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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta

Overview of the Arsenal manager position right now

Arsenal is one of the most glorified clubs, there is no doubt about that. The fans demand results and success, which of course means that much of the responsibility lies on the manager. Given the Expectations and the prestige of the club, being the manager of Arsenal is by no means an easy task, especially when you are following the footsteps of a legend such as Arsene Wenger. Currently, this responsibility lies on the shoulders of Mikel Arteta, although he seems to be handling this responsibility ok so far.

As you might recall, Arteta took over Arsenal as recently as December 2019. This was never going to be a straightforward role, especially given the legendary status of Arsene Wenger at the club. However, Arsenal has managed to remain competitive in the Premier League under Arteta’s guidance, and they even managed to win the FA Cup for the 2019/2020 season. In addition to this cup victory, Arsenal managed to secure wins over some of the biggest clubs in the Premier League towards the back end of last season. We have some great odds for this, read more on EPL betting predictions.

For this reason, it would seem that Mikel Arteta has a certain level of job security at Arsenal, which is why we wouldn't expect for him to be sacked anytime soon.

The current state of play for Arsenal

As we are now into the 2020/2021 season, things are shaping up quite nicely for Arsenal. At the time of writing, the team currently sits in fifth place in the Premier League, which means that they are already in a position to compete in Europe. On the subject of competing in Europe, Arsenal will be entertaining us in the Europa League this season, and fans will certainly be hoping for more success in Europe than Arsenal has achieved in recent years.

Given that we are only a few games into this season, it is still a bit early to say whether Arsenal are showing signs of good, but most importantly consistent form. With that said, they have already managed to wriggle through against teams such as Leicester City and Liverpool in the last few games, which does indicate that things are looking promising for the club.

Given the way that Arsenal finished the 2019/2020 season, and the way that they have started this year, we wouldn't be at all surprised if Arsenal managed to work their way into a Champions League position. Of course, only time will tell, but Mikel Arteta has certainly done a good job so far. Interestingly, during his time with the club, Arteta has managed a winning percentage of more than 60%, which is also a credit to his abilities as a manager.

How likely is it that the manager will be sacked this season?

We feel that with the success that Arteta has managed to achieve at Arsenal so far means it is unlikely that he will be receiving the sack anytime soon. But with that said, the Premier League can be a very cut-throat business, and it only takes a few losses for the fans and even the team to turn their backs on the manager. However, it does seem that Arteta has quite a good relationship with the squad, and he is obviously welcomed by the fans as things stand.

For this reason, you won't find any next Arsenal manager odds at the leading online bookmakers, as there are no suspicions that he will be getting sacked within the coming weeks or months. Of course, these markets could open up at any time, especially if Arsenal goes on a bit of a losing streak.

Providing that Arsenal maintain their position towards the top of the Premier League table, and assuming that they perform well in the Europa League, we actually believe that Arteta will stay firm in his role as manager of Arsenal. Naturally, there is no guarantee that these outcomes will happen this season, but all we can do is sit and watch for what will potentially unfold.

Potential managers should this occur

If things do go south for Mikel Arteta this season, there are quite a few rumours for which manager would be likely to take over at the club. Once again, none of this is certain by any means, but we can still make some predictions and even assess the potential odds if it is looking like Arteta might get the chop. We’ve provided the details of these potential managers below.

Thierry Henry

Former Monaco manager Thierry HenryLet's be honest, wouldn't we all like to see this Arsenal legend back at The Gunners and coaching the team? This would be a dream come true for many Arsenal fans, although Thierry Henry is currently coaching out in North America while managing the club Montreal Impact. Obviously, the MLS does not quite carry the same level of prestige as the Premier League, so if Arteta did get sacked, it is likely that Thierry Henry would be one of the prime candidates.

Mauricio Pocchetino

Pocchetino managed to steer Tottenham into the Champions League final during the 2018/2019 campaign. Yet following a string of relatively poor performances in the early part of the next season, he was given the boot. Obviously, Tottenham and Arsenal have quite a rivalry, with both of them being London-based clubs, but Pocchetino could do some truly brilliant things at Arsenal should he take the job.

Maurizio Sarri

It may be a little far-fetched for Maurizio Sarri to come across and take the job of Arsenal manager, but after all, he has been involved in the Premier League before. He previously did a brief stint as the manager of Chelsea, and given that he has recently been sacked from managing Juventus, it is likely that he will be hungry to get back into the game.

Final thoughts

As stressed throughout this article, you won't find any next Arsenal manager odds with any online betting sites as of yet. The likelihood of Arteta getting sacked is still relatively low, but it is still worth keeping track of for when you want to explore these exciting manager betting markets.

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