The Europa League basically stands second in line as far as domestic European football tournaments go, with the Champions League being the only competition to top it. Still, the Europa League carries a great deal of prestige and importance for many clubs all over Europe, which is why we have put this Europa League tips post together. The draw has recently been released for the 2020/2021 tournament, and already things are shaping up just nicely.

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Some of the more notable teams that are involved in this year's competition include the likes of Napoli, Tottenham, Arsenal, Leicester, PSV, and of course, many others. As you can see, there’s plenty to get excited about from an English perspective, and with the first games due to kick off in just a few weeks time, this article is designed to guide towards some better wagers to make ahead of these games.

Just like the Champions League mentioned earlier, the Europa League begins as a round-robin tournament, and our first set of tips will start out with these group matches. Without further delay, let’s jump right into the first set of predictions right now.

Today's predictions for Europa League

Europa League betting tips – first round of matches

We’ve already established that the first games in the Europa League are all group matches, so nobody will be going home after their first game. In fact, each team is guaranteed several games in the competition to see who qualifies through the group. When looking at the fixtures, there are a few games that have caught our attention, mainly because they should be great games and some great betting markets are sure to follow.

With that in mind, let us show you what these games are and also show you what bets you should be looking to make ahead of these games.

Game 1 – Young Boys vs Roma

The first game we believe should consider wagering on is Young Boys against Roma. This game is scheduled to be held at the Young Boys stadium, so of course, this puts Roma on the road right away. This makes it quite interesting since Roma is one of those teams that could do plenty of damage in the competition, yet this game could be a potential ‘banana skin’.

Now, there are two different markets you could shoot for in this one. First of all, we think that Roma will emerge victorious in this one, mainly because they have a superior team compared to Young Boys. On top of that, Roma has performed reasonably well in the Europa League, at least from a historical viewpoint.

With that said, Roma has been a little shaky in the opening of their domestic campaign this season, with a pretty poor loss to Verona in their opener, as well as failing to beat a 10-man Juventus squad. However, we still believe that they will have too much in the tank for Young Boys, which is why either of these markets should be one to consider.

Game 2 – Rapid Wien vs Arsenal

For the second game that we think you should look into, we have some English interest, in the form of Arsenal. Now, before we even delve into the potential outcomes for the game, it’s important to note that Arsenal has been showing some incredibly promising signs recently. They’ve performed well in the Premier League so far, with their only loss coming at the hands of Liverpool, away. On the other hand, Rapid Wien has also performed quite well in their domestic league too, as they are currently in second place.

This means that this game will certainly be a decent clash full of some feisty football. But with that said, we still believe that Arsenal is more than capable of walking away with the victory here. Since Arsenal will be heading to Austria with pretty much a full strength team, they could simply walk out onto the pitch and blow Rapid Wien away. For that reason, we also think that this game could consist of more than 2.5 goals, which is a market you will find at most online bookmakers ahead of this game.

Game 3 – Celtic vs Milan

Out of all of the first round games, this one really could steal the show. Of course, playing Celtic at their home ground is never pleasant for any team, as Celtic really have performed well there over the years. Now, unfortunately for Milan, they will in fact be kicking off their Europa League campaign by travelling to Celtic, and we feel that the Scottish giants could ruffle the feathers of Milan quite easily.

Before we paint the picture of Celtic walking away with a victory here, we should mention that Milan is currently second in Serie A, and they have been dominating in their opening games. In fact, they have scored at least 2 goals in their last 12 games (all competitions), which is rather impressive. Celtic, on the other hand, while they have been winning a lot of their games, they haven’t been anywhere near as attacking as Milan.

However, we feel that we have to take into account the fact that this game will be played at Celtic, on a rather cold evening. This likely won’t favour Milan at all, yet we still don’t believe that Celtic has enough firepower to put two or three goals past Milan. For this reason, we are shooting for a draw in this game.

Game 4 – Tottenham vs LASK

The last game we wish to discuss here is Tottenham vs LASK, which actually could be more interesting than it looks on paper. First of all, there is a huge deal riding on this event for Tottenham, or more specifically, for Jose Mourinho. This puts enormous pressure on each and every game that Tottenham will be playing, whereas LASK will likely be playing with a bit less pressure and with much less to lose.

LASK is actually outside of the top three in the Austrian League ahead of this game, whereas Tottenham is currently 6th in the Premier League. That means that on paper, it would look like Tottenham should easily get the win here. While we believe that Tottenham will indeed get the win, this isn’t the market that we are going for.

