FM 24 Quality of Life Upgrades – Part 1: Staff progression and enhanced acessibility

With the first release of FM 24 Quality of Life upgrades being announced on Monday, we think that the next edition of Football Manager could be the best yet.

If you missed the previous announcements on here, discover what Sports Interactive are bringing to Football Manager 24 regarding the saves you play & the game's transfer market and all the new features coming to the team management & game engine.

The development team announced a lot of smaller new features added to the game that will greatly improve the details within the game and make it more realistic than ever.

FM 24 Quality of Life Upgrades - Part 1: Staff progression and enhanced acessibility

FM 24 Quality of life upgrades

More realistic scheduling

One of the biggest issues in previous Football Manager games was the schedule. Especially when you were reaching the end of the season, and the games would pile up due to the fixture management not being done properly in game. According to Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive Studio Director, a lot of issues have been fixed, in particular for clubs competing in continental competitions.

Perhaps best of all, you will not be forced to have a huge squad rotation system in place during April & May, if you manage to reach the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals and beyond!

Staff progression

In Football Manager, one of the most appreciated aspects is seeing your players progress throughout the seasons. But it's not only players that change throughout their careers – coach and staff members do too.

After all, the real-life Mikel Arteta is not the same person today that he was when he assisted Pep Guardiola at Manchester City!

But thanks to the first batch of FM 24 Quality of life upgrades, the attribute changes of your personnel can now be viewed in the coaching tab on their profile page, so that you know if they are improving or declining.

FM 24 Quality of Life Upgrades - Part 1: Staff progression and enhanced acessibility

Academies rankings

Many players throughout the world have been playing FM and relying on their youth teams to provide gems to improve their first teams. Some hardcore players even created a category of challenges called life bans, where you cannot purchase any player!

Amongst the key FM 24 Quality of Life upgrades is a brand new academy ranking system that will let you know where you stand amongst the greatest academies, such as River Plate, Ajax and Barcelona.

You look better than ever

Next year, FM25 will be based on a new engine. But it does not mean that the Facegen (a tool to scan yourself in the game) and customisation options have not been improved for this edition. Sports Interactive shared a list of everything they have enhanced in this aspect of gameplay, and it includes:

  • New Hairstyles
  • Texture overhaul
  • Updated existing textures for Hairs
  • Addition of New outfits
  • Addition of Face Paint
  • Addition of Lapel Badges
  • Addition of Ability Aids

FM 24 Quality of Life Upgrades - Part 1: Staff progression and enhanced acessibility

Flex your past victories

Instead of displaying your record against your opponent, you can now decide which teams you want to see in your dashboard. Flex your immaculate record against your biggest rivals if you want to, or anticipate your upcoming schedule to check which game might be the most difficult in the upcoming weeks.

Dynamic manager timeline improved

In FM23, the players could check their fates in a totally new and improved way with the Dynamic Manager Timeline, which was a new feature cherished by the community.

In order to improve this feature, the developers included a list of new achievements to unlock and make your legacy unforgettable. On top of these new achievements, your biggest ones will now show as Rare ones so that they stand out in your very own timeline.

FM 24 Quality of Life Upgrades - Part 1: Staff progression and enhanced acessibility

Dura lex sed lex

In FM, you have to define the rules within the club through a Code of Conduct. Previously, you had to set the rules each and every year, starting from scratch. However, with these FM 24 Quality of Life upgrades, you will have the option to use last year's code of conduct so that it is easier for you to remain consistent from one season to another.

Accessibility enhanced

Following the recent trend in the industry, it's important to note that Sports Interactive improved the accessibility of FM. A font description widget in-game, notifications that the player will be taken out of the game when opening the Privacy Policy, and an epilepsy warning when you first launch the game – along with general improvements to sliders – improve the accessibility for this year's edition.

FM 24 release date and other info

The 20th and most complete edition to date, Football Manager 2024, is out November 6th on PC, Xbox and PS5. Pre-purchase it before November 6th to enjoy 10% off and unlock Early Access (around two weeks before global release). Football Manager 2024 will be available on Nintendo Switch & Mobiles later this year.

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