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This page is an introduction to acca betting techniques. It will be updated with the latest tips for today, this weekend and so on based on the football calendar in top leagues around the world.

Football Acca of the Day – Our Favourite Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets consist of at least four selections, so check our latest top choices that we included in our ACCA bet:

Football accumulator tipsSelection and best oddsBookmakerBet here
Plzen vs Sheriff Tiraspol
Plzen to Win @ 8/15 (1.53)



PSV vs Monaco
Over 2.5 Total Goals @ 7/10 (1.70)




Palmeiras vs Atletico Mineiro
Palmeiras to Win @ 10/13 (1.77)




Slovacko vs Fenerbahce

Over 2.5 Total Goals @ 20/23 (1.87)





Partizan Belgrade vs AEK Larnaca

Partizan Belgrade to Win @ 20/31 (1.65)





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Plzen vs Sheriff Tiraspol: Plzen to Win

Sheriff Tiraspol had a nice run in Europe last season, reaching the group stages of Champions League and even beating the future winners of the competition, Real Madrid. However, it seems that they've come across their match now in Plzen.

After all, Plzen already has the advantage after beating Sheriff in Moldova 2-1, so they don't even have to win this game. But we can see them winning and securing their place in the next stage of CL Qualifiers.

PSV vs Monaco: Over 2.5 Total Goals

After a draw in the first leg, we expect to see a very exciting second leg between PSV and Monaco. And while we only saw a couple of goals in the first match, we can see this game ending with three or more goals being scored.

The reason is simple – both PSV and Monaco are teams that play offensive football and their matches often end with a lot of goals. So, we can see this game going over 2.5 total goals.

Palmeiras vs Atletico Mineiro: Palmeiras to Win

The first leg between Palmeiras and Atletico Mineiro was certainly an exciting one, as was expected from a duel between defending champion of Brazil and the winners of Copa Libertadors.

In the end, the match was a draw, so everything is still open in this matchup and both teams are rightfully hoping to reach the semi-finals of Copa Libertadores. That being said, Palmeiras has been in much better form this season, so we expect them to win this game.

Slovacko vs Fenerbahce: Over 2.5 Total Goals

After the first leg, the Turkish team already has one foot in the next stage of EL Qualifiers since they have a three-goal advantage against the Czech representative.

But the home team will certainly not give up yet and they will probably try to attack from the start in order to score an early goal and open the duel up a bit. So, we can see this game going over 2.5 total goals, just like the first leg between Slovacko and Fenerbahce.

Partizan Belgrade vs AEK Larnaca: Partizan Belgrade to Win

The Serbian vice-champions have struggled a lot at the start of the new season, wining just one of the first four games in the league. On top of that, AEK Larnaca beat Partizan in the first leg and they have a one-goal advantage from it.

So, this should be an interesting duel and the guests certainly have reasons to be optimistic ahead of the second leg. But Partizan is the better team on paper, they will play at home, and they need this win to get out of the slump, so we can see them edging AEK Larnaca out.

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Other Tips

What are Accumulators and How Do They Work?

Accumulators who are also called ACCAs sometimes, are a combination of four or more bets.

Many people confuse doubles or even trebles with accumulators, but only bets with four or more legs count as ACCAs. The specific thing about ACCAs is that to win the bet, all legs (bets) in the accumulator need to win. If you lose even on one leg, then you lose the whole wager.

Placing an ACCA bet is as easy as placing any other type of wager. All you have to do is follow the steps we’ve outlined for you below:

  • Open the bookmaker page and log in to your account.
  • Navigate to the sport you want to bet on and pick an event.
  • Add the specific market you are interested in your bet slip.
  • Repeat steps two and three until you have gathered at least four legs (you can add more than four legs).
  • Navigate to your bet slip and find the ACCA link or box where you have to click to enter the stake amount.
  • Click on the final “Place Bet” button once you are satisfied with your ACCA.

The following is an example of an ACCA bet. As you can see, it is made up of different matches in the 2020 Europa League, but the ACCA can also be across several sports, and the market possibilities are endless. The four legs of the accumulator are:

  • Manchester United to Win vs. LASK in Europa League.
  • Shakhtar Donetsk to Win vs. Wolfsburg in Europa League.
  • Inter Milan to Win vs. Getafe in Europa League.
  • Both Teams to Score Istanbul Basaksehir vs. Copenhagen in Europa League.

The bet would have average odds of around 82/10. At different bookies, you will get different prices, so if you wager £10 on this ACCA, you could win anything from £83.42 to £92.23 depending on the bookmaker you use and what kind of prices they offer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Accumulators

acca betting tips

There are pros and cons to anything in life, depending on the point of view. An accumulator's advantages are a few. The main one is that the odds are high when placing accumulators, unlike singles or multiples, bookies offer great prices on ACCAs because all of the legs of the bet have to come true so you can win. Because of this condition alone, the odds bookies offer on accumulators are crazy. And when the odds are long, your payout potential is very high, which mainly attracts people to accumulators; they are low risk but have chances of paying out high rewards. Another advantage is that people get more excited about this type of bet than singles. You can also combine different sports and markets into one bet so that you can make most of your predictions.

The min disadvantage to accumulators is that the risk is very high, which means that even if four out of five legs win on your ACCA, if only one bet loses, you will lose the whole wager. This is the reason why ACCAs are more common with experienced players who use bet strategies and have experience on the platform. These players also prefer to play on platforms that offer ACCA Insurance.

ACCA Insurance is a rare promotion in sports betting, which most commonly allows you to win the bet even if you lose one of the legs. Experienced players love this type of bet because it assures them that if they make one mistake, they won't lose the whole bet. Below we have listed the top football bookmakers for ACCA Insurance and ACCA odds, so if you think of trying out this type of bet, those are your top choices.

Betting Tips for Placing Accumulator Bets

If you are new to ACCAs and want to try them out, we would like to offer you some advice.

  • Don't exaggerate on the number of legs you put on the bet slip, four or five is enough, even six, but as you go higher, the risk gets higher, so limit your ACCA legs to a minimum, so you can minimize the risk as much as you can.
  • Bet with a bookie that offers ACCA bonuses, like cashback, insurance, bet boosts, etc. Doing this would help you a lot when placing ACCA bets, and it might prevent you from losing big.
  • Do research on the bets you want to include in the ACCA, which will benefit you and increase the chances of winning.
  • ACCAs sometimes result in losses, so you should keep calm and be patient because you might not always win, but when you do, the feeling would be great.

Bookies that Offer Accumulator Betting + Great ACCA Promotions

There are many bookmakers in the online betting scene, but not all of them offer promotions for accumulators. We have gathered all the bookies where you can find ACCA promos. If they don't currently offer one, they would when a popular event comes up like the Champions League finals. Some of them provide ACCA Insurance of some kind, but others are innovative, and they offer ACCA bet boosts, for example.

Our Final Conclusion on Football Accumulator Tips

ACCAs are very popular among punters even if they re not experienced. The low risk – high reward promise attracts bettors of all kinds to try out this bet type. Some bookies also offer ACCA bonuses to attract more customers and to make their experience more exciting. We hope that this article has shed some light on what exactly and the accumulator is and everything you would need to know about placing Football ACCAs.

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