EA FC 24 Playstyles guide – from the amazing to the overpowered

EA FC 24 Playstyles guide – This year, EA Sports have introduced a new system to the newly-dubbed FC series. It's called ‘Playstyles’. This new system replaces the old FIFA-era system of traits and specialties that played a big part in determining which players were the most effective.

Playstyles are much more powerful than traits were, they have a bigger impact on how a player does a certain action or if they can do it at all. EA are claiming that the new system goes “beyond overall ratings to bring to life the on-pitch abilities that make players special”. 

Playstyles make players feel and act uniquely from one another, like they do on the real pitch.

There is also a greater depth to the new system. Lots of players have various playstyles to call upon, but the very best players have a ‘playstyle plus’, which grants them even more powerful abilities than the regular playstyle.

Similar in nature to ‘Playstyles', Ultimate Team Chemistry Styles also survive the transition into a new era.

Which EA FC 24 playstyles are most overpowered?

Players with early access to FC 24 have found that some playstyles are disproportionately effective in the new game, and are must haves for your Ultimate Team or new signings in your career mode. Here are the most overpowered:


The effectiveness of finesse shots has waxed and waned over the years on FIFA, but in FC 24, they look to be back with a bang with the introduction of the finesse playstyle.

Aside from being more accurate, players with the finesse playstyle can take shots quicker, and users can add more power to their strikes without them whipping over the bar.

Players with finesse plus include Mohamed Salah (pictured below) and Alex Morgan.

Salah figures highly in our EA FC 24 Playstyles guide
Liverpool's Mohamed Salah has a shot on goal during the Premier League match at Anfield, Liverpool. Picture date: Wednesday October 19, 2022. – Photo by Icon sport

Quick Step

Pace has always been an essential on Ultimate Team, and the new quick step playstyle adds a new dimension.

This playstyle gives players possessing it greater acceleration with the ball when in an explosive sprint, creating separation to get a shot away or leave a defender for dead.

Players with quick step plus include Vinicius Junior, Mbappe and Alphonso Davies (pictured below).

Andrew Yates / Sportimage – Photo by Icon sport


EA have introduced a new ‘advanced defending’ system this year, and many early players have struggled to adapt. However, the new bruiser playstyle does seem to offer a reprieve.

This playstyle gives players with it greater strength when tackling, squeezing attackers off the ball.

Players with this playstyle include Ruben Dias and Virgil van Dijk.

Photo by Icon sport

Other EA FC 24 playstyles

There are a total of 28 outfield playstyles and a further six for goalkeepers. Here’s a brief rundown on what each one does and a couple players who have the playstyle plus.

Power Shot

Players take power shots more quickly and the ball travels with a greater velocity.

Players with it: Rodri, Marcus Rashford

Dead Ball

Players with it have greater speed, accuracy and curve on their free kicks and corners. The preview trajectory also extends further, allowing you to see more of the ball’s path.

Players with it: Dominik Szoboszlai, James Maddison

Chip Shot

Players take chipped efforts quicker, and have greater accuracy and dip to their efforts.

Players with it: Wissam Ben Yedder, Ian Wright

Power Header

Headed efforts at goal have greater speed and accuracy, from a variety of angles.

Players with it: Sam Kerr, Joselu (pictured below)

(Photo by Manu Reino/DeFodi Images) – Photo by Icon sport

Pinged Pass

Players’ through balls travel with greater accuracy and swerve passes are hit with more curve.

Players with it: Georgia Stanway, Mateo Kovacic

Incisive Pass

Ground passes are hit with a great deal more speed, but without impacting the ability of the receiver to control the pass.

Players with it: Martin Ødegaard, Harry Kane

Long Ball Pass

Lobbed passes and through balls travel faster, with greater movement on the ball, making them harder to intercept.

Players with it: Leah Williamson, Trent Alexander-Arnold

Tiki Taka

Short range ground passes are remarkably accurate, particularly difficult or first time passes. Backheels and other parts of the foot are used more.

