Semi Finals World Cup 2022 – Top Projections for 2022 World Cup Qatar

The World Cup 2022 in Qatar is getting closer to its final stages with each passing day, with semi finals just around the corner. We've had some interesting results in the quarte finals and we expect semi finals to be as exciting.

So, in this article, we will take a look at the semi final pairs in more detail and offer our predictions on who could end up making it to the final game.

2022 World Cup Semi Final Matchups and Tips

Now we are down to the final four teams in our predictions, which is just one step before the finals game of the 2022 World Cup. So, let's take a better look at the pairs and our predictions for the semi final matches.

Team A Team B





Argentina vs Croatia Prediction

After shocking the football world by eliminating the main favourites Brazil in the quarter finals, Croatia will now try to eliminate another South American team and the second favourites of the tournament in the semi finals. Meanwhile, Argentina also needed penalties to get rid of the Netherlands, despite having a 2-0 lead at one point.

In any case, Argentina is the favourite, but Croatia is the team that keeps surprising us since this is their second WC semi final in a row after they lost to France in the final match in Russia four years ago. They are experienced, they have an amazing midfield, and they seem to be at the height of their confidence lately, so we want to go out on a limb here and say that we see Croatia getting to the final once again.

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France vs Morocco Prediction

The first African team to reach semi final of a World Cup got here by eliminating Portugal in the quarter final match. Before that, Morocco eliminated Spain and before that, they sent Belgium home in group stages. The team is sturdy in defence since they only conceded one goal so far and it was an own goal against Canada in group stages, while Croatia, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal all failed to score against them.

That being said, we feel that they've reached the end of their fairytale. Their opponents in the semi final game will be France, the reigning champions of the world and one of the best teams in this tournament. France pretty much cruised until the quarter final game against England, which they won 2-1, although England had a chance to tie the match from a penalty that Kane missed near the end of the game. In any case, our prediction is for France to eliminate Morocco.

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2022 World Cup Summary

We've seen the potential semi final pairs, so let's take a quick look at how the teams reached this stage:

2022 World Cup – Group Stages Summary

World cup round of 16 2022

  • Group A – Netherlands dominated this group as expected, while Senegal finished right behind them.
  • Group B – England had no problem topping this group and the USA followed them in second place.
  • Group C – The South American champions topped the group despite losing their first match to Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, Poland ended up in the second place after an exciting last round.
  • Group D – The defending world champions secured the top spot ahead of the last round, while Australia surprised everyone with a win over Denmark in last round ot get to the Last 16.
  • Group E – To the surprise of many, Japan ended up at the top of this group. Spain finished second, while Germany ended up going home early.
  • Group F – Another interesting group where we saw Morocco finish top, ahead of Croatia and Belgium, the second-placed and third-placed teams from World Cup in Russia.
  • Group G – Brazil had no match here and Switzerland once again beat Serbia to send them home, like in Russia.
  • Group H – An exciting finish of this group saw Uruguay going home, while Portugal and South Korea went through.

2022 World Cup Round of 16 Summary

After we saw a few surprises in the group stages, Round of 16 mostly went as expected, although we did see one favourite end the competition in this stage:

  • Netherlands vs United States – While we have great respect for this USA generation, they simply weren't a match for the Netherlands in this game.
  • Argentina vs Australia – Australia already did much more than expected simply by being in this stage and Argentina had no problem beating them.
  • France vs Poland – Lewandowski finally scored his first goal at World Cups in Qatar and he added another one in this game, but France beat Poland easily.
  • England vs Senegal – Much easier than expected, England dispatched of Senegal in this stage, although Senegal did miss Mane in Qatar.
  • Japan vs Croatia – Japan took the lead, Croatia managed to pull back, – and then we went to penalties. Croatia was calmer and better in the shootout.
  • Brazil vs South Korea – Brazil scored four goals in the first half of this game, essentially ending any hope that South Korea had as quickly as possible.
  • Morocco vs Spain – The only real surprise in the Round of 16 came from this game since Morocco held Spain to a draw before eliminating them on penalties.
  • Portugal vs Switzerland– One of the derbies at this stage ended in a surprisingly convincing, 6-1 win for Portugal.

2022 World Cup Quarter Finals Summary

The quarter finals are over and while the impressions are still fresh, let's take a closer look at how what happened in this stage:

Croatia vs Brazil 1-1 (5-3 after penalties)

Not many people saw Croatia putting up a good fight against the first favourite of the tournament, but the South Americans struggled to break through Croatia's defence and the match ended in a scoreless draw.

While that probably made a few people suspect that Croatia can cause an upset, after Neymar scored a goal in the 106th minute, it seemed like Croatia won't get a chance to test their luck and composure on penatlies yet again. But Croatia got back into the match wiht a brace from Petkovic in 117th minute from their first shot on goal, which sent the match to a penalty shootout where Croatia again bested their opponents, second time in Qatar, to reach their second WC semis in a row.

Netherlands vs Argentina 2-2 (5-6 after penalties)

Right after that classic between Croatia and Brazil that saw the South American giants eliminated, the South American champions were scheduled to play against Netherlands and we saw another thrilling game.

It didn't seem so when Argentina took a 2-0 lead at one point in second half, but Netherlands pushed back and managed to tie the game deep into the stoppage time after a tricky free kick. The two teams remained tied after overtime and we once again saw penalties decide who gets to the semi finals, which ended up being Argentina.

Morocco vs Portugal 1-0

After eliminating Belgium in group stages, Morocco surprised Spain to get to their first-ever quarter finals. Their sturdy defense only conceded one goal ahead of this game, but Portugal entered the match after scoring six against Switzerland, so they were rightfully hoping to get to the semi finals as the clear favourites.

However, Morocco once again proved how tough they are and they've kept a clean sheet in another game. On the other side, they managed to score a goal after a mistake by Portugal's keeper to become the first-ever African team to reach the semi finals of a World Cup.

England vs France 1-2

The last match of the quarter finals promised to be an interesting one since we saw a duel between two old rivals, England and France, and the game didn't disappoint at all since there was plenty of excitement.

France took the lead in first half, but England pulled back after Kane scored from penalty early in the second half. Then Giroud put France ahead once again, but England pushed back and they had a great opportunity to draw level after another penalty was awarded to them. However, Kane wasn't as precise this time and sent the ball over the bar, along with England's hopes of getting to the semi finals.

FAQ for Semi Finals World Cup 2022

When Are the Semi Finals World Cup Being Played?

The 2022 World Cup semi finals are scheduled for 13th and 14th of December, with a kickoff at 10 PM local time, which is 7 PM in UK time.

Where Will You Be Able to Watch the 2022 World Cup Semi Finals?

Just like all other matches before this stage, you will be able to watch the 2022 World Cup semi finals on BBC and ITV.

Which Teams Reached Semi Finals World Cup 2018?

At the last World Cup in Russia, we saw France, Croatia, England, and Belgium in the semi-finals.

Can I Place a Bet on 2022 World Cup Semi Finals Matches?

Yes, you can place a bet on the semi final games since we already know which teams have reached this stage.

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