Premier League Records: Which clubs hold which records in the Premier League era

In this article, I'm going to be taking a look at some of the Premier League records from 1992 all the way through to the present day that have been set by individual clubs. I'm not delving into the player records, this is simply a look at which clubs have set which records during the Premier League era. From most titles won to the fewest wins in a season and even the highest all-time attendance, this article will be jam-packed with stats and figures covering the 29-years of the Premier League.



Who has won the most Premier League titles? Well, isn't it obvious? Manchester United have secured 13 of the 28 Premier League title to date, the last of which arrived in 2013. Only seven clubs have had their hands on the Premier League trophy and they are Chelsea (5 times), Man City (4 times), Arsenal (3 times), Blackburn Rovers, Leicester and Liverpool (1 time).

Man Utd also hold the record for the most consecutive title wins. The Red Devils claimed three Premier League titles on the run between 1998-2001 and again from 2006-2009. However, it is their local rivals Man City that hold the record for the biggest winning margin in Premier League history. City claimed the 2017/18 title, 19pts clear of second-placed Man Utd. City also hold the record for the narrowest Premier League title win, when they finished level on points with Man Utd but had a goal difference that was +8 better than their arch-rivals.


The 2017/18 campaign saw Manchester City become the first team in Premier League history to secure 100pts in a single season, while back in 2007/08 Derby County finished all 38 games with just 11pts to their name, a record low for the Premier League.

Amazingly, Liverpool hold the record for the most points secured in a single season without winning the title. The Reds finished behind Man City in 2018/19 despite securing an impressive 97pts and agonisingly, City only won the title that season by a single point. The record for the fewest points earned by any Premier League champion goes to Man Utd, who claimed the 1996/97 league trophy with just 75pts on the board.

The number of teams that participate in the Premier League has changed slightly over the years, so the two sides that have claimed the most points in a season and went on to get relegated are Crystal Palace in 1992/93 with 49pts (42 matches) and West Ham during the 2002/03 campaign with 38pts (38 matches). The record for the fewest points achieved by any club that avoided relegation goes to West Bromwich Albion who secured 34pts during the 2004/05 season, a campaign hat produced one of the best-ever final matchdays in Premier League history.


Matt Le Tissier of Southampton

The record for the highest number of draws in a single Premier League season goes to Man City, Sheff Utd and Southampton, who claimed 18 draws in 42 matches, and Newcastle Utd, Aston Villa and Sunderland, who claimed 17 draws in 38 matches.

During the 2018/19 season, both Man City and Tottenham claimed the record for the fewest number of draws in a Premier League season, with each team playing out just two stalemates apiece. The teams to draw the most matches consecutively are Norwich, Southampton and Man City, all of whom drew seven league games on the run.


Man City and Liverpool hold the record for the most amount of wins in a Premier League season, 32. City twice recorded 32 wins in a single season during the 2017/18 and the 2018/19 campaigns, while Liverpool achieved the same total in their title-winning season of 2019/20.

The unwanted record for the fewest number of wins in a single Premier League season goes to Derby County. The Rams only managed to secure one win during the 2007/08 season and were duly relegated well before the campaign came to a close.

Man City hold the record for the highest number of away wins in a single season, 16, achieved during the title-winning campaign of 2017/18. The record for the lowest number of home wins in a single season is shared between Sunderland and, of course, Derby, with the pair only managing to win once in their own backyard. Six teams have failed to win a single away game in a complete season and they are, Leeds (1992/93), Coventry (1999/00), Wolves (2003/04), Norwich (2004/05), Derby (2007/08) and Hull City (2009/10).

Liverpool had an outstanding home record at Anfield, until recently, and they hold the record for the most amount of consecutive home wins in Premier League history, claiming 24 victories between February 2019 – July 2020.


Three teams share the record for the most amount of games lost in a single Premier League season. Ipswich Town, Sunderland and Derby have all lost 29 games in a season before, though, that record is probably worse for the latter as their records were set when only 38-games were played while Ipswich's arrived during the days of the 42-game seasons.

Arsenal ar ethe only team never to have lost a single game in one Premier League season. ‘The Invincables', as they became known, played out the entirety of the 2003/04 season without losing a single league game, a record that other teams have come close to equaling in recent seasons but might never be repeated.

Sunderland hold the record for the most consecutive defeats in a season, 15, achieved during the 2002/03 season which duly ended in relegation for the Black Cats.

The longest unbeaten run in Premier League history is held by Chelsea, who went 86 games without defeat from February 2004 – October 2008, simply amazing in the modern age of football.


There are only six ‘ever-present' clubs on the Premier League era, teams that have stayed in the Premier League ever-since its formation in 1992 and they are, Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Man Utd and Tottenham.

Brighton are the only club, so far, that have been promoted to the Premier League and have not since been relegated. The Seagulls arrived in the top-flight in 2017 and have remained there ever since. Only once have all three promoted clubs been relegated back into the Championship the very next season. Barnsley, Bolton and Crystal Palace all came up together and went down together in 1998.


The highest-ever attendance for a Premier League game arrived in February 2018 when Tottenham played host to Arsenal in the North London derby in which 83, 222 fans were in attendance at Wembley Stadium (Tottenham's temporary home ground while their new stadium was being constructed). Man Utd hold the record for the highest average attendance in a single Premier League campaign, 75,821 during the 2006/07 season.

The lowest attendance at a Premier League game (in which fans were allowed to attend) was set in 1993 when Wimbledon played host to Everton at Selhurst Park and only 3,039 fans were in attendance. That same season, Wimbledon set the record for the lowest average attendance in a Premier League campaign, 8,353.



Man City have the record for the most goals scored in a single season, 106, recorded during the 2017/18 campaign, while Derby scored the fewest goals in a season during the 2007/08 campaign.

Swindon Town conceded a record 100 goals during the 1993/94 season, when teams played 42 games, while Derby conceded 89 goals during the era of the 38-game season.

Chelsea hold the record for fewest goals conceded in one season, 15, during the 2004/05 title-winning campaign. Man City have the record for the best goal-difference at the end of a Premier League season, +79, while Derby have the worst goal-difference record of -69. Surprise, surprise, it's Chelsea that hold the record for the most clean sheets in one season, 25, which arrived in the same season they achieved the record for lowest goals conceded by a Premier League side.

Highest-Scoring Matches

The home win in a Premier League campaign is held by Man Utd who, on two occasions, won 9-0 at Old Trafford. 9-0 is also the record for the biggest away win in the Premier League era, set by Leicester City who beat Southampton at St. Mary's in 2019.

The highest-scoring match in Premier League history is Portsmouth's 7-4 home win against reading back in 2007, while the highest-scoring draw was recorded in 2013 between West Brom and Man Utd – it finished 5-5 on the final day of the season.

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