World Cup Semi-Final Fixtures 2022- Ultimate Guide

It’s always an exciting time once we reach the semi-finals of the World Cup. And as you probably know already, only four teams can make it through to this privileged position.

World cup semi final fixtures

*All times are in United Kingdom Time

Of course, all of the teams involved in the World Cup would love to make it through to this stage. And if they do, according to the World Cup semi-final fixtures list, they will either be playing on December 13th or December 14th. Therefore, there will just be one semi-final played on each of these days.

The possible teams involved here are somewhat difficult to predict since the event is still some time away. But we have done our best according to FIFA rankings, possible draws, and seedings for the tournament as a whole. However, before we jump into all of those details, let us provide you with an overview of each fixture so you can get it in your diary.

Details on both World Cup semi-final fixtures

As stressed above, the first of the World Cup semi-final fixtures will be played on December 13th. This game will kick off at 10 PM in Qatar, which means that it will begin at 7 PM, UK time. The host stadium is the Lusail Iconic Stadium in Lusail, which will actually be the host stadium for the World Cup finals too. So whichever teams get to compete in this one, they will have a taste of what’s to come should they make it to the tournament finals.

World cup semi final fixtures

This means that the other semi-final will be played on December 14th, and the scheduled kick-off time for this one is also 10 PM in Qatar. As a reminder, this is 7 PM in the United Kingdom. And the host stadium for this particular match is the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor. This stadium has a capacity of 60,000, making it the second-largest out of all of the host stadiums. Of course, this is somewhat appropriate given that this is the world's semi-final stage of the biggest sporting event.

Bonus – third and fourth place World Cup playoff match

As is the case when you get to the knockout stages of the World Cup, only one team from each game can progress through to the next round. And this means that two teams from the World Cup semi-final fixtures will lose, and two teams will obviously win. But the difference at this stage in the event is that the semi-final losers then get to play a game to see who will finish in 3rd place at the World Cup. And if teams find themselves in this position, they will be set to play on December 17th at the Khalifa International Stadium in Al Rayyan.

For those interested, the match will kick off at 6 PM local time – 3 PM in the United Kingdom. The cool thing about this one is that the World Cup final is then played on the following day, so the action never really takes a break.

Possible teams involved in the World Cup semi-final fixtures

Now we are getting to the juicy part of our ultimate guide to the semi-final fixtures of the World Cup. Above all else, football fans want to know which teams might be involved in the games. With this said, we’d like to point out that the teams we are writing about here are not guaranteed to be involved. We can only make assumptions based on things like seedings, FIFA rankings, and the associated draws should all go to plan. Then again, these predictions and possible teams could well come to fruition. So let us break each of the World Cup semi-final fixtures down for each day:

December 13th semi-final match – possible teams

The game that is scheduled to be played on December 13th involves teams that are placed in the top half of the draw. More specifically, the teams that will play are the winners of match 57 against the winners of match 58. Now, since we understand that this is somewhat complex without a draw sheet, let us put this in simpler terms. If all went to plan with the seedings, this semi-final would involve either the winners of Group A or C and the winners of Group E or G. This means that the possible teams are the Netherlands, Argentina, Spain, and Brazil.

Working from seedings again here, Argentina should play the Netherlands in the quarter-finals and Brazil should play Spain. Now, we predict that Argentina will beat the Netherlands and that Brazil will beat Spain. So this match would therefore involve Brazil vs Argentina, which would be a tasty game to watch!

World cup semi final fixtures

December 14th semi-final clash – likely participants

Looking at the bottom half of the draw instead, which is where the December 14th games will come from, we could see the winners of Group B or D against the winners of Group F or H. For those who want to reference the drawsheet, this game is the result of the winners of matches 59 and 60. As for the actual teams, according to the seedings, the game could include either England, France, Belgium, or Portugal. In the quarter-final stage, England will play France and Belgium will play Portugal.

Of course, we don’t know for sure which way these games will swing. But working from predictions alone, we anticipate that this semi-final game will be played between France and Belgium. Both of these teams seem to have better depth than both England and Portugal.

Alternative underdogs who could make an appearance

To this point, we have based the possible World Cup semi-final fixtures on seedings and rankings, primarily. However, there is always the possibility that some other team could upset the odds and make it to this stage. And of course, the most obvious ‘underdog’ choices here include the teams who we haven’t chosen to win their quarter-final matches. This means that teams including the Netherlands, Spain, England, and Portugal are all viewed as underdogs to make it to this stage.

We could choose other teams, naturally. But to anticipate that a true outsider will make it to this point is speculative at best. So we have chosen to stick with the more probable outcomes for reliability here.

World cup semi final fixtures

FAQs on the World Cup semi-final fixtures

Where can I watch these World Cup semi-final fixtures?

You can watch both of these games on either BBC or ITV in the United Kingdom.

When will I be able to place a bet on the semi-final games?

You will only be able to wager on these games once the participants are known – after the quarter-finals have been played.

According to the bookmaker odds, which teams should make it to the semis?

Interestingly, the top four favourites for the tournament are Brazil, England, France, and Argentina. So they are expected to make it to the semis on paper.

Is there a long break between the semi-finals and finals?

Not really, no. The World Cup final is scheduled to be played on December 18th, just a few days after the semi-final matches.