EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Tips: Best way to start

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Tips: Best way to start – EA FC 24, the rebranded version of past ‘FIFA’ titles, launches on Friday September 29th to the public as a brand-new video game. The most popular game mode is Ultimate Team (UT), where players can build their own club and assemble their dream team.

In this article, we take you through what to expect when you load up UT in the game for the first time, and the best way to start your UT journey…

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team
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EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Tips: Starter pack

When you enter UT, you will be presented with a choice of nine starter packs, each filled with players to form your starter squad. Each pack features a dominant nation, which will make up most of your players' nationalities in the one you choose. The nine nations are as follows:

Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

For reasons explained later in the article, Brazil is the best pack to pick.

Kits and badge

After you pick your starter pack, you will be asked to choose a home and away kit to represent your club, as well as a club badge.

For reasons explained later in the article, pick the kits and badge of teams that you think will be the most popular in UT.

Loan player

After you have chosen these, you will be asked to swap an existing player in your squad for a loan star, typically a Rare Gold player with a high rating. Amongst the potentials is Al-Hilal superstar Neymar.

You should probably target a low-rated player to do this, such as a Common Bronze, or a player that you know that you are not going to use.

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EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Tips: Before you play a game…

It is very tempting to jump into a game of EA FC 24 Ultimate Team straight away, but before you do, there are ways to gain coins and packs before gameplay that can boost your squad further and give you a better chance of winning.

Foundations Objectives

In the ‘Objectives' section of the menu, you will find ‘Foundations'. Here, you can find tasks to complete, such as building a certain amount of team chemistry, that unlock coins and packs for you to open.

Some of the ‘Foundations' Objectives are deliberately easy to help people who may be starting UT for the first time.

Foundations SBCs

In the ‘Squad Building Challenges' (SBC) section of the menu, you will find five ‘Foundations' SBCs labelled in Roman numerals (I to V).

Again, some of these have been made deliberately easy to help those just starting UT, and will mostly require bronze cards to earn packs – cards you will have available from your starter pack.

Some SBCs will also require nation and league links, which is where the Brazil pick in your starter pack can be useful. A lot of Brazilians play in many different leagues, making it easier to build SBCs with specific and more-complex requirements.

One of our primary EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Tips is to pick a Brazil starter pack.
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Sell unwanted items

If you do not wish to keep some of the items in your club, as long as they are tradeable, you can quick-sell them for instant coins, or list them on the transfer market.

If you do not want your players to wear the kits or use the club badge that you picked in your starter pack, you can sell these and use untradeable ones given  to you for free at the start of the game, giving more coins to help towards improving your squad.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Tips: Get into a game!

Now that you have completed all of these tasks, you are ready to get into a game of EA FC 24 Ultimate Team!

Of course, you can look through other sections in the menu first, and play around with your team formation and chemistry, but you should have now built enough coins and packs to improve your squad and gain an advantage over other players in your UT journey.

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