone who is new to betting on sports needs to grasp the numbers called the odds. They are a representation of the likely outcome according to the sportsbook. One will also learn the potential returns from a bet using these odds, while it also signifies the direction of the smart money.

Parlays – A bettor would be able to combine multiple outcomes to form a single bet which is called a parlay. This enhances the returns quite significantly but all selections need to be successful.

Spread – The spread is the betting type where the playing field is levelled out between the two opponents. The margin of victory plays a major role in the spread betting, which can also be quite risky for newcomers. Due to the higher risk, spread betting can also be very rewarding with more returns depending on the accuracy of predictions.

Money line – The money line is a basic bet that can be a good choice for beginners. It is primarily a system where bettors will be choosing the opponent who would win the game. The underdogs are represented by a positive number while the favourites start with a negative sign.

Totals – This is once again a simple form of the betting type where the wager will be used to denote the combined score in a match. It is particularly shown up as over/under a

Top sports markets and betting events in the US

Sports betting enthusiast in the United States has plenty of options at their disposal. There are bets to be enjoyed on almost any major day. There is something for everyone in the country where sports like basketball, baseball, and American football hold strong support. Some of the popular options that will open up for a user who signs up with one of these best sports betting sites in the USA would be:


Major League Soccer is one of the fastest growing soccer leagues in the world. The league started with just 10 teams and it has gone to the stature of having close to 30 teams in the next few years. Following the recent additions of franchises like Inter Miami and Austin FC, the fan base for the league has extended to different corners of the United States – and to the world.


This is by far the most popular sport for betting in the US. Specifically, the Super Bowl attracts a global audience that also results in a party for bettors in terms of their betting choices.


Purely in terms of volumes, basketball would be the second most popular sport in the US. The NBA finals and postseason are particularly of interest, as they are able to bring in more wagers and interest from bettors.


Even though sportsbooks consider NHL as the third most popular sport in the US, it does not mean any slack in the opportunities. There are several hundred markets to consider and they only go up north when the Stanley Cup playoffs are around.

College basketball and football

Despite not enjoying great popularity outside the country, college basketball and baseball bring in a load of seasoned handicappers. The two sports have their own signature events that particularly would be a haven for bettors. These would be the March Madness and the College Football Play-Off.

Bonuses available at the best online sports betting sites

A very strong and powerful marketing tool employed even by the best online sports betting sites would be bonuses. These are available from almost every bookmaker and not to mention even the top ones.

Welcome Offers

The welcome offer is the single biggest advantage that a player can claim when they sign up with a particular brand. All online betting sites offer this bonus which can be a percentage of the first deposit – or subsequent deposits – made by the player. The offer would be on the lines of ‘100% up to $500’ and they have the potential to provide a strong entry into the platform.

Risk-free bets

The risk-free bets are primarily provided in the first few weeks after completing registration. The value of the bonus provided by this offer may be small in comparison with the welcome bonus, but it can still be very crucial. Typically, a sportsbook would provide a $20 risk-free bet provided that the player meets certain requirements like a minimum deposit or a minimum bet.

Reload or free play offers

The reload bonuses or free play are usually made available for the existing players at online betting sites. The reload is typically available each time – are certain times a month – a player makes a deposit. The volume of these offers may not be huge, but they can still be rewarding nonetheless.

Referral bonuses

A passive way – without making deposits or bets – to pick up bonuses on a sportsbook would be to refer friends to the platform. The existing player can use a referral link and they will continue to pick up bonuses as long as the ‘referred’ player makes use of the platform.

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Football Whispers: News, Soccer Picks, and Sportsbooks Offers


Football Whispers: News, Soccer Picks, and Sportsbooks Offers


Football Whispers: News, Soccer Picks, and Sportsbooks Offers


 Football Whispers: News, Soccer Picks, and Sportsbooks Offers


Football Whispers: News, Soccer Picks, and Sportsbooks Offers


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Football Whispers: News, Soccer Picks, and Sportsbooks Offers