FM 24 review – Long live the King!

After weeks of covering the new features announced by Sports Interactive, it is finally time for our definitive FM 24 review.

Thanks to Early Access, we at Football Whispers have already spent around 50 hours playing it – and quite simply, we can't describe FM 24 as anything other than the most comprehensive experience we have ever seen.

Read on for our final verdict!

FM 24 review - Long live the King!

FM 24 Review

The final Evolution before the Revolution

FM 24 is the last Football Manager as we know it today. The 24 edition is a step forward for the series that prepares the fans for the giant leap that has been announced for FM 25. Next year's edition of the game will bring massive changes to graphics, gameplay and overall experience.

It is not a surprise to see FM 24 as the pinnacle of the classic Football Manager experience, bringing everything that made FM the best sports management series in the video games industry. Simply put, FM 24 is a love letter to the history of the franchise.

Road map of Football Manager 24 new features
The road to FM 24's completion was very thorough. Read all parts of our Roadmap series.

More options, not more complexity

There have been a lot of new features introduced to the game this year, and many people talked about how much more complex the game would become. Football Manager is a time consuming game for sure, and adding new layers to your team management can sometimes become a bit overwhelming.

Surprisingly enough, however, we found that the newest addition to the game made it more comprehensive, rather than more complex.

Transfer Room is a lifesaver

The introduction of agents & Transfer Room brings new options to the table when it is time for you to sell some of your players. These features make it easier for you to sell players that you are struggling to get out of the club.

We have personally used the intermediaries menu to sell players that were not triggering interest from other clubs and found it quite useful. Instead of changing the asking price, the status of the player at the club, and sending out offers, we just challenged intermediaries to find a new place for my players, and it was well worth 10% of the transfer fee!

FM 24 tactics

Set pieces are a different animal

Potentially deadly set pieces are now more customisable, and for those willing to go deeper in this aspect of their tactics, you can now put up a ton of different strategies and change them from one game to another. It feels quite rewarding to watch your players execute your ideas on set pieces and score for fun!

There is also no doubt that the rework done around the game engine makes FM 24 the best football management experience when looking at the game. On top of the game engine, Tactics have also been revamped and the game looks more balanced.

For a few years, Gegenpress was the solution to all your problems – and it still can be in all fairness. But it really seems that this year the game lets you build your own style without forcing you to play one way instead of another.

J-League makes an appearance

Let's just say that everything you can expect from Football Manager is present this year, with some very pleasant core additions.

Amongst them is the introduction of the Japanese divisions. With talents such as Kaoru Mitoma, Takehiro Tomiyasu, Ritsu Doan and Wataru Endo amongst those currently shining the Samurai Blue's real-life light in Europe's top leagues, we think it's about time the source of their talent was honoured in the FM-verse.

Urawa Red Diamonds vs Wuhan
The Japanese leagues provide some unique challenges, with the likes of reigning AFC Champions League holders Urawa Red Diamonds expecting great domestic and continental success. (Credit: Xinhua/Xiao Yijiu) – Photo by Icon sport

Improved technical performance

Over the past few weeks, we've seen enough in terms of the actual gameplay to draw a very positive conclusion. And it only gets better when bringing technical considerations into play!

One aspect that really surprised us was how technically optimised it was, running smoothly even going into hour number 50.

As someone who has played Championship Manager and Football Manager for countless hours over the last decade, I remember my (quite average) computer having a tough time whenever activating more than five or six countries at the start.

FM 24 review - Long live the King!

Sports Interactive said that the game was more optimised than ever, and we wanted to accept the challenge. For the first time ever, yours truly selected all the leagues available in the game. I absolutely expected it to be the slowest game I ever played.

Imagine my shock when I saw the days go by at a normal pace without my computer sounding like an aeroplane taking off!

I can safely say that this is the best experience I ever had playing FM.

Having all the leagues available and the complete database in one and only save made the whole experience so much better, as I had the possibility to scout from Japan to Mexico, look for hidden gems in Nigeria and become the manager of teams in more than 50 countries and 100 leagues.

FM 24 review – final critic rating

FM 24 review - Long live the King!

Football Whispers FM 24 rating: 90/100

Closer to reality, deeper than ever. FM players never had so many tools to use throughout their career. More impressively, the technical realisation of the game is head and shoulders above what we experienced these past years.

The fact that it is faster than ever despite having more features, along with a better game engine and more leagues than it ever did, is a remarkable achievement for everyone at Sports Interactive.

Next year the FM legacy enters a new era, and it does so in the best possible condition. Personally I can't wait!

FM 24 latest information

The 20th and most complete edition to date, Football Manager 2024, is available now on PC, Xbox, PS5, Nintendo Switch & Mobile.

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