World Cup Finals Fixtures for 2022 – Complete Guide

On December 18th, we will all get to witness the finals of the 2022 World Cup.

World Cup Finals Fixtures

18th Dec 22 at 15:00World Cup Finals Fixtures for 2022 - Complete Guide

The viewing figures are expected to be in the billions once again, as they were for the 2018 World Cup final in Russia. And since the draw and schedule have been published already, we can reveal some key information relating to the World Cup finals fixtures. Then again, it is a little tricky to predict which teams will be involved since this is the very last stage of the tournament. However, this doesn’t stop us from having some fun and concentrating on the more likely participants.

While the possible teams will be a little speculative since the World Cup finals are so far away, the schedule itself is fixed and known for certain. So, before we get into the possible teams, let’s focus on this first and foremost. This way you can gain an exact understanding of the World Cup finals fixtures according to dates, times, and location.

Schedule for the World Cup finals fixtures

As per the planned schedule for the World Cup, the finals will be held on December 18th. To be a little more specific, the game will be played at 6 PM local time, which is 3 PM in the United Kingdom. This means that the World Cup finals fixtures are set for a time that is friendly for all viewers, especially since this is a Sunday! So most people won’t even need to worry about dipping out of work to watch the match. As for the location, the Lusail Iconic Stadium has been the confirmed venue for the finals.

This is held in a region of Qatar named Lusail, hence the actual stadium name. And the capacity of this stadium is a whopping 80,000 when full, which it obviously will be for the World Cup final. This is the largest of all the host stadiums for the 2022 World Cup, which is often the leading factor behind stadium selection for the final match.

So there you have it – the time, venue, and exact location of the World Cup finals. But this only covers half of the details you have likely come here to find out. Perhaps more interestingly, we would like to take this opportunity to look at the possible finals contenders. After all, each of the 32 competing teams has a shot at being in the final. This is true even if some teams have a much better chance than others. So let us now get into the possible teams for the World Cup finals fixtures.

World cup semi final fixtures

Likely teams to be involved in the World Cup finals fixtures

As we have stated previously, it’s tough to give any details with 100% accuracy as to who will be involved in the 2022 World Cup finals. There will no doubt be plenty of thrills, drama, and upsets along the way. But we can still look at the draw, seedings, rankings, and recent form to create an idea of the most likely candidates. And when you look at the draw sheet, you will see that the World Cup finals fixtures are set to involve the winners from matches 61 and 62. As for who is playing these games, again, we cannot say for certain.

But working from the seedings and rankings, these two semi-final matches are likely to involve Brazil vs Argentina and France vs Belgium. At least these are our predictions, which also take into account the results of the quarter-final matches too. So, this means that the final will be contested between two of the teams mentioned. And in the interest of providing you with the most likely scenario, we feel that the World Cup finals fixtures will involve Brazil vs France.

This means that Brazil will beat Argentina in the semi-finals and that France will beat Belgium in the other semi-finals. We have chosen these teams since France won the previous World Cup in 2018, and because Brazil has been sensational in the last few years. They will no doubt be hungry for success following the disappointment of the 2018 World Cup too. As for the way in which the final might go, if we had to choose a side, we would go with Brazil.

World cup finals fixtures


Obviously, France is a formidable team. But Brazil has huge confidence under Tite and they have significant strength in the squad.

Alternative teams who could be in the final

Exploring the most likely candidates for the World Cup finals fixtures is one thing. However, we cannot write off the other teams just because of rankings and seedings. So in terms of the other possibilities, really, there are many. Glancing back to the quarter-final stages, this already creates an idea of potential underdogs that have been overlooked. We have chosen the quarter-final stage as the starting point since this is where all of the group winners could play each other for the first time.

As a refresher, the possible teams involved in the quarters include the Netherlands, England, Argentina, France, Spain, Belgium, Brazil, and Portugal. These are the teams that are favoured to emerge through their respective groups in first place. But if they were to meet in the quarters, there is no guarantee that the higher ranked team will take the win. For example, England may beat France in the quarter-finals, and the Netherlands could beat Argentina.

However, rather than getting overly speculative, let us focus on the best teams out of these likely group winners. If we had to choose a selection of underdogs who have the potential of being involved in the World Cup finals fixtures, we’d go for a small selection.

We’d choose England since they made the finals of the previous Euros tournament. We’d also choose Portugal given that they have a strong squad, complemented by the fact that it’s probably Ronaldo’s last World Cup. And we would also go with Germany. It may seem strange to list them as underdogs, but they’re not even a top 10 team by FIFA rank these days. However, they did win the World Cup in 2014!

World cup finals fixtures

World Cup finals fixtures FAQs

When will we know the teams involved in the finals?

Given the format of the tournament, this won’t be known until the second of the semi-final games has been played. This will be wrapped up on December 14th.

Where will the World Cup finals be televised in the UK?

You will be able to watch the World Cup finals on ITV in the UK. You could also watch it through streaming services that include ITV in their package.

Can I already bet on the World Cup finals fixtures?

You cannot bet on the outcome of the finals yet, no. But you can bet on whether a team will make the finals or not.

Will I be able to get any betting bonuses for the finals?

It is incredibly likely that online bookmakers will whip up some bonuses for the World Cup finals, yes. Just check out your online betting provider nearer the time to see what’s on offer.