Instead, we are going to go for the most value possible. Given that Tottenham has scored an incredible 13 goals in their last 2 games, and no, that isn’t a misprint, you can see that they are in incredible goal-scoring form. What’s more impressive is that Harry Kane has scored 5 of these 13 goals, and we expect him to be a key player for this Europa League game.

For that reason, we are going for Kane to score and Tottenham to win, which offers up much better odds than merely going for a Tottenham win.

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Key groups to emerge from the draw

By now, you should be fully aware that the Europa League always begins with a group stage format. In fact, there are actually 12 games that are listed in the Europa League and believe us, some of these groups are looking much juicier than others. Out of these 12 groups, we have picked out a few of the ones that could prove to be very interesting. We have listed these groups below and shown you why they could be so interesting to follow, and for some of them, it is quite tricky to decide who will progress through the group into the knockout stages.

Group K

The first group that we feel could be quite exciting to follow is Group K. Like all of the other groups in the Europa League, this group consists of 4 different teams. These teams include CSKA Moskva, Wolfsberg, Feyenoord, and Dinamo Zagreb. As you can see, that’s quite a mixture of teams that have proved to be dangerous in the past, which is why we feel that group K should be really enticing, to begin with.

All 4 of these teams are doing reasonably well in the domestic leagues right now, so each of them will be coming into the first rounds with plenty of confidence. But the really enticing element about this group is that there is no clear cut winner and no team that is absolutely sure about going through to the knockout stages. For this reason, we would encourage you to tune in and watch these games unfold when you can, as things could get pretty lively!

Group G

In addition to group K, group G should also be a really interesting group. Here you have teams including Leicester City, Braga, Zorya Luhansk, and AEK. First of all, it’s going to be cool to watch Leicester City try and have a good run in the tournament, and ever since they managed to win the Premier League in that miraculous season, they have always been a favourite out of all underdog teams. Of course, it’s not just Leicester City that will be an interesting team to follow in this group, as both Braga and AEK could do some damage too.

Out of all of the teams in this group, it would be fair to say that Leicester City would be favoured to go through, but we cannot really say whether they will finish in first or second place. But beyond this prediction, the team that will also emerge from group G really is anyone's guess, yet this will ensure that the action is all the more intense for this particular group.

Group C

The last group we wish to bring your attention to is group C, which consists of the following four teams – Nice, H. Beer-Sheva, Slavia Praha, and Bayer Leverkusen. Once again, while there is no English interest in the group, there are plenty of fiery teams that will be very eager to make it out of the group and through to the knockouts. Arguably, Leverkusen will be favourites to come through the group in the first place, and Nice are definitely strong contenders as well.

However, it is by no means a foregone conclusion for who will qualify from group C. After all, this is what makes the group stages interesting to watch in the first place – when the teams are battling it out to make it through a group where the teams are more balanced. This is precisely why we have picked group C alongside the other groups in this post, and finally, do make sure that you watch the games when you can!

Favorites for 2021: Teams with the Highest Chances of Winning the Europa League

europa league

Odds & Tips from the Bookies

You can see the latest odds offered for the top teams at the best betting sites for Europa League betting. There are only slight differences in the numbers, so the betting sites from multiple high-quality agree that these are the probable outcomes. 2021 Predictions

Europa League betting tips – outrights

If betting on individual Europa League games isn’t really for you, then you can always explore the outright markets to pick who will win the overall competition. In fact, many punters choose to do this for a whole range of reasons. Maybe you just don’t have the time to constantly bet on individual games, or maybe you just prefer to try and pick a winner so that every game of the competition is important. Whatever your reasons for wanting to check out the outright markets for this competition, we still have some predictions for you to follow.


The first team that could well be worth backing is Tottenham. These guys have been there or thereabouts for several years now, and if you were in any doubt about their ability in Europe, you should recall that they lost in the Champions League final just two seasons back. As you can see, they have the ability to beat the very best teams in Europe on their day, and Mourinho will be hungry to grab a trophy with Tottenham, there’s no doubt about that.

Bayer Leverkusen

During last season's competition, Leverkusen was already looking like a team that was capable of lifting the Europa League trophy. They lost in the quarter-final stage to the eventual winners in the form of Inter Milan, and let’s be honest, losing to the winners carries no great shame at all. However, if you watch the style of football that Leverkusen plays, they will be a handful for any team in Europe on their day.


