Football Manager 2021 Touch Challenges and Unlocks for PC and Xbox One

For any of those Football Manager 2021 players that are looking for a new challenge or enjoy unlocking achievements, then you should install FM Touch and try your hand at some of the pre-made challenges which have been part and parcel of the Touch editions of Football Manager for a number of years now. The idea is that you complete challenges and unlock rewards that you can use in-game, such as having your son generated into your save which is one of my personal favourites.

However, I realise adding perks, some of which border on cheats, to any Football Manager save will feel like cheating and won't appeal to many of the hardcore fans. Touch itself, or the Xbox version of FM21, is a streamlined version of the full Football Manager 2021 game on PC but it still includes lots of the aspects that make the game fun and challenging. I myself class as a hardcore FM player but the challenges and rewards in touch appeal to me in a fun way and I would recommend that you all give them a try. Here are the FM21 Touch Challenges in more detail…

Injury Crisis

For this challenge, as in all of the challenges on FM21 Touch, you can pick any team from any league to manage. The idea of this challenge, which like all of the other challenges, can be set to three different difficulties, is to manage your selected team through an injury crisis in which a high number of your players will have a long or short-term injury. You must negotiate through this injury crisis and get through to the end of the season still achieving the goals your club has set out for you, whether that be a title challenge, mid-table finish, or avoiding relegation.

You Can't Win Anything with Kids

This challenge is a lot of fun as your team will be gifted a selection of really good re-gens from the start of the game, usually highlighted in a different colour to the rest of your squad. The aim is to use these players and win some silverware with your team. Failure to play these youngsters in the first-team on a regular basis will lead you to lose the challenge and you will have to start all over again. You can make this challenge a lot easier by picking one of the title challengers in any league, I had a lot of fun doing this with Celtic a few years ago and I even carried on the save to see how the players developed.

Top Division Underdog

This challenge is much more difficult than a lot of the others as you will be tasked with choosing a team from outside of the top division and they will automatically be placed in the highest division in that nation. The idea is that you have to make your team competitive in its very first season, avoiding relegation and proving you are worthy of a place in that league. Obviously, using the Championship as an example, not many teams are ready to go straight into the Premier League so choosing the right team is key to the success of this challenge.

Financial Storm

In this challenge, you will be forced to sell some of your best players to make enough money to keep your club from going bust. However, you must then achieve your club's original goals without those start players and without the means to replace them as effectively as you usually would. This is certainly a tough challenge and will rely on you building a successful tactic and integrating some of your reserves or youth players to add depth to your squad.

Unrest At Home

With the majority of your squad unhappy with you, can you weather the storm and delivered on the promises you made the board? Or will player power see you completely lose the dressing room, lose results and lose your job? Get results on the pitch, earn the player's respect and guide your team through the rest of the season.

The Invincibles

Your team is unbeaten and your task is to fulfill the rest of the schedule without losing a single league game and make your team one of the few invincibles. Losing cup games doesn't count in this challenge and I would recommend you play your reserves in those competitions and fully concentrate on avoiding defeat in your domestic league of choice.

The Saviour Cometh

This is the challenge that most FM21 Touch players will try first and not just because it is the first on the list of options. You take over your club midway through the season and bottom of the table. Can you build a successful tactic that earns you the right amount of points to avoid relegation? This is your