FM 24 Mobile details: What we know so far

FM 24 Mobile will launch exclusively for Netflix members on November 6th. If Netflix is well-known for its series & movies catalogue, it is not yet a massive actor in the video games industry. But what does it mean for the players, and what can we expect from FM 24 Mobile?

FM 24 Mobile details: What we know so far

How to access FM 24 Mobile

Just like the rest of the Netflix Games catalogue, there will be no need to pay any additional fee.

As long as you are a subscriber to Netflix, you will have exclusive and unlimited access to its game catalogue. When Football Manager 2024 launches on November 6th, all you will need to do is download the game from the Netflix app on your smartphone. The game will appear in a dedicated row for games on iPhone and in a specific games tab on Android devices.

FM 24 Mobile new features

Details on new features have dropped sooner this week and here is what you should expect from this year's FM 24 Mobile.

Pre-Match Hub

FM24 Mobile's new Pre-Match Hub offers valuable info for upcoming matches, aiding you build your strategy by providing details on tactics, scouting reports, and key stats. It brings you with information regarding opponents' strengths, weaknesses and form, along with their predicted starting lineups. Additionally, the Match Expectations feature covers pre-match predictions, board objectives, players morale and fan sentiments ensuring you are prepared to adapt your tactics and lineup for the upcoming game.

Squad & Tactics Interface revamped

Selecting your strongest team for upcoming matches requires adjustments. The Squad and Tactics menu has been reworked, especially player selection and role customization. Your pre-match preparation has never been easier. When making substitutions, the better options are displayed on screen and takes into account their ability, aptitude and condition. Make the best decisions between experienced players and promising prospects or compare underperforming players and potential replacements to make the best XI.

Enhanced Match Experience

In FM24 Mobile, injuries and stress can destroy your pre-match strategy. New in-match notifications allow tactical adjustments. For instance, when a star player gets injured, a pop-up to choose a replacement based on their attributes appears. You can also send your goalkeeper forward for a late-goal possibility on a corner. Changing penalty takers has also become easier. The enhanced mentality changes let you shift to defensive tactics when needed. In-game subs are now more accessible, so that you can quickly adapt to tense situations. These updates create a smoother and more responsive match experience.

Post-Match Hub

Win, lose, or draw, receiving feedback after each game helps your players. The new post-match hub offers immediate information with match stats, player analysis, and supporters & board reactions. This tool helps identify strengths and areas for enhancement. Player moods are also revealed and you can check if their mood improved or not. On top of that, you can now conduct a post-match team meeting, allowing you to congratulate your players for their efforts or call for extra work in the training ground.

Effortless Onboarding

Accelerate your rise in football management. In-game pop-ups covers navigation, tactics, and player development, facilitating an easier journey to any player. Setting up a tactic now provides an overview of different approaches, like Route One football or Tiki-Taka, along with insights into how each tactic suits your team's strengths and weaknesses. This revamped guidance ensures you understand the interest of each menu and how it contributes to your job as a manager in the world of football.

New Reputation Titles

In FM24 Mobile, your career progression is marked by reputation titles linked to your tactical approach, personality, and transfer decisions. For example, if you excel at transforming wonderkids into stars, you earn the “Star Maker” title. Your club becomes automatically an attractive destination for wonderkids! Your people management style can also earn you titles like “Hair Dryer,” motivating players to improve. These titles and player responses add depth to your managerial journey, impacting player interactions and transfer opportunities.

What is Netflix Games?

After the Stranger Things mobile game, which launched in 2017 to coincide with the second season of the American science-fiction series, Netflix decided to expand its mobile game catalogue in 2022. Following successful titles launches such as Dust & Neon and the game Twelve Minutes, which trended on Twitch a few months ago, the Football Manager series will soon be available on the platform with the iconic red N.

At the end of 2021, Netflix announced its intention to diversify by offering its subscribers mobile games. This is a way to satisfy and retain its subscribers while also attracting new members interested in mobile gaming, in addition to the thousands of movies, series, documentaries, and shows already offered by the platform.

FM 24 Mobile release date and other info

As with the console version, Football Manager 2024 will be available on Mobiles on November 6th, with more news coming later this week.

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