EA FC 24 Evolutions – best ones for your starter teams

EA FC 24 Evolutions – EA Sports FC 24 has been available for a few days for EA Play & Ultimate Edition owners, and Evolutions is one of the most exciting new features in Ultimate Team. If you are new to Ultimate Team, take a moment to discover what to do in the first hours in the game in our guide.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team
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EA FC 24 Evolutions – The Basics

Evolutions are a brand new mechanism for Ultimate Team that allows you to upgrade players that you already own. Throughout the season, you will have different Evolutions available for you to create your Ultimate Team. The fact that teams look similar in Ultimate Team has been a topic for years within the community, and Evolutions are the perfect feature for you to boost the players you love in real life.

An Evolution is available only once, so choose wisely your players before launching the Evolution process. Each Evolution has its own requirements, meaning that not all players can evolve the same way. Once you select a player for an evolution, he or she becomes untradable and you have to play with him/her and overcome challenges.

Once you have overcome all challenges, the player gets a boost on different statistics. Most evolutions are free, but the most interesting ones will have a cost, either Coins or FC Points.

At the moment, there are 6 available evolutions and we have selected the best players to use in them so that you can get an overpowered starter team!

Darwin has been identified as a good Evolutions player already – Photo by Icon sport

Founders Evolution

The founders Evolution will allow you to upgrade a Striker.

The requirements are the following:

  • Overall: max. 83
  • Physical: max. 85
  • Position: ST
  • Dribbling: max. 83
  • Pace: max. 91
  • Rarity: Rare

The first challenge you will have to overcome will be to win 2 games on Squad Battles (semi-pro min.)/Division Rivals/Champions using your EVO player.

In order to unlock the full potential of the Founders Evolution, you will have to win 4 additional games Squad Battles/Rivals/Champions.
Once you managed to do so, these are the boosts the card will have compared to the base version:

  • Overall: +2
  • Pace: +3
  • Shooting: +3
  • Dribbling: +3
  • Physical: +3
  • Weak Foot: +1 star

If you are looking for a ST to fit your Premier League starter league, you should consider Darwin Nuñez. The Liverpool player is already very quick and has a powerful shot on his base card, and the Founders Evolution makes him a card your opponents will fear.

Other strong candidates for the Founders Evolution: Werner, Danjuma, Wahi (pictured below).

(Photo by Baptiste Fernandez/Icon Sport) – Photo by Icon sport

Pacey Protector Evolution

This evolution will allow you to boost the pace of one of your Center Backs.

The requirements are the following:

  • Position: CB
  • Overall: max. 80
  • Physical: max. 84
  • Defending: max. 84
  • Pace: max. 65
  • Passing: 75

The first challenge you will have to overcome will be to win 2 games on Squad Battles (semi-pro min.)/Division Rivals/Champions using your EVO player.

In order to unlock the full potential of the Pacey Protector evolution, you will have to win 3 additional games by at least 2 goals on Squad Battles (semi-pro min.)/Rivals/Champions.

Once you managed to do so, these are the upgrades your card will receive:

  • Overall: +2
  • Pace: +15
  • Physical: +5
  • Passing: +6
  • Defending: +3

One player that can become a very decent option for your starter team is Chiellini. The Italian legend gets the pace boost he needed to become usable and gets even better in defence and physical aspects, making him a complete defender.

Chiellini – Pacey Protector

Other strong candidates for the Pacey Protector Evolution: Matip, Vertonghen, Kristen Edmonds.

An Evolution of an Evolution

One card that will be very powerful thanks to Evolutions is definitely Ansu Fati, a card that you can use in Evolutions twice!

You can use him first in the Welcome to Evolutions path that will give you a +1 overall upgrade on the card for free. And the evolved Ansu Fati can be used on the Relentless Winger Evolution that costs 50,000 coins or 1,000 FC Points and that will bring him to a huge 85 Overall rating, with a fantastic card to start the game. Of course, this is an expensive path, but it shows you all the potential of Evolutions and how you can get very good cards if you select the optimized paths.

Ansu Fati – Evolutions

EA FC 24 Evolutions – Make your own Evolutions

Of course, the players we have selected are players that most of the players will be interested by, but bear in mind that his mode is really a way to improve the players that you like. Bronze, Silver or even cheap gold rares can now be turned into interesting players, and most certainly playable ones that you will enjoy utilising in Ultimate Team.

Check our future articles to stay up-to-date regarding Evolutions and find the players for your teams in this year's EA Sports FC 24.

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