The latest FM 24 Console details

FM 24 Console is back for another season on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass, and will also be available on PS5 after a first episode available on Sony's platform last season.

Loaded with new features exclusive to Console that propel you to new heights on your journey to the top of world football, full information about features will be announced in the final week of October.

FM 24 Console

FM 24 Console details

FM 24 Console has been a yearly release on Xbox for years now. Players will be able to purchase it as a standalone game, but they have the opportunity again to have it within the Xbox Game Pass. Meanwhile, last year marked the first time that the game was available on Playstation, and Sports Interactive are bringing the best football simulation again on Sony's platform.

With a dedicated ergonomy and different ways to play the game, Football Manager Console has been a hit for Sports Interactive that have managed to get out of their comfort zone and bring to Console the refined PC experience. You’ll effortlessly navigate your path to footballing greatness with a user interface that’s optimised for victory with a controller and designed for console play.

The latest FM 24 Console details

FM 24 Console new features

Carry over your save

Similarly to the PC version, the biggest news regarding FM 24 Console is that you are now able to carry over your save from FM 23 and keep building your legacy in FM 24. It has not been unveiled if FM 24 has a Cross Progression feature, that would mean that you can carry over your save from an Xbox to a Playstation device. However, players can import saves files of their existing career from FM 23 and it is safe to say that this has been one of the main announcements regarding FM this year.

Define your profile

You will need to select amongst 10 principles that will shape the way you manage and what you expect from your players. From asking for maximum effort at any time to building lasting success by making smart, educated decisions every time, you can create your own persona. You can be the boss your want to be and let your players know what to expect from you.

The latest FM 24 Console detailsIn order to get the most of your principles, you will need to earn the trust from your players, visible via a new concept for FM 24 called Buy-In. Every player have a personality, meaning that it will take more time to get the full confidence from some players than from another ones. Four levels of Buy-In have been introduced, from Engaged to Devoted, and reaching the higher level of Buy-In will depend on the individual mindset based on their Attributes. Each one has positives and negatives and you’re able to see how these come together across your squad with a graph in the Dynamics menu.

Mindsets 4

Enhanced training module

With the revamp of training, you will get more clarity, access and control over what is happening on your training center. Select a focus for next week and get a vision of your players' day-to-day performance! As the season progresses, there are data visualization tools that will allow to see what you have already done done during the season and what should be the upcoming focus. You can now create groups of players called training units focused on attacking, defending or goalkeeping. Within the training units tab, you will be able to check the workload and the attributes that your staff is focusing on.

Mentoring groups

Get your older players to share their experience with your young prospects in order to your academy players develop and transition from wonderkids to world-class players. The senior player will help the younger one with their development in terms of attributes but also off the pitch.

Game engine improvements

The game engine has been improved on PC and it will also be the case on Consoles. Truer motion, tactical innovations inspired by real football and improvements of the ball physics are part of these new features. If you want to know everything about the new features, we discussed the changes on the game engine and everything linked to smarter transfers and more.

Cross-play is here!

For the first time, you will be able to challenge your friends even if they do not own the same device as you in the already existing online modes: fantasy draft, online career and versus mode.

Build your legacy

It has become easier to change the path of your club, whether it is due to a new stadium or the expansion of your academy. The Club Vision has become clearer and you can express yourself and hope for your board to listen to you.

FM 24 Console release date and other info

The 20th and most complete edition to date, Football Manager 2024, is out November 6th on PC, Xbox and PS5. Pre-purchase it before November 6th to enjoy 10% off and unlock Early Access (around two weeks before global release) on PC. Xbox players and PlayStation Plus subscribers can pre-order now to net 10% off before launch.

Early Access is not available on Xbox or PS5. Football Manager 2024 will be available on Nintendo Switch & Mobiles later this year, with more news coming later this week.

The latest FM 24 Console details

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