World Cup Group E 2022: Teams, Fixtures, Calendar and More

The World Cup Group E is made up of Spain, Costa Rica, Germany and Japan. These teams have earned their place among the 32 teams that will play in this long-awaited world championship. World Cup Group E has 3 different continents on it, which has the world expectant about who might win and how the matches might play out. Here's a recap of the different World Cup 2022 groups

World Cup Group E Predictions

Our soccer experts compiled these exclusive World Cup Group E predictions. Remember to check the odds before placing your bet!

Japan vs Costa Rica – Over 2.5 goals @ 127/100 (2.27)

Not only did Japan did brilliantly to avoid defeat against Germany in the first World Cup game in this group. Japan also managed to defeat the European favorites to win this clash. Everyone pegged Japan to be a huge underdog in this race yet they emerged victoriously. The victory against Germany is going to be a huge morale-booster for coach Hajime Moriyasu and his boys and we just might get to see a second Japanese victory against Costa Rica in the next round. Japan defeat Germany with a 2:1 result and if we have to be honest, there should’ve been at least a few more goals as the Germans had 25 shots at target. Japan also did well and managed to try their luck on 14 occasions.

Costa Rica are the most unfortunate team in this World Cup so far. They recorded the biggest loss so far. The team was defeated by a superior Spanish squad and the end result was 7:0 in favor of coach Luis Enrique and his players. Costa Rica’s players didn’t know what hit them as they simply looked disoriented on the pitch. It’s going to take a lot of effort from them to get back up after such a massive punch. They will certainly concede plenty of goals in the game against Japan as well.

Spain vs Germany – Correct Score – 1:1 @ 28/5 (6.60)

Germany are perhaps a slight favorite to win this game due to the traditions they have at the World Cups but Spain are definitely no joke. Spain’s 7:0 victory against Costa Rica in the first round of games will boost the players’ spirits and they will enjoy a somewhat pressure-free game against Germany in gameweek two. Germany, on the other hand, must get a victory. Or at least a draw. Anything else would mean a ticket back to Berlin. We are certain that coach Hansi Flick’s boys have what it takes to qualify for the round of 16 and we think that they will manage to get at least a draw from this in-form Spanish team.

Spain actually feels comfortable playing against Germany. At least that’s what the head-to-heads tell us. The last 10 games between these two opponents ended with four victories for Spain, four draws, and only two victories for the German team. The most common result we’ve seen in the past in the head-to-heads is, in fact, the 1:1 draw. It’s a bit of a risk to go for a correct score bet in such an important game but it’ll be certainly worth it as the chances of another 1:1 draw look quite potent.

Team Matches Played Points

1. Spain



2. Japan



3. Germany



4. Costa Rica



Odds for the group in the bookmakers

Teams Best Odds

Group E Winner Odds by


3/10 (1.30) 


7/1 (8.00)


4/1 (5.00)

Costa Rica

149/1 (150.00)

World Cup Winner Odds by Betfred


7/20 (1.35)


13/2 (7.50)

For betting odds as the winner of Group E, we have Spain topping the list with 1.85. Germany follows with 2.20. Japan is in third place with an odds of 11.00. And finally Costa Rica with 35.00.

As for qualified teams in the group, we have Spain leading with 1.10 and Germany with 1.15.

With No and Yes options, we have that:

  • Spain is in a higher position than Germany: Yes (1.80).
  • Germany is in a higher position than Portugal: Yes (1.67).
  • Japan is in a higher position than Saudi Arabia. Yes (1.73)

Although less likely, Costa Rica has odds 0f 2.00 to beat Japan, leaving it in last place.

Who has won previously?

Before we jump into the details, let's discuss each of the teams in the group. We are talking about countries that have given their all on the pitch to make their national football team stand out over the decades. Even without winning first place, they have managed to make a valuable name for themselves in the world.

Germany, the king of the field

The German national football team is one of the biggest teams in this group. They had played their first match in the FIFA series with Switzerland. Since then, they have been ranked as the most successful and prestigious national football team in the world. This year in the Qatar World Cup 2022, it’s part of the E and is about to show, once again, what it’s really worth.

4 times world champion

Germany is the four-time World Cup winner. For the 1954 World Cup, they won the final against Hungary on 4 July, where the final score was 3:2. In 1974, the then West Germany hosted and won the international tournament, (2:1) against Netherlands. In the same year, Poland came in third position. In 1990, with Italy hosting the tournament this time, Germany again gained the upper hand. The Olympic Stadium in Rome was filled with excitement as Germany won their third World Cup title.

World Cup Group E [auto_last_update format="Y" before=""]: Teams, Fixtures, Calendar and More

The final was played against Argentina (1:0), bringing the Cup to an end on 8 July of the same year. Last but not least, the german team received the fourth title, to date, from what is an exemplary country when it comes to football. In 2014, this time held in Brazil, Germany won again and surprised the whole world. The final was once again a close one against Argentina (1:0) in the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

Players who made a difference

In the history of the German national football team, 928 players have represented the country since 1908. Twenty of its players have won two titles, and six have won gold, silver and bronze medals at the World Cup. Lothar Matthäus has played in a total of 25 World Cup matches and has five tournament appearances to his name. Miroslav Klose is the top scorer in the history of the national team with 71 goals and of the World Cup with 16 goals.

