Live Football on TV today: Where to watch the best matches on 29/11/2022

Given how popular football is in the United Kingdom, it makes sense that there is a huge demand to watch football on TV. And the great thing is that in this day and age, your options are plentiful.

All of Today's Televised Football

  • 12:00: Tottenham Hotspur U18 v Norwich City U18 – U18 Premier League. TV Broadcast @ SPURSPLAY
  • 15:00: Ecuador v Senegal – FIFA World Cup 2022 Group A. TV Broadcast @ ITV1, STV, ITVX, STV Player
  • 15:00: Netherlands v Qatar – FIFA World Cup 2022 Group A. TV Broadcast @ ITV1, STV, ITVX, STV Player
  • 19:00: Iran v USA – FIFA World Cup 2022 Group B. TV Broadcast @ BBC One, BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport Website
  • 19:00: Wales v England – FIFA World Cup 2022 Group B. TV Broadcast @ BBC One, S4C, BBC iPlayer, S4C Online, BBC Sport Website

Football Whispers' TV picks for Tuesday, November 29 

Ecuador v Senegal – FIFA World Cup 2022

Where to watch? ITV1, STV, ITVX, STV Player

Kick-Off: 15:00 GMT

Ecuador and Senegal meet each other in the last chance to make it to the knockout stage at Khalifa International Stadium. The Tricolors played their fourth draw in the last five outings, featuring a 1-1 draw against the Netherlands in the second round of the World Cup. Senegal managed to earn all three points with a 1-3 victory against Qatar. Ecuador are second on the table with four points while Senegal are chasing its rivals in the third position with three points.

Netherlands v Qatar – FIFA World Cup 2022

Where to watch? ITV1, STV, ITVX, STV Player

Kick-Off: 15:00 GMT

The Netherlands takes on the hosts of the World Cup, Qatar in the last duel of the group stage at Al Bayt Stadium. After winning the opening game, the Flying Dutchmen dropped two points in the last game with a 1-1 stadium against Ecuador. But the Maroons had to bear the successive second defeat of the tournament against Senegal in the last game. The Netherlands are at the top of the table with four points while Qatar are present on the other end.

Iran v USA – FIFA World Cup 2022

Where to watch? BBC One, BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport Website

Kick-Off: 19:00 GMT

After a thrilling duel in the second round against Wales, Iran goes up against the USA in the final round of the group stage at Al Thumama Stadium. Team Melli scored two goals in the added time against the Maroons to double the lead and confirm a 0-2 victory. However, the Yanks witnessed the successive second draw of the tournament with a 0-0 equation against England. Iran are second on the table with three points, leaving the USA in third. 

Wales v England – FIFA World Cup 2022

Where to watch? BBC One, S4C, BBC iPlayer, S4C Online, BBC Sport Website

Kick-Off: 19:00 GMT

In the third round of the competition at Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Wales will take on England in an effort to earn the tournament's first victory. In their most recent match against Iran, the Dragons allowed two goals in extra time and lost 0-2 as a result. In contrast, England was successful in holding the USA to a scoreless tie in the previous round. With four points, the Three Lions are leading Group B, but Wales is last with just one point.

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Live football on TV – watching in the UK

Then again, you still have to know which options to pursue depending on which leagues and competitions you’d like to watch. This brings us to the main purpose of sharing this information today – to show you where to watch live football on TV.

Some of these options require sports subscriptions, some are covered through direct TV, and others are included through existing subscriptions that may surprise you. Anyway, there is a fair amount to get through so that you can watch football on TV today, So let us get the ball rolling by discussing what your options are.

Your options to watch football on TV today

Okay, now we are getting to the main event, so make sure you’re taking some mental notes as we progress here. In the United Kingdom, you have the luxury of several avenues to explore in order to watch live football. Yet in recent years, the exact channels, associated leagues, and broadcasting rights have changed hands quite a bit. So you’d be forgiven for being slightly behind regarding the knowledge of who broadcasts what.

For that exact reason, we’ve given a blow-by-blow on the main channels and top leagues below:

BT Sport

As you may already be aware, BT Sport has been one of the main broadcasters for the UK’s top leagues for several years already. They have captured broadcasting rights for the top league in English football, the Premier League. And for the 22/23 season, they will broadcast 52 matches. However, it’s not just the Premier League that BT Sport covers. They also cover each and every game in the Champions League, as well as the Europa League – so this offering is pretty extensive, as you can see. We’re not quite done yet either.

football on tv

In recent times, BT Sport has also started to broadcast games from the Championship, League One, League Two, FA Cup, and major European Leagues such as Ligue 1 and the Bundesliga too. So if you are to compare the various options to watch live football on TV today, BT Sport has the most comprehensive service. If you want to get a BT Sport subscription, however, it will cost £25 per month.

This is a rolling contract so you don’t have to commit to any long-term deals. And you even have the option to switch your broadband over to BT Sport too – completely your choice.

