Best Tactics in FM 24: How a 96% win rate and 80-goal Haaland could be yours

The best tactics in FM 24 are starting to appear within the community, and we have selected a couple to help you build your legacy.

FM 24 has been available in Early Access for a few days now, and players all over the world have been drafting new tactics in order to build their legacy.

Over the years, the tactics have evolved and become more complex. In order to get closer to real life, a lot of roles, instructions and even set pieces can now be integrated in your tactics.

So let's have a look at the tactics that were overpowered in previous Football Manager games and see if they still are…

Road map of Football Manager 24 new features
This week marks the penultimate chapter of the FM 24 new features roadmap.

Best Tactics in FM 24: Are previous FM tactics still usable?

As you know, the tactics from previous games of the series can be used. In the past, the changes within the game would impact the efficiency of the existing tactics.

One of the most famous tactics created by a community member last year was the 424 ALHAMDULILLAH II. In order to test this tactic, the Youtuber FM DNA ran a season of Premier League using this tactic with three different clubs: Manchester City, West Ham & Bournemouth. Last year, the three clubs scored 260 points in total vs 246 on FM24.

This test tells us that even though the game has changed, it is likely that some of the best tactics from FM23 can be very powerful on FM24, especially once all the new features regarding dynamic tactics & positional play are known.

On top of these new aspects, there are a few instructions that have been used massively by the community these last few games that are looking interesting at the moment. Two amongst them are particularly prominent:

Pass into space

This button empowers you to guide your players in executing more direct and penetrating passes, with the aim of exploiting available gaps in advance of your offensive players.

By selecting “Pass into Space,” you instill a more assertive and forward-looking passing approach in your team, particularly beneficial when you possess fast attackers who can seize these opportunities to their advantage.

High press & higher defensive line

The Gegenpress has been a popular go-to setup for a few years now. Using a High Press in order to block the first passes from your opponents and playing with a higher defensive line will allow you to have your players closer to each other.

Overpowered formations in Football Manager

4-2-3-1: A 96% win rate

Yes, you read it right! A member of the Football Manager community named JoshDaly put up a tactic that allowed him to reach a 96% win rate. This, surely, is the very king of the best tactics in FM 24!

With wingbacks overlapping on both sides of the pitch, a defensive midfielder helped by a volante and a shadow striker behind his advanced forward, this manager has created a monster.

Short passing, high tempo, high pressing: an absolute nightmare for his opponents, resulting in some absolutely unreal statistics. Erling Haaland scored 80 goals during the test season he ran with Manchester City.

An interesting fact about this tactic is that the three men behind the advanced forward have all the instruction to Roam from position, which has proven to be very effective early in the game. These players are nearly impossible to mark.

Haaland gives thumbs up
Haaland + 4-2-3-1 = victory on FM 24! – Photo by Icon sport

4-3-3: Master of Puppets

GYRFM is seen as one of the best managers in the FM community and his 4-3-3 Master of Puppets is always one of the most used tactics in the world.

4-3-3 is a classic formation in football, but let's get into what matters the most: team & players instructions.

This tactic is meant to be played with an attacking mentality, with short passes at a higher tempo. Even though there are two wingers in this formation, both of them are Inside Forwards and the team has the instruction to provide low crosses to the forward player. Overall, the objective is to take advantage of available spaces and players have the instruction to pass into space.

One aspect that is quite different from other tactics is the fact that GYRFM asks his players to tackle harder, resulting in a lot of yellow cards. Still, it has proven to be one of the best tactics in the community so far. Hood Gaming, a FM youtuber, tested this tactic with Crawley, the worst team in Sky Bet League Two, and he managed to clinch automatic promotion via second place.

FM 24 Console

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Author's opinion – is FM 24 the best yet?

After close to ten hours spent on the game, I have to admit that the new additions are quite promising. I spent a couple hours fine tuning my set pieces and found it very enjoyable to see my players score from them.

From the ranking of the academies to the integration of intermediaries, every little aspect that has been introduced feels very natural and authentic, and using the Best Tactics in FM 24 only adds to the satisfaction.

One aspect that might have been overlooked is how smooth the game runs, even with a large database. I tried it on different computers in order to have a proper benchmark, and I can confirm that this FM looks like being very well optimised.

FM 24 release date – when is it out?

The 20th and most complete edition to date, Football Manager 2024, is out November 6th on PC, Xbox and PS5. Pre-purchase it before November 6th to enjoy 10% off and unlock Early Access on PC now. Football Manager 2024 will be available on Nintendo Switch & Mobiles later this year with more news coming this week.

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