Old Trafford Stadium (Manchester United): Capacity, Plan & Much More

Introducing Old Trafford Stadium

Old Trafford – it’s arguably the most famous football stadium not only in the UK but in the world. This is largely thanks to the legacy that was left by Sir Alex Ferguson while he led Manchester United to such amazing success over the years. Old Trafford itself is situated in Greater Manchester, and before Manchester United somewhat lost their invincible appearance recently, it was regarded as a bit of a footballing paradise.

During Sir Alex’s reign as manager of this club, United was one of the most dangerous teams in the world on home soil, and this is reflected by the Champions League and Premier League titles that sit in the trophy cabinet at the stadium today. This stadium has been so profound through the years that even the legendary Bobby Robson nicknamed Old Trafford – “The Theater of Dreams”. And for many years, it really was.

Old Trafford is still home to Manchester United today, and there’s more to this stadium than most people think about.

Interesting Old Trafford facts

Besides the fact that Old Trafford and indeed Manchester United are some of the most famous titles in world football, the stadium itself has plenty to shout about. Below, we’ve run into details on some rather cool Old Trafford facts, and we’d be surprised if these were known by most football fans.

Largest club stadium in the UK

There are plenty of top-tier stadiums associated with Premier League football teams, but Old Trafford stands head and shoulders above the rest. This mammoth stadium has a fan capacity of more than 74,000, so you can imagine the noise when it’s full! Of course, this capacity has been made possible due to the sheer size of the stadium too, and we’d definitely recommend a visit when you get the chance.

It’s a multi-use stadium

That’s right – Old Trafford isn’t just used for football games involving Manchester United. It has actually been used for several Rugby League and Union games over the years, and it has even been used for international women's football games too. It has even been used to host huge concert events involving superstars such as Bon Jovi and Rod Stewart, so as you can see, Old Trafford is much more than just a football ground.

Bombed multiple times in WWII

While we can all marvel at the spectacle of Old Trafford these days, the stadium has had quite a turbulent history. In fact, during the horrendous time period of WWII, Old Trafford suffered quite heavy bombing from German military planes, and much of the stadium was simply destroyed. Due to the restoration costs associated with the bombings, Manchester United actually fell into debt. But of course, in typical Manchester United fashion, they bounced back and grew into the club that we all know today.

Two stands named after a ‘Sir’

Deservedly so, Sir Alex Ferguson has a stand named after him, as he was pretty much the biggest legend that Manchester United has ever seen. However, you might not know that Manchester United named another stand after a Manchester United and indeed an England legend, in the form of Sir Bobby Charlton. This means that 50% of the stand is named after these legends of the game, which is quite commendable really.

Players you will see at Old Trafford these days

Manchester United has been the home of some seriously talented football players throughout the years. The likes of David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo have both come through the United ranks during their day, and both actually performed under Sir Alex Ferguson. These days, Old Trafford still shows some rather awesome players during United’s home games, as we’ve identified right here.

Edinson Cavani

Cavani is one of the newest additions to the Manchester United squad, and he has already had quite an impact. Cavani joined United during the 2020 transfer window, and he actually made the move from a club that was performing incredibly well at the time – PSG. Cavani is a forward who also plays for the Uruguayan national team, and his talent on the ball is undeniable. Fans will certainly be hoping that Cavani replicates his PSG form for United this season.

Paul Pogba

Pogba is an interesting player, to say the least. He has famously had quite a few disputes with managers during his time at United, most publicly with Jose Mourinho. However, he is capable of just about anything when he’s on the ball, and he is also quite a versatile player. He can step up into an attacking role if needed, but also frustrate the opposition by holding the ball in midfield too.

Marcus Rashford

Rashford has blossomed into a bit of a superstar during his time at United. He is still pretty young, yet he has shown signs that he can be a truly influential player each and every time he is on the pitch. He’s quick, skilful, and he can certainly strike a powerful shot when he connects, which is why he can be so electrifying to watch. Rashford regularly starts for United right now, yet he also steps up when he is called into the England squad too, which tells you all you need to know really about this young man.

Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes has been a bit of a surprise for many at Manchester United. When he was first brought into the squad, not many would have thought that he would have the impact that he has. Fernandes has proved to be a sensational goalscorer in recent months, which is why you will find him stepping onto the Old Trafford pitch every time United has a home game. It’s all the more impressive considering that Fernandes is a midfield player too. His quick pace, skill on the ball, and ability to pull the trigger when needed make him dangerous against any team United play – both domestically and internationally.

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