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William Hill Booking Points: A beginner’s guide to betting

Today, players have access to numerous betting markets, thanks to top sportsbooks like William Hill, which offers popular markets like the match-winner bet, double chance, and BTTS. Whether you're just starting out or you're simply looking for a refresher on booking points, this article will share info on one of the more rare and exciting betting options: William Hill booking points.

William Hill Booking Points: what are booking points in betting?

Booking points represent the number of cards a referee shows in a match. It is a special betting option that allows players to place bets with a view of the game from a different perspective.

Both red and yellow cards account for different numbers of booking points, and the odds depend on the sportsbook.

While this feature is exclusive to some bookmakers, quite a few others offer it. One of these platforms is William Hill, which gives players access to the William Hill booking points system.

William Hill Booking Points system explained

william hill booking points

The William Hill booking points system works like the regular booking points market. The system calculates the activities of the two teams involved in a match. Then, scores points based on the number and type of cards any player on the pitch receives.

Most top bookmakers, including William Hill, often use the point system of 10 points for each yellow card and 25 points for each red card. As the game kicks off, these points accumulate whenever a player gets booked. You then place your bets based on the point ranges provided by the bookmaker.

Top 3 strategies for William Hill Booking Points betting

Below are three of the best William Hill Football Betting strategies that can help you improve your success rate when using the booking points bet.

1. Utilise bookmaker promotions

One good strategy to maximise your success rate when betting on William Hill booking points is to utilise bonus promotions. Bonuses allow you to place more bets, as you often have extra funds.

William Hill offers a lot of bonuses, and you can use the William Hill promo code when depositing, so you can double your deposits and increase your winning chances by 100%.

2. Focus on a specific football league

Generally, betting requires sufficient knowledge of information on a sport. Thus, you should narrow your focus to a small set of leagues or even a single league you’re familiar with. Focusing on certain competitions will allow you to study the teams better, leading to more accurate predictions.

You have to watch matches from your shortlisted leagues, as it will allow you to observe the teams' playing styles and how they’re likely to react under pressure during a highly competitive game.

You also have to understand the officiating styles of a referee before placing a booking points bet.

3. Utilise rival fixtures

Rivalry is inevitable in football, and when rival teams face each other, there’s bound to be some form of aggressiveness, as neither team wants to lose. Some good examples are the El Clásico rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid and the rivalry between the Red Devils (Manchester United) and the Blues (Chelsea).

The matches between these teams are always heated, so there are bound to be a lot of booking points from these games. You can also utilise this strategy to identify other football rivalries to place your wager on William Hill booking points.

william hill app booking points

Best football leagues for booking points betting on William Hill

There are numerous football tournaments, leagues, and championships that occur worldwide. Thus, selecting the right league for your booking points bets can sometimes be confusing.

To help, we’ve outlined some of the best football tournaments and leagues where you can make the most from your booking points.

English Premier League

The English Premier League is arguably the top football league worldwide. One of the key highlights of this league is its competitiveness, so it's only natural that players receive quite a lot of bookings occasionally.

While placing a William Hill booking points bet on an English Premier League fixture, you should first understand both teams' attacking and defending patterns. This will allow you further to analyse the possible range of the booking points.


The playing style in the Bundesliga favours the booking points system, as most football teams in the German region prefer tactics that involve a more aggressive and attack-focused style of play.

It leads to more goals from the top teams in the league and a physical defensive and offensive clash between defenders and attackers, leading to quite a significant amount of bookings during some matches.

UEFA Champions League

A highly competitive football match is bound to be slightly aggressive at some point, sometimes leading to bookings. Regarding highly competitive matches, the European Champions League is second to none, as it offers some of the strongest club matchups worldwide.

Due to the highly competitive fixtures, which are always available all year round, the Champions League is one of the best football competitions, with a high success rate for betting on booking points.

But, again, it depends on the fixture and the playing style of both teams.

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William Hill Booking Points FAQ

How many bookings are 50 points?

The booking points William Hill counts often depend on the cards players receive. Thus, 50 booking points could result from five yellow cards or just two red cards in a match.

What does over 4.5 bookings mean in William Hill?

On the William Hill booking points system, betting on over 4.5 bookings means you predict a game will end in up to 5 or more yellow cards within 90 minutes of play.


How do I calculate booking points?

You calculate booking points by observing the cards players receive in a match. The booking points William Hill scores are equal to 10 points for a single yellow card and 25 points for a single red card.


Does my booking count during extra time?

No. Standard booking points bets only count during the regular 90 minutes of playtime. Thus, your bets do not count during extra time.