Franz Beckenbauer is considered the greatest German footballer of all time and the inventor of the sweeper position; he is also one of only three personalities to win the World Cup as a player and as a coach. More recently, another important fact to mention is that one of their players, Toni Kroos, was a Castrol EDGE Index Award winner.

Colours of Germany

Despite having had different colours in their alternate uniform, using colours such as green, white, red, black and grey, the home kit still has the same style. The Adidas brand has been sponsoring the team since the beginning of its trajectory and even some years into the future.

Spain, winner and title seeker

Another one of the World Cup Group E members, who has left the team’s name up is the Spain national team. They have played in fifteen editions of the World Cup and hosted it in 1982. In 2010, they achieved the greatest success in their history by winning the World Cup against the Netherlands (0:1) in the final.

Its victory at the World Cup

Spain's national football team was created in 1920, called La Furia de España and La Furia Roja. The 2010 World Cup in South Africa, held between 11 June and 11 July, made a big difference. It was the first time the tournament was held in Africa, and it was where Spain managed to win, finally, first place. It was Andrés Iniesta scoring the only goal of the game. They became the eighth national team to do so and the first European to do it outside their own continent.

World Cup Group E [auto_last_update format="Y" before=""]: Teams, Fixtures, Calendar and More

Star players then and now

The national team has had 834 players throughout its history. The youngest current player is Pablo Martin Páez Gavira, better known as Gavi. He played as a starter at the age of 17 years and 62 days in the semi-final match of the 2020-21 Nations League finals, which was played against the Italian national team in Milan in 2021 and ended in a favourable victory.

Other celebrities on the team have included characters such as Telmo Zarra, Carles Puyol, and Luis Suárez. Also, as Andrés Iniesta, Iker Casillas, Andoni Zubizarreta, Fernando Hierro, and Raúl González, among others. They helped forge a history that would culminate with the first World Cup title.

The rest of the World Cup Group E

Although the Europeans in this group have a track record of great victories, the other two countries have a lot to contribute as well. This year they will be ready to shine at the World Cup, and the world is waiting to see them triumph.

Japan: one of Asia's finest

Established in 1920, but made official by the Japanese Football Federation in 1923, they played their first international match against the Philippines, where they lost (1:2). This World Cup Group E team was admitted to FIFA in 1926, but the following year they had their first international victory against the aforementioned Philippine team (2:1).

In 1967 they participated for the first time in World Cup qualification. They failed to qualify, finishing second behind the South Korean team, which started a long rivalry. The South Koreans lost both matches they played (the Taiwanese team also participated in the group, but eventually withdrew).

Eight years later, in 1962, they contested another World Cup qualifier in Chile but failed to qualify again. Their opponents were again the South Koreans, against whom they lost both matches played to qualify for the tournament. Their most prestigious victory to date (3:2) against the South Americans, where the nickname of “giant-killers” began at the Olympics.

first major success

This World Cup Group E team, in 1968, achieved its first major success at a major footballing event (the Olympic Games). The squad consisted of Yokohama, Katayama, Yamaguchi, Kamata, Mori and others. As well as Kunishige Kamamoto, who was Japan's all-time leading scorer between 1964 and 1977.

World cup Group E
24th March 2022; Stadium Australia, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; World Cup Football Qualification, Australia versus Japan; Japan celebrates after they beat Australia 2-0 in their World Cup qualifier – Photo by Icon sport

Costa Rica: the weakest rival

As another group in the World Cup Group E, Costa Rica has participated in six World Cups. In 2002, they had to compete alongside the eventual champions (Brazil) and the third-placed team (Turkey) in the tournament. In their third appearance, at Germany 2006, they finished 31st out of 32 teams, their worst position since they first attended a World Cup.

However, on the occasion of their fourth World Cup, in Brazil in 2014, the Ticos had their best performance, reaching the quarter-finals, only to be eliminated by the Netherlands in a penalty shootout, leaving the World Cup undefeated and in eighth place. Although they have never won a World Cup, and are rated as the weakest team in the group, this current World Cup Group E member has an edge over the rest, as they could, as on previous occasions, get their claws in at the last minute.

World Cup Group E schedule

For the next World Cup 2022, a number of important matches will be held with the World Cup Group E:

Round 1 of 3 (23 November):

  • Germany vs. Japan
  • Spain vs. Costa Rica

Round 2 of 3 (27 November):

  • Japan vs. Costa Rica
  • Spain vs. Germany

Round 3 of 3 (1 December):

  • Japan vs. Spain
  • Costa Rica vs. Germany

Within the World Cup Group E, the two stars are expected to be Germany and Spain, as they have the longest winning and successful histories of the rest of the group, with Japan and Costa Rica, who have had to rise from the ashes and earn their place in the world over the years.