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VA Lottery Promo Code | Use LOTTOVA To Get $100!

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VA Lottery Promo Code Oct 2022 | Use LOTTOVA To Get $100!

The VA lottery promo code (LOTTOVA) entitles new members to a 50% deposit match of up to $100 and 20 free games of Vegas Cash Drop.

Strictly speaking, this could also be regarded as a VA lottery deposit promo as new players must make a deposit to redeem the welcome bonus. Since this is a lottery gaming site, you needn’t worry about wagering requirements or anything of the sort. This means you can simply claim your cash, take a swing at the eligible games, and have some fun. The bonus cash can pretty much be used for any game on the site.

As you may also know, the Virginia Lottery has been online for a number of years now. This should also help to bolster confidence and trust when using this site!

VA Lottery Promo Code

Online Lottery Virginia Lottery

VA Lottery Promo Code


Sign Up Bonus

Deposit $10+ to get a 50% match (up to $100) + 20 free games of Vegas Cash Drop!

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What exactly is the Virginia Lottery online welcome bonus?

The welcome bonus you may receive by using the VA Lottery promo code includes a 50% match and 20 free games of Vegas Cash Drop. The 20 free games will automatically be credited to your account once you have signed up. As for the 50% deposit match, of course, you must actually make a qualifying deposit before this is officially redeemed. A qualifying deposit is any amount over $10, which will be matched by the site up to a maximum value of $100. Bear in mind that this is a 50% match, meaning that you’d have to deposit $200 to receive the full bonus.

VA Lottery Promo Code

As for some specifics of this offer, there aren’t too many that you need to worry about. Firstly, of course, you must make sure that the VA lottery deposit promo is applied. This can be done when registering or when depositing, and the first deposit must be processed with a debit card. You have 30 days in which to do this after registering, however, the free games that you get are only valid for 24 hours.

Beyond this, VA Lottery does not have any kind of playthrough requirements for you to worry about. And since the chances of winning on the Virginia Cash Expander are 1 in 4.70, we’d say this is a fairly competitive offer. Finally, which goes without saying really, you must meet the legal conditions outlined to be able to open an account. These dictate that you must be 18+ and a resident of Virginia to sign up.

How to get the VA Lottery welcome bonus?

  1. Follow the provided links to the VA Lottery site
  2. Enter the Virginia Lottery promo code (LOTTOVA)
  3. Set up your new sign in details (username and password)
  4. Complete all personal info, set up security questions, open the account
  5. Sign in and deposit at least $10 using a debit card

History of the Virginia Lottery

VA Lottery Promo Code

The internet state lottery within Virginia started back in 1988. So ever since then really, lottery gaming has been permitted, and widely adopted all over Virginia. But back then, people would need to visit regulated retailers where they could purchase lottery tickets. This all changed along with the boom of the internet when online platforms started to emerge. Of course, the VA Lottery site is one of these platforms, and this site has been accepting online ticket purchases for many years now.

But looking at the current platform offering, of course, you’ll see that there is much more than just lottery play. Since 2019, VA Lottery has been giving users a truly diverse experience with the inclusion of instant games, scratchers, draw games, and so much more. While draw games for major lotteries are still the backbone of the site, things are certainly looking more and more comprehensive as time moves on. And today, you can even sign up and play through a designated VA Lottery mobile app.

How about that for moving with the times? Few would have imagined this when the VA Lottery first went live more than 30 years ago! So now, it’s fair to say that the platform provides the ideal spot for all Virginia residents to get involved with ease.

Types of Games on the VA Online Lottery

As we’ve mentioned above, the VA Lottery platform is no longer just a site that lets you buy lottery tickets. This hasn’t been the case for quite some time now. But to keep things detailed, we’d like to talk about the main gaming categories that the Virginia Lottery site now has available.

Draw Games

Draw games are still the most talked about section of the VA Lottery site. This category includes all lottery draws that players can buy tickets for. On that note, the top three draw games remain Powerball, Mega Millions, and Cash4Life. These are separate lottery draws that you can participate in each week. And if you want to get started without risking much of your own cash, just make sure you sign up with the Virginia Lottery promo code 2022 – ensuring you can bag as much as $100 in free cash. You can then use these to purchase draw game tickets if desired.

With this said, it’s actually not just lotteries you can get involved within this section. There are also a number of keno draws you can engage with too. This is a rather niche form of gaming that combines bingo with lottery-style play. And it’s on that we recommend trying if you haven’t done so already.

Instant Games

Instant games are basically scratchers that you can play and complete with just one click. Instead of manually revealing the numbers, which takes a bit of time, you can simply click to reveal all. This is ideal if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, and the fact that these games can be enjoyed for $1 or less is even more enticing. Of course, there are other instant games where the ticket prices are around $10, $15, or even $20. The higher the ticket prices, the larger the prizes, generally speaking.

Take the Virginia Cash Expander as an example, this is a pricier instant game where the top prize is as high as $250,000.

VA Lottery Promo Code for Mobile


Scratchers are in the same niche as instant games, in all honesty. The only difference with these is that you don’t have the ‘reveal all’ button. The range of games is better here too, with plenty to choose from and cash rewards that vary from $30 to $5 million! These scratchers range from $1 to play all the way to $30. Again, this provides a large enough range to ensure that just about anyone can get involved. As for the more popular scratchers, we’d recommend that you take a shot at Extreme Millions, Cash Blast, 100x The Money, and the biggest one of them all – the $5,000,000 Ultimate.

These are long-standing, popular scratchers. However, VA Lottery also whips up some seasonal and extra chance scratchers from time to time too, all in addition to the free games obtained with the VA Lottery promo code. These are open for a limited time, and they are often great fun!

