Why your matchday “never looked better” – See more Football Manager 24 new features!

All of the Football Manager 24 new features that have been announced will change the way you play the most iconic football management game in existence.

If you missed the first part of these announcements, take a look at what Sports Interactive announced regarding the saves you play & the game's transfer market. The development team announced a few more features added to the game that will alter the way you manage your team, set up your tactics and live the games themselves, with improvement to the game engine.Road map of Football Manager 24 new features

More Football Manager 24 new features

Individual Player Targets

If you always wanted to tell your wonderkid from Argentina that he had to score 10 goals during his loan in a peripheral league to be integrated in the first team next season, this one's for you.

In FM 24, you will now be able to set individual targets for players that you want to recruit, that you already have in your team or that you are planning to loan out. These targets can be improvement through training, goals, assists, clean sheets or match performances.

You can offer a playing time pathway to a player you want to purchase, and this can significantly boost his interest in joining your club. If your striker from the Academy wants to be part of the main team soon, you will be able to ask him to show you why he deserves so before giving him your confidence.

During the season you will be able to track the progress of your players in a dedicated window in-game. Obviously, if your player meets his targets, you will have to respect your part of the deal and give him what you promised or he will be unhappy.

Why your matchday "never looked better" - See more Football Manager 24 new features!

If he fails, however, you will have to sit down with a member of your staff dedicated to this task, the Player Liaison Officer, to understand what went wrong and who is responsible for it. You can then discuss it with the player and understand what in his opinion were the reasons for that failure and the other areas were positive during his loan out.

The player targets feature is part of a global revamp of interactions between you and your players. Conversations often led to extreme reactions from your players until FM24, but a lot of rework has been done so that you can now have a lower impact with your declarations and interactions with the players.

As a result, there is a wider range of more realistic reactions so that you have constructive conversations with not only your players, but also with your staff. Staff meetings have been revamped too, so you can get straight to the point and avoid discussing topics that you do not want to cover.

Why your matchday "never looked better" - See more Football Manager 24 new features!

Dynamic tactics & positional play

Your team tactics will now be evolutive during a game, and your players will have different behaviours in attack & in defence.

The shift to dynamic formations will allow your team to play like some of the best teams in the world. Nobody has forgotten the way Pep Guardiola turned John Stones into a fantastic defensive midfielder at the end of the 2022/23 season when Manchester City was attacking, and you will now be able to copy this kind of behaviour (with the Libero enhanced role)

Inverted Winger, Inverted Wing Back, Inside Forward and Half-Back roles have also been redesigned so that your players behave more intelligently according to the situation on the field.

A brand new role has been created to bring in FM24 a position that has been popularised last year by Kyle Walker: the inverted full back. This is a player that will either play as a full back or a third central back depending on the in-game situation.

Football Manager 24 new features

Overall, the games will look more authentic as well. These changes were possible thanks to a brand new partnership with a data provider that gives the development team more realistic information about the way players behave on the field than in previous years. Blending external datasets and internal tools has allowed Sports Interactive to bridge the gap between Football Manager and real games.

And if it was not enough, the ball physics have also been reworked and dribbling attempts will be more realistically affected by the pitch and the weather conditions. Passing and the infamous deflections have also been improved and should feel more natural than they were

Improved game engine

The game engine has been an important topic since the introduction of 3D to the series. This year's changes are more than just new features, they are part of a major revamp that will change the way you watch your team play. Lightning and pitch textures have been upgraded to look more authentic and diverse from one game to another.

FM 24 release date and other info

The 20th and most complete edition to date, Football Manager 2024, is out November 6th on PC, Xbox and PS5. Pre-purchase it before November 6th to enjoy 10% off and unlock Early Access (around two weeks before global release). Football Manager 2024 will be available on Nintendo Switch & Mobiles later this year.

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