Live / In Play Betting Tips

What is In-Play Betting, and How Does It Work?

Both experienced and not-so-experienced bettors have heard of in-play betting. That's when you bet on an event that already started. Many people enjoy placing in-game bets because they keep you on your toes, the odds are substantial, and you have plenty of markets to choose from even though we can't compare the amount of in-play markets available the number of pre-game markets bookies offer. In the rest of our article you can read about the pros and cons of live betting, and some tips we thought any punter would benefit from regarding the subject. Whether it's our Premier League predictions or some of the best football tips for today, we've got you covered before you do anything.

Advantages and Disadvantages of In-Game Betting

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There are plenty of advantages to in-play betting, besides the obvious one that you can place bets after the match begins. Some of the others are:

  • The prices are better than pre-game odds because oddsmakers have less time to do extensive research, which means that the prices would be better if you are quick enough to place the bet before the price changes. Better prices mean better profits if your wager wins, so you shouldn't hesitate too long, or the price will change, and you would lose your chance for a substantial profit.
  • You can place bets while watching the game live. If the Sportsbook you are using has live streaming available, you can watch the match and everything in it as it’s happening, which means that you will have more information when placing bets and that in turn means that you have better chances of winning.
  • You can use cash-out more effectively because all in-play bets have the feature available, but only some pre-game markets have cash-out.

Live betting has its bad sides as well. Some of them are described below:

  • When placing live bets, you have to be very fast because the odds change every second based on what happens in the game, so if you aren’t fast when placing bets, you can lose the chance of profiting from in-play betting.
  • You have to be very concentrated, and watching the game as the events unfold is very important. If you are distracted, you can easily miss important events and lose your chance to place the wager.
  • In-play has less available markets than pre-game. Depending on the Sportsbook you use, you may have only a handful of in-play markets to choose from, but you may have more. In any case, they would be less than the available pre-game markets.

In-Play Betting Tips for New and Experienced Punters

In-play betting requires a little bit more focus and fast reflexes than regular pre-game betting. We recommend if you are a new punter not to start exploring wagering with in-play betting first. Make sure you get accustomed to all the steps when placing a wager on the bookie platform and also get used to using features like live streaming or cash-out before starting placing in-play bets.

Another tip you should be aware of is not to place large stakes unless you are sure that the outcome or wager would be in your favor during the game. This is very important because many people lose because they place a too large stake on a bet, they aren’t sure has a significant chance to come true.

Use a computer rather than a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) when placing live bets. This is important because, believe it or not, people are faster when using a mouse than when they use a touchscreen. Speed is critical when it comes to live betting, and it can cause you to miss solid odds because you are too slow with your mobile device.

Choose to bet with the right bookie. Pick a bookmaker who regularly gives their existing customers in-play and pre-game bonuses and has enough in-play and pre-game markets to choose from on your favorite sport. The bookie also needs to have all the essential features that punters use: in-play, cash-out, live streaming, bet builder, etc.

Live Betting Tips – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an in-play bet?

Most Sportsbooks operate on the same system for pre-game and in-play bets, which means that in-play bets are placed the same way as pre-games ones. You have to choose the event you want to bet on and click on the market and odds you want to place your bet on. When the wager appears on your bet slip, you have to enter the stake amount and click on “Place Bet.”

What other Sportsbook features can I use to help my in-play betting?

Many Sportsbooks have additional features they provide their customers, that help not only with in-play betting but overall, as well. In conjunction with in-play, you can use features, like cash-out, live streaming, edit bet, bet builder, live scores and stats, etc.

Is in-play betting available on all sportsbook events?

No, it's not. In-Play is available only on certain Sportsbook events. Each platform has a separate in-play page, and there you can check out which games are available for in-game betting.

Can I place in-play bets from my mobile device?

If the Sportsbook allows it, you can place in-play mobile bets via the app or the mobile site, but we recommend that you use a computer because it's faster.

Can my qualifying wager for the welcome bonus be placed on an in-play event?

That depends on the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus. You should read them, and if it's not mentioned, you can ask the customer support team.

Which are the top bookmakers that provide the best in-play odds?

There are plenty of online bookmakers, but when it comes to the in-play odds, they offer we feel that the following bookmakers are the best in that category:

What happens if the in-play bet I placed is voided because of outside factors like the weather, an injury, or anything else?

When a wager is voided, you will get your stake back no matter if you placed the bet before the game or after it started.

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