  • Competitions: Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, National League
  • Price: £25 per month

Sky Sports

Despite stiff competition from BT Sport, it’s Sky Sports that still remains the King of English football. These guys are responsible for streaming a grand total of 128 Premier League games during the 2022/2023 season. So if you compare this with your other options for watching the UK’s highest-level league, Sky Sports offers the most extensive coverage, by far. As you may also know, Sky Sports has several options included in just one package. This includes Sky Sports One, Sky Sports Two, and several other channels as well.

Sky Sports does broadcast games from the other leagues in English football too. This includes games from all of the other three professional leagues – The Championship, League One, and League Two. As an added bonus, Sky Sports does broadcast plenty of games from La Liga, the Carabao Cup, and the EFL Trophy as well. So compared to BT Sport, for example, Sky Sports is probably the best option in terms of overall coverage of UK football matches.

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As for the price, there are quite a few price levels that you could explore. At the moment, Sky Sports has a deal of £30 for 18 months for their football package. This is solely the price for access to watch whatever football games Sky will be broadcasting. However, if you’re a huge sports fan, you can include other sports and channels for a slightly higher price.

  • Competitions: Premier League, Championship, League One, and League Two, La Liga, Carabao Cup, EFL Trophy
  • Price: £30 per month

Amazon Prime

We did say that some of the options discussed here might come as a surprise! And of the several avenues we’ve mentioned, Amazon Prime is perhaps the one that you’d least expect. Then again, in recent times, Amazon Prime has started to dabble in broadcasting services for the Premier League. With that said, you have the fewest options in terms of the number of games streamed via this service compared with the others. Specifically, for the 2022/2023 season, Amazon Prime will be showing a total of 20 Premier League matches.

This might not seem like many games to watch, and it isn’t, to be perfectly honest. But here’s the best part – if you already have an Amazon Prime subscription, as many people do, you can watch this as part of the service. That means that there is no need to go and set up an external or alternative account to watch the Premier League offerings here. And it gets even better. The price for Amazon Prime, if you don’t already have it, is just £8.99 per month.

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You can also pay for the entire year up-front if you wish, and you get a slight discount by doing so. Instead of the £8.99 charge, you can pay £95, which works out to roughly a 10% cheaper price than the monthly rate. Of course, since you are grabbing a Prime membership, you also get the other benefits like next-day shipping on a bunch of products and a bunch of other things too.

  • Competitions: Premier League, Bundesliga
  • Price: £8.99 per month


Now we are entering the realm of ‘free to air’ broadcasters. And as it happens, the BBC is one of these broadcasters when it comes to major football tournaments. Note that we are moving away from the domestic leagues in the UK and Europe now, as per the broadcasting restrictions for the BBC for these events. Anyway, the BBC has been letting viewers watch live football on TV for many years now. They’ve shown us some of the most iconic moments from events like the World Cup, as well as the Euro Championships too.

Of course, you’ve got both BBC One and BBC Two in the UK. Both channels offer coverage of top football events when they come around. And one of the biggest of them all is right around the corner – the 2022 World Cup. That’s right, the BBC will be broadcasting games in Qatar, and they will cover the group stages as well as the knockout stages. You don’t need to pay anything at all in order to watch these games through the main BBC channels, technically speaking.

Legal online streaming info

But one annoying element does remain at play here – you must purchase a TV license if you plan on viewing any live TV through the BBC. You probably already have this license, but just a word of caution if you don’t, it is illegal to watch live TV on the BBC without one. With this said, the BBC is sharing broadcasting rights for the upcoming World Cup with another major channel, as discussed below.

  • Competitions: Premier League, Scottish Championship, Northern Irish Premiership, FA Cup, World Cup
  • Price: Free (need TV license which costs £159 for colour TV per year)


ITV is part of any direct TV service in the UK. This means that if you’ve got a TV plugged into the wall, ITV will be part of the channels offered. Of course, ITV is another ‘free to air’ TV channel which does indeed cover live football on TV. As for the specific leagues and tournaments, as we’ve mentioned above, ITV is sharing the broadcasting rights for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar with the BBC. This means that you’ve got three channels that will be broadcasting games, post-match analysis, and more.

Legal online streaming info

Adding to this, ITV broadcasts games relating to the FA Cup, as well as the FA Community Shield – a one-game event held each season. And if you’ve any interest in overseas football, ITV tends to show quite a few La Liga games every season too.

  • Competitions: FA Cup, FA Community Shield,  La Liga, World Cup
  • Price: Free (need TV license which costs £159 for colour TV per year)

FAQs for live football on TV

Is there any football on TV this weekend?

Of course! No matter when you are reading this, there is a strong to certain chance that there will be a string of football games on TV this weekend. Just look at the schedules we’ve provided.

What football is on TV today?

You can check a list of football games that are on today through the list of games on this very page. We always update the list to reflect the most recent changes and/or additions to the schedule.

Is there any football on TV tonight?

Since football is played at different times of day and night across Europe, yes, there will be games for you to watch tonight.

Can I start watching football on TV as soon as I purchase a supported package?

Absolutely – you can watch the supported games from the moment you have paid for whatever subscription service is chosen.