To Lead Anytime Tips

What is a “To Lead Anytime” Betting Market and How Does It Work? We're here to help

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This type of betting market is prevalent nowadays, and it gains popularity by the day as more and more people are starting to use it. It means that you are wagering on one team to lead at any time during the match, regardless of the final result. Here is some clarification that can help you and other people wondering the same thing.

For example, you may think that in a match between Watford and Arsenal, the Gunners would lead at some time during the game. Remember that you aren't betting on who would win the game. If the match starts with 1-0 for Arsenal, you win your bet even if it ends with Arsenal losing with a 1-6 score. This is just an example. The same tactic goes if Arsenal takes the lead initially and wins wit 3-0 over the Hornets. If the match ends in a draw, you can still win if Arsenal was in the lead during the game. Even if the score was, for instance, 2-0 for the Hornets after the first half, and in the second half Arsenal scores two goals and the game ends, you won't win the wager because Arsenal never leads at any time during the game. All they did is catch up to Watford.

There are plenty of opportunities when you can place a bet on the “To Lead Anytime” market. American people can do it using the betmgm bonus code. The most obvious circumstances are to place a bet on this market if:

  • You along with other people think that the underdogs in the match would give the favorites of the game a run for their money, but you don't think they would win it in the end.
  • You think that a team would try and play for an early goal, but you aren't sure who the match's final winner would be.

How to Place a “To Lead Anytime” Bet?

Placing a bet on the “To Lead at Anytime” market is as easy as pie. No matter which bookie you are using, you first have to have an account on their platform. Signing up to a bookmaker also has advantages like a welcome bonus you can benefit from. If the terms and conditions allow it, you can place your qualifying wager on the “To Lead Anytime” betting market. The next steps are to verify your account and make a deposit into it. After you do that, you can log on to the platform via the web page or the mobile app (whichever you want to use). Navigate to the Football page, and find the match you want to place a wager on. Next, you have to click on it, and search through the available markets to find the “To Lead Anytime” one. After you find it click on the team you think would lead at any time during the game and go to your bet slip. You can add more selections and make a bet an accumulator if you are feeling lucky. For example, enter the stake amount you want to bet on this market, or on the accumulator (depending on which bet you are placing) and click on “Place Bet.”

Since the “To Lead Anytime” market isn't as famous as Correct Score, for example, some bookmakers might not offer it, so in that case, you need to request the bet from the bookie if they provide this type of feature. The requesting process usually happens via Twitter, and every bookie has its hashtag that you can use. Below we will give you the most popular bookmaker's hashtags you would need to type in a tweet to them and request odds for this market.

  • William Hill – #YourOdds
  • Betfair – #OddsOnThat
  • Ladbrokes – #GetAPrice
  • Paddy Power – #WhatOddsPaddy
  • Coral – #YourCall
  • Betfred – #PickYourPunt
  • BetVictor – #PriceItUp
  • SkyBet – #RequestABet

The bookmaker would tweet back to you with a link to the already filled-out bet slip. Keep in mind that you need to be logged into your account to open the link successfully. Once you enter your stake, you can click on the final “Place Bet” button and wait for the results.

Where to Find the “To Lead Anytime” Betting Market

Currently, we found only one bookmaker that offers the “To Lead Anytime” betting market on their Sportsbook, and that is BetVictor. They have been providing this market for years, and they get a lot of traffic on it. Their welcome bonus gives new customers a chance to win £30 by placing a bet of £5. The bonus consists of two free bets worth £10 each and one Casino bonus worth £10. The “To Lead Anytime” market is available on all football matches, and sometimes the bookie offers “Enhanced Prices” on specific markets and events so that you can benefit from that as well. BetVictor is one of the established and famous bookmakers in the UK, and they offer their customers a wide range of betting markets and sports. They also have exciting features you can try out like cash-out, live streaming, in-play, and more. It's just good business.

Another possibility to try and place a bet on this market is to try out a betting exchange. As long as there is another person to match your bet, it won't get voided. The most popular betting exchange in the world which also happens to offer a great welcome deal, the Betfair sign up bonus, is the top bookmaker Betfair. But you can also try other exchanges, like BETDAQ or Smarkets.

FAQ regarding the To Lead Anytime Betting Tips

Why don’t more bookmakers offer the “To Lead Anytime” betting market?

Different bookmaker offers different betting markets, but the oddsmakers decide which bets to provide on the Sportsbook and which not to. When the “request a bet” feature is available on most popular bookie platforms, you would have nothing to worry about, because you would most likely get odds for that market, unless the bookie declines your bet proposal.

Can I place a “To Lead Anytime” bet for my qualifying wager for the welcome bonus?

That depends on two things – if the bookie offers that particular bet and if the terms and conditions of the bonus allow it. You have to get these right in order to have a chance.

Do “own goals” count toward the “To Lead Anytime” betting market?

Yes, they do. Goals are how we depict the “lead” required for a successful bet. The road to the best bet is not easy but if we can offer some of our help, we hope it will be able to guide you the right way.

For your own mental health you have to make bets only when you know you feel like it and that it is safe to do so. It's extremely important to stay in control of your wagers. Good health always comes first. We hope this artical provided some useful help for you in your search for good business.

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