FM 24 Quality of Life Upgrades – Part 2: Match preparation and new rules

The last batch of FM 24 Quality of Life upgrades have been announced, and we cannot wait to put our hands on what looks like the ultimate Football Manager game!

Last week, we looked at the improvements made to staff progression and accessibility. The development team has since released a second batch of smaller new features added to the game that will greatly improve your experience.

FM 24 Quality of life upgrades

Focus your training on match preparation

In order to be closer to what is being done by real clubs, you will now have the opportunity to select some specific aspects in the week preceding a game. In the Tactical Preparation dropdown before a game, you will be able to select between a specific tactical focus or set pieces, with your assistant suggesting which ones to select.

Improved pre-match briefings

Your match briefings have been improved so that you can now understand better if your speech has been a good one or not. You will get access to your captain/vice-captain reactions if they have one. You will also be able to see how your players react individually, similarly to pre-season objectives discussions.

Loan your young talents

It was a problem last year, as it took quite long to select and manage all the potential loans out for your young players. The development centre will now include a feature that recommends the players that should be getting minutes at a higher level in another club.

Swap deals made easier

In order to seal a deal including a swap of players, you had to go to the other team's roster, select the player and add him through a dropdown menu. In FM 24, you can now select the player you are willing to add to the deal directly through the negotiation window. Another time saver added by Sports Interactive!

Compare your career

A new panel has been added to the game, allowing you to compare your career to all the managers in your league. You can compare your success, duration as coaches and assess if you are the best manager in your save.

Fantasy Drafts revamp

The Fantasy Drafts have been revamped, especially the shortlist feature. Before now, only the players matching specific restrictions would be displayed whereas all the players shortlisted will now be visible. On top of that, the long awaited ‘Skip Round' feature has been added to the mode!

Competition Rules changes

The teams at Sports Interactive have once again updated the competition rules so that it matches the evolutions in real football. The new World Cup 2026 format? Yes, it is in the game! The new Club World Cup format starting 2025? Added too!

On top of that, Gibraltar will be playable for the first time, for anyone who wants to try and achieve miracles with a European microstate. The Japan National Team will now be playable too, and so will the JLeague! Want to recreate the Blue Lock project? Your time is now!

Improved performances

Even though the game has been upgraded and many new features have been implemented, the game runs faster than FM 23 thanks to optimisations from the development team.

Road map of Football Manager 24 new features

FM 24 release date and other info

The 20th and most complete edition to date, Football Manager 2024, is out November 6th on PC, Xbox and PS5. Pre-purchase it before November 6th to enjoy 10% off and unlock Early Access (around two weeks before global release). Football Manager 2024 will be available on Nintendo Switch & Mobiles later this year.

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