For such an enormous team, it would be fair to say that Arsenal has underperformed in recent years. They haven’t come close to winning the Premier League, and they haven’t always done too well in Europe. However, we feel that this season could well be different. Even in their first few Premier League games, they are looking like a confident side again, and should they carry this confidence into Europe, there is no reason that they cannot lift the crown.


Napoli has always been a solid team, yet they have often struggled to reach that next level. Whether that is down to managerial decisions, poor transfer moves, or any other reasons, we feel that Napoli is a team that is showing promising signs right now. As you might remember, Napoli also competed in the Champions League last season, and they caused a fair bit of trouble for Barcelona in the knockout stages. For that reason, along with others, we believe that they have the ability to win this year.

Underdog Teams of the Europa League

The Europa League tournament isn't like any other because you can qualify for it in many ways. It doesn't have a recurring champion like other tournaments, such as the Bundesliga or Serie A, but we also can't determine the best choices only by looking at past winners. This year's Europa League Underdogs are, in our opinion, the following teams:

  • Shakhtar Donetsk
  • Basel
  • Bayer Leverkusen
  • İstanbul Başakşehir
  • Olympiacos

If any of these teams manage to beat the ones listed in the previous paragraphs, then the quarter-finals and other rounds after it would definitely be interesting.

Main Betting Markets on the Europa League

The Europa League is the second-best event for European football. UEFA organizes it, and it's a tier below the UEFA Champions League. Previously people named it the UEFA Cup but adopted the names known nowadays in 2009/2010. That season, the name and format changed since that change was made the first team win the Europa League after the rebranding was Atletico Madrid.

The teams that don't qualify for the Champions League would be eligible for the Europa League, depending on their performance. Since the 2020 Europa league was postponed, we expect to find out who the winner is on the 21st of August during the final. Usually, it's played from June to May, but since this year's break on European football, we can expect to finish this by August. Whoever wins the UEFA Europa League, automatically qualifies for the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. The winner of the Europa League also gets the most considerable amount of the prize money. Each other team also gets a piece of the pie but smaller depending on when they dropped out and the television market.

Currently, the Europa League had one Preliminary round, three Qualifying rounds, Play-offs, Group stage, Knockout Phase. From 2021 onwards, there would be another format of the competition. It would be made of one qualifying round, play-off round, group stage, preliminary knockout round, and a knockout round. This type of format mainly focuses on the group stage rather than the qualifying rounds, like in previous seasons.

Winner of the competition

The outright winner market is the most popular in the whole competition. Choosing the winner of the tournament is quite hard if you bet at the beginning at the season, the best moment to catch high odds.

Top Goalscorer

‘Who will be the top goalscorer?’ is a widely popular question. At the moment, Bookmakers have come up with a couple of different name list:

  • Lukaku
  • Rashford
  • Martial

You may be able to find longer player names lists, but the best price can be found only next to these names. The bookies favor Lukaku to take the top goalscorer title.

Main bookmakers to bet on the Europa League

Of course, before you can make any of the wagers or the bets that we have talked about in the Europa League tips above, you need to know where to place the bets in the first place. For that reason, we wanted to come up with a list of some of the best bookmakers you can sign up with to bet on the Europa League in 2020. We have shown you these bookmakers below, and we would highly encourage you to stick to these recommendations to get the best markets and indeed the best odds possible.


Ladbrokes is a site with plenty in its locker for Europa League betting, and it offers some of the greatest odds around for this event. In addition to decent odds overall, Ladbrokes regularly comes up with enhanced markets and other specific promotions tailored to Europa League games.

William Hill

As one of the more traditional bookmakers in the market, William Hill is a site that offers a truly classical feel for online betting. This feel goes hand in hand with great odds and even live streaming for many of the Europa League games too, which makes William Hill a strong contender for one of the best sites to choose.


Unibet is a site full of exclusive bonuses, excellent live streaming options, and hundreds of markets for you to explore for the Europa League. Of course, when you bundle these elements together into one site, it’s impossible to ignore. We would definitely encourage you to check out Unibet when you can.


Brands don’t come much bigger or much better than bet365. This site offers an incredible range of markets for standard Europa League games, and this is combined with streaming opportunities along with a great mobile app. Truly, you won’t find many better bookmakers in the entire world for betting on the Europa League.