FC 24 Black Friday Promo Event – Amazing offers to expect

A week from now, the FC 24 Black Friday Promo Event will be a game changer for the community, as the post-FIFA era in EA's now 30-year dominion over football video games continues to make its mark.

It is always one of the biggest days of the year on Ultimate Team, and FC 24 will almost certainly pick up where FIFA 23 left off.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team
FC 24 was released on Friday 29 September 2023 (Source: IGN India)

What is the FC 24 Black Friday Promo Event?

On the last Friday of every November, EA Sports slash their prices on the most popular in-game purchases. This year, Black Friday is on Friday 24th November.

In previous years, the promo has run for a total of four days, over the weekend and into ‘Cyber Monday'. Another unique feature of this promo event is that its releases are not organised around 18:00 GMT, like most Ultimate Team promos, but are constantly refreshed 24 hours a day.

For FC 24 Black Friday, this will take the form of new promo packs released in ‘lightning rounds’, meaning there is only a narrow window of opportunity (sometimes less than an hour) for players to purchase with either coins earned in game or FC points bought with real money before the packs disappear from the store.

The packs on offer are usually some of the biggest of the year, with some guaranteeing a player of a certain rating, or a particular kind of special card.EA FC 24 Ultimate Team: Best women

What is there besides packs on FC 24 Black Friday?

Looking at previous years’ events, we can expect an avalanche of content, as we did earlier this autumn when the game's newest Icons and Heroes were revealed.

Flash Squad Builder Challenges:

On past FIFA titles, Black Friday has seen SBCs released very frequently, with different chemistry-based puzzles and themes for players to complete and earn packs from, with some packs as valuable as a Rare Players Pack on offer. These flash challenges operate in a similar manner to the lightning round packs, in that they are often available for less than an hour.

Player Squad Builder Challenges:

Lots of player SBCs are also released in this narrow time period. Last year we saw a fan-favourite flashback Lionel Messi SBC released, as well as a Robin van Persie World Cup Icon, and in prior years we’ve had flashback SBCs for players like Sergio Aguero, Benzema and Chiellini.

Upgrade Squad Builder Challenges

Rounding out the SBCs on offer, there will almost certainly be a plethora of upgrade SBCs on offer, such as Hero, Icon, Team of the Week, and rating-based upgrades such as triple 81+, double 84+, 85+ and player picks. There will also likely be an upgrade SBC for a card from a previous promo team.

fc heroes 87 rated
On the last weekend of October, 87 max-rated SBC heroes sent the community wild. A similar calibre of player will be available at a cut price on Black Friday. (Source: X.com)

Objectives tab offer

At least one unique and exclusive player item will be available in the objectives tab. Previous years have featured Karl Toko-Ekambi, Ridle Baku and Rodrygo. On top of this there are usually packs to be earned from completing additional objectives.

Best of Team of the Week re-release

The Black Friday Promo Event will also see the best players from Team of the Week squads released up to Black Friday return to packs over the weekend. This year, it could spell another shot at getting the likes of Son, Cancelo, Griezmann, Salah, van Dijk, Bellingham and Ødegaard, among others.

A unique promo team

Perhaps most excitingly though, Black Friday almost always coincides with a brand-new, never seen before promo team of uniquely upgraded players, many of whom are often Ultimate Team favourites. The FC 24 Black Friday promo event will be no exception.

In FIFA 23, the Road to the World Cup team was released, featuring Son, Mbappe, Modric and Werner. On 22, we got a Rulebreakers team, which starred the likes of Alexander-Arnold, Haaland and Dembele with unusual stat upgrades.

And on FIFA 21, a special side composed of record breakers was released, which included Mbappe, van Dijk, Jadon Sancho and Cesc Fabregas, all of whom were given giant stat upgrades.

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