National draw games at VA Lottery

We’ve already mentioned some of the top national draw games that VA Lottery gives you access to, but you are probably wondering about what each of these draw games entails. Therefore, we’d like to run through some specifics for the main, national draw games listed on the site.


The Powerball needs no introduction these days. It’s one of the nation’s largest lotteries, and at the time of writing, the jackpot stands above $75 million. Of course, these jackpots chop and change depending on the number of players, when the jackpot was last one, combined with other factors as well. You must pick five numbers between 1 and 69, combined with one Powerball number. Should you get them all correct, the jackpot is yours.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions is actually the biggest lottery offered on the platform right now. The jackpot, at the time of writing, is more than $370 million! Of course, that is life-changing sums of money for those who are fortunate enough to win, although the odds aren’t exactly in your favor. You can purchase tickets instantly on the VA Lottery site, and you can check the result of the draw from your account also. Like other lotteries, you must pick five numbers combined with a bonus number for this one.


Cash4Life is very different from the previous two. Instead of receiving a lump sum payout, Cash4Life winners get a fixed sum per year, for life. Specifically, jackpot winners for this one will receive $365,000 per year for the rest of their life. Tickets are a similar price to the first two, and the numbers you can pick run from 1 to 60 for the main picks, and 1 to 4 for the bonus.

VA Lottery on Desktop

VA Lottery is a hybrid site, operating on both mobile and desktop channels. With that said, many still prefer accessing their account on desktop. In all fairness, the platform performs very well on desktop. There are clear filters and menu items you can use to find key games, the site is vibrant, and we like that you can catch a glimpse of what the games entail before jumping in. Of course, the fact that you have hundreds of games to choose from on the desktop is also a major plus.

And as you have no doubt guessed already, the desktop site allows you to register with the Virginia Lottery promo code 2022 – in the same way that the mobile platform does. But when comparing the two, we did find that the desktop site feels a little more spacious. This makes it friendly for beginners and newcomers, while still maintaining that quality aspect that draws people to the VA Lottery site in the first place.

It’s cool that you can also check the results of recent draws, investigate any reload promotions, and browse fresh features of the site all from the homepage too. This makes the site feel quite welcoming, professional, and diverse.

VA Lottery Mobile App

If you haven’t got the time to sit down and use the desktop site, there is always the VA Lottery app for you to download. Currently, there is a VA Lottery app for Android, as well as iOS, and the app can be installed on both smartphones and tablets. From what we have seen, the app seems to boast most of the same games as the desktop site, including all major draw games, scratchers, and instants. The gameplay is relatively smooth on the app too, as are the transition speeds when switching between the many products and games on this platform.

And just to clear up any doubt, you can use the VA Lottery promo code if registering from the available mobile app.

VA Lottery Promo Code - Mobile App

Comparing VA lottery with PA Lottery

PA Lottery is essentially the official lottery equivalent in Pennsylvania. But while the two both facilitate lottery gaming, they are different in many respects. At PA Lottery, you’ve actually got a better selection of games, including those for keno, scratchers, and instants. PA Lottery also has two completely separate products, including ‘fast play’ and ‘Xpress sports’. This adds some nice diversity to the site. With this said, VA Lottery still holds strong when it comes to maximum cash prizes and promotions.

In addition to this, we would say that the VA Lottery platform is more modern than PA Lottery. This is true in terms of design, performance, and features that actually benefit the user experience.

Other Helpful things to know about VA iLottery

Payment Options

The Virginia Lottery platform doesn’t support an overwhelming range of payment methods. This seems to be quite common with lottery sites, however, so it’s not something that we would view in a negative sense. With that said, the current methods you can use include debit cards, ACH bank transfer, and PayPal. The standard minimum for transactions is fixed at $10, there are no fees, and deposits are all instant. But just remember – if you want the welcome bonus associated with the VA Lottery promo code, you must use a debit card on your first deposit.

Customer Service

If and when you want to speak with a support representative, you have two main options at your disposal. The first of these is to contact the support team via phone, which is a toll-free number open between set hours, Monday – Friday. The second is to use the on-site email support form, although responses can be a little slow through this option. It is a little disappointing that there is no live chat, but who knows, this could be added in the near future.

Responsible Gambling

VA Lottery is a site that takes responsible gambling seriously. That’s why you’ll see many links to responsible gambling resources on the homepage. At the same time, you can set up restrictions for your account too. These include deposit limits on either a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, as well as playing time limits.

Final Thoughts on VA Lottery

All in all, it’s clear that this is a top-level lottery site that goes above and beyond what similar sites have in store. Of course, it’s convenient that users can enter all prestigious lotteries with just the touch of a button. However, since Virginia Lottery has also started to roll out hundreds of other games in various subcategories, we cannot see this site going anywhere but up! And if you fancy giving the site a shot, just register with the VA Lottery promo code today to hit the ground running.

VA Lottery Promo Code October 2022 | Use LOTTOVA To Get $100! FAQ

What are the sign-up requirements at Virginia Lottery?

In order to legally create a new account, you must be a Virginia resident and be over the age of 18.

Who can actually use the VA Lottery promo code?

The code can be used by anyone who falls under the classification of a new customer.

Is it easy to verify my account?

Yes. VA Lottery requires that you verify both your ID and your address. This is done by scanning through an ID document such as a driving license or passport, as well as a utility bill or bank statement.

How many promotions can I redeem on this site?

In short, as many as you please. Virginia Lottery places no restrictions on this whatsoever.

Is my data kept secure at VA Lottery?

Absolutely. Any personal details you provide when registering are stored on secure servers, and none of it is shared with any third-party companies.