Players with it: Xavi, Pedri (pictured below).

Barcelona vs Sevilla
Photo by Icon sport

Whipped Pass

Crosses are hit with far greater power, accuracy and curve.

Players with it: Kieran Trippier, Lauren Hemp

First Touch

These players almost never miscontrol when receiving the ball, even in the most testing scenarios.

Players with it: Alexia Putellas, Dennis Bergkamp


Fancy passes and shots are performed with increased regularity and accuracy

Players with it: Ella Toone, Eric Cantona

Press Proven

Players can withstand immense physical pressure and not lose the ball.

Players with it: Jack Grealish (below, left), Kim Little

Kalvin Phillips
Photo by Icon sport


Consistently higher sprint speed when running with the ball and can knock the ball past opponents when dribbling with greater effectiveness.

Players with it: Thierry Henry, Federico Chiesa


Players can perform uniquely effective skill moves and have enhanced agility when strafe dribbling.

Players with it: Neymar, Angel di Maria


Greater radius when blocking shots or passes, as well as a greater probability of regaining control of the ball.

Players with it: Casemiro, Alex Greenwood


Greater reach when making interceptions and is more likely to keep the ball.

Marquinhos Al-Ittihad Transfer
Photo by Icon sport

Players with it: Mats Hummels, Marquinhos


Players move responsively when jockeying, have a higher speed when sprint jockeying and transitions into full sprint faster.

Players with it: Jules Koundé, Reece James.

Slide Tackle

Can slide tackle further, faster and has a greater likelihood of emerging with the ball at their feet.


Players have far more effective stand tackles and contextually chooses the better option of keeping the ball close to the tackler or knocking it further into space.

Players with it: Thiago Silva, Wendie Renard.


Acrobatic kicks are used more frequently, with greater accuracy and with animations unique to the playstyle.

Players with it: Erling Haaland (pictured below), Elye Wahi

Manchester City's Erling Haaland (right) and manager Pep Guardiola pose for a photo with the UEFA Super Cup trophy as they celebrate winning the UEFA Super Cup match at the Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium, Piraeus. Picture date: Wednesday August 16, 2023. – Photo by Icon sport


Players jump higher in aerial battles and exert greater strength in such duels.

Players with it: Virgil van Dijk, Miroslav Klose


Trivela shots and passes are hit more frequently, with greater accuracy and curve.

Players with it: Paul Pogba, Luka Modric


Players get greater stamina boosts at half time, reduces fatigue effects on attributes and grants quicker stamina recovery from pressures or contains.

Players with it: Fred, Jude Bellingham

Long Throw

Throw ins are completed with greater power and accuracy, improving range.

Players with it: Sveindís Jane Jónsdóttir, Ben Tozer

Far Throw

Goalkeeper throws travel further and faster

Players with it: Thibaut Courtois, Kepa


Goalkeepers make more saves with their feet, with increased reactions and speed in 1v1 scenarios.

Players with it: Andre Onana (pictured below), Jordan Pickford.

fichajes más caros de la Premier League
(Photo by Matteo Ciambelli/DeFodi Images) – Photo by Icon sport

Cross Claimer

Goalkeepers are more aggressive in coming for crosses and have greater reach and reflexes when doing so.

Players with it: Alisson, Ederson

Rush Out

Goalkeepers have a higher starting position and improved speed when sprinting.

Players with it: Manuel Neuer, Jorge Campos

Far Reach

Improved anticipation, reach and effectiveness when saving long-range strikes.

Players with it: no goalkeepers currently possess this playstyle. It will likely be given as a boost to special cards.

Quick Reflexes

Goalkeepers have enhanced reflexes and reactions when attempting to save efforts from close range.

Players with it: no goalkeepers currently possess this playstyle. It will likely be given as a boost to special cards.

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