Qatar World Cup Final 2022 Preview and Tips

Finally, we're here. The World Cup 2022 has reached culmination and only two games remain to be played – the third place play-off and the grand final.

With that in mind, we'll take a closer look at these two games, offer our predictions for it, and check out how the tournament went so far.

World cup final 2022

World Cup 2022 Final and Third Place Matchups and Tips

Only days remain before the end of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and it has been an exciting one so far. Now, it remains to be seen which team will lift the trophy on Sunday and whether we will see a new champion or will France keep the crown.

Team A Team B





Third Place: Croatia vs Morocco Prediction

The first up of the final two matches is the third-place playoff, which will be played on Saturday. Two teams that weren't seen in the semi finals before the start of the tournament will fight for third place. Croatia was second in the last World Cup in Russia, while Morocco already achieved their best-ever result at World Cups, and the best result for African teams overall in the history.

In any case, we expect to see a very close and exciting game between two teams who fight hard and have great defensive abilities. Croatia is the more experienced team, they are the better team on paper, and they will likely find a way to win this match. Morocco is also dealing with some injuries, which could affect them as well.

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Final: Argentina vs France Prediction

After almost a month of football, we've reached the final game of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The last two teams standing are Argentina and France, the defending champions. Argentina reached the final despite losing to Saudi Arabia in the first round and this will be Messi's last attempt to grab the elusive trophy. Meanwhile, France will try to become the first team to defend the World Cup title since Brazil in 1962.

The match should be a very close one. France has the better team on paper, but Argentina has Messi and his huge motive to grab the only trophy he's missing at the moment. All things considered, we expect this game to end in a draw and the winner of the 2022 World Cup to be decided after extra time or even penalties.

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2022 World Cup Qatar – What We Saw So Far?

Now that we know which teams will face each other in the final match, let's take a quick look at how we got here:

World Cup 2022 – Group Stages Summary

World cup round of 16 2022

  • Group A – Netherlands topped this group as most people expected, with Senegal coming right behind in second place, ahead of Ecuador.
  • Group B – England finished in first place without much issues, while the USA beat Iran to finish second and get to the Last 16.
  • Group C – Despite losing to Saudi Arabia in the first round, Argentina topped the group, with Poland narrowly getting to the next stage as well.
  • Group D – The defending champions secured first place in the group easily, while Australia surprised everyone and finished ahead of Denmark.
  • Group E – Japan was the surprising winner of group E, with Spain in second and Germany eliminated from the competition.
  • Group F – Another surprising winner of a group was Morocco, while Croatia held to a draw against Belgium to remain in second place.
  • Group G – Brazil finished first in the group, while Switzerland was right behind them with the same number of points, but worse goal difference.
  • Group H – Portugal topped this group after two wins in the first two games, while South Korea beat them in the last round to secure second place..

World Cup 2022 – Round of 16 Summary

The next stage in the tournament was the Round of 16, where we also saw some surprises:

  • Netherlands vs United States – The USA did their best in this match, but it was far from enough to threaten the Netherlands, who won 3-1.
  • Argentina vs Australia – After already exceeding expectations, Australia was dominated by Argentina in this one, although they only lost by one goal.
  • France vs Poland – France dispatched of Poland quickly in this round, with Lewandowski scoring from penalty to make the result a bit better.
  • England vs Senegal – With three goals in Senegal's net, England got to the quarter finals without much trouble .
  • Japan vs Croatia – After Japan took the lead here and Croatia pulled back, we went to overtime and then penalties, where Croatia did much better.
  • Brazil vs South Korea – Four goals in the first half were enough for Brazil to send South Korea home, although the Asian team managed to score at least.
  • Morocco vs Spain – After a hard-fought game and no goals, Morocco excelled on penalties and sent Spain packing.
  • Portugal vs Switzerland– Not many people expected Portugal to dominate this game as they did, but 6-1 was the final score nonetheless.

World Cup 2022 – Quarter Finals Summary

The quarter finals were very exciting and we had a couple of surprises here as well:

Croatia vs Brazil

After a scoreless match, Brazil took the lead near the end of the extra time. However, Croatia somehow got the goal from their first shot on target and the game went to penalties. Once again, the Croatian team was calmer, more composed, and ultimately more precise to sent the main favourites home.

Netherlands vs Argentina

Despite having a 2-0 lead, Argentina failed to keep that advantage and the match ended in a draw. No goals were seen in extra time, but Argentina managed to pull through after penalties to reach the semi final.

Morocco vs Portugal

The biggest surprise of the tournament did not stop after eliminating Spain – Morocco scored the lone goal in the game to send Ronaldo and friends home and become the first African team to reach the semi final at a World Cup.

England vs France 1-2

It was an exciting match, as anticipated, with France taking the lead and England pulling back after Kane netted from the spot. France took the lead again, but England and Kane had another chance to get back into the game from another penalty, which Kane missed to send France to the semi finals.

World Cup 2022 – Semi Finals Summary

Unlike previous stages where we saw many surprises, semi finals have ended the way most people expected.

Argentina broke Croatia in first half thanks to Messi's goal from a penalty, which disrupted Croatia's usual game. Taking advantage of this, Argentina added two more goals to reach the final and give Messi one last chance to win the World Cup trophy.

There, the defending champions await. France ended Morocco's fairytale, despite the fact that Morocco was perhaps the better team. Early goal by Hernandez forced Morocco to go on the offense and they did so well, but they lacked the finish. In one of the counter attacks, France managed to score again and close the game.

World Cup final 2022: FAQ

When does the World Cup final 2022 take place?

The final kicks off at 3 pm on December 18th.

Who are the favourites to win the World Cup?

Right now, Brazil leads the bookmaker's odds.

What ground is hosting the World Cup final?

Lusail Stadium is the host stadium for the final.

How many teams qualify for the World Cup?

In 2022, 32 teams start the tournament.

How is the World Cup final 2022 going to be settled?

The game format is 90 minutes of regulation time followed by a further 30 minutes of extra time and – potentially – penalties.

Who won the previous World Cup?

France won Russia 2018.

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