Top 5 Football Manager gamers to follow on Twitch

Twitch is a fantastic platform to watch your favourite Football Manager creators in a different environment. Most Football Manager content comes in the form of blogs and Youtube channels where everything is neatly edited and put together, for the most part anyway. Twitch allows the viewer to watch their favourite FM20 creators live, unedited, unscripted, just like you are when you play the game yourself.

The added bonus to Twitch is that you can often interact with the streamer and even support them via donations and subscriptions, or you can just sit back and watch, or ‘lurk' as it is known, without any pressure to pay or interact. Even if this phenomenon is something you are already aware of or if you are new to streaming, our list of the top 5 Football Manager gamers on Twitch will be of interest.

This list has been created by combining the playing styles and presentation of each streamer along with their recent performances on Twitch (August 2020) so that you are getting a list of the top current FM streamers that are active and ready to be watched right now.


24-year old “Manny” Brown hails from London and first started streaming on Twitch in 2015. ofmanny's current Football Manager content on Twitch sees him battling it out in the Premier League with Newcastle United, but there is a twist. Unlike many other streamers, ofmanny is playing an online career and is joined via voice chat by some friends and fellow Twitch streamers. The inclusion of other ‘real-life' managers in the stream allows for plenty of banter and makes this particular save even more competitive.

In August 2020 ofmanny went live on Twitch for a total of 26 hours, peaking at 1,332 viewers, and increased his total follower count to 165,561. On the 28th of that month, ofmanny was at one point playing Football Manager in front of 810 viewers and considering he doesn't have a set schedule for his steams (usually between 1-3 hours at a time), that number shows just how popular he is.


Any Football Manager players that like a challenge when they play the game, will enjoy watching Loki_Doki_GG. As things stand, Loki Doki's YouTube channel is much more popular than his Twitch account, with 56,2K subs compared to 18,036 followers on the streaming platform. However, this could well be down to the niche audience he attracts to his channels, the type of Football Manager fans that enjoy starting in the bottom division of an obscure country without any qualification badges and having to work your way up through the ranks. All of which is very enjoyable if you like the long haul saves and aren't just interested in watching a streamer that managers the best clubs in the world and challenges for all the major trophies early on.

Loki Doki has cultivated a friendly and interactive audience that is very loyal to his stream, largely down to the amount of time he spends casually chatting to his viewers. In August 2020, Loki Doki had a peak Football manager viewership of 796 and streamed for 37 hours, increasing his follower count by 409. Currently, you can find the Englishman in the midst of ‘The Brazil LLM Adventure' in Serie C where he is managing Caxias Do Sul.


Like Loki Doki, Zealand is a dedicated Football Manager streamer who went live on Twitch for 46 hours in August 2020 and saw his follower count rise to 23, 991. Zealand is the only non-English Football Manager Twitch gamer on our top 5 list, hailing from the, and is currently streaming his ‘Saving Saves' series on twitch whereby he loads up FM20 saves sent in by his paid viewers and analysis them for the rest of his community.

Zealand has a great voice and presentation style that is bound to be appealing to most, if not all, Football Manager fans. The American certainly uses his own brand of humour to keep his viewers watching, which includes donning a wig and fake moustache in a recent Draft Mode stream on Twitch.


DoctorBenjy first took to Twitch in 2012 and in August 202 reached 39.187 followers on the streaming platform. Ben has taken on all manner of saves on YouTube and Twitch, with saves often featuring on both platforms. From building a club from the bottom division to creating his own club and even starting at the best clubs in Europe, DoctorBenjjy tends to produce long-lasting saves that are packed with his own brand of humour, including his own characters and his AI ‘friend' simply known as ‘G'.

Recently, the Liverpool fan saw one of his Twitch streams take an unlikely turn as he and his community ended up watching American rapper Soulja Boy's stream and ended up convincing the chart-topper to play Football Manager, with Ben playing the role as his assistant. That is just one extreme of DoctorBenjy's Football Manager streams, you can also find him on there trying to take Boston United to the Premier League.


WorkThe Space, or Jack as he often introduces himself, is a friend of DoctorBenjy in the ‘real world' and is also a Liverpool fan. The two are both now fulltime Football Manager content makers these days and produce content for multiple platforms on a regular basis. Jack often takes on long saves just like DoctorBenjy and Loki Doki, challenging himself and entertaining his viewers. In August 2020 WorkTheSpace saw his Twitch followers count rise by 1,423 and on the 31st of that month saw his Football Manager stream peak at 649 viewers.

Jack also provides FM tips and guides and has cultivated his YouTube channel to 113k subscribers as of August 2020. WorkTheSpace is currently in season 7 of his Football manager 2020 save with Italian side Monopoli and you can join him as he looks to guide the club to Serie A glory.

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Other Football Manager Twitch Streamers

Other Football Manager Twitch streamers worth a mention include SpenFC, JogaSimples, Finikland, AntonChaze1993, VikingDan and BadeschlappenLP, all of whom averaged over 300 viewers on Twitch in August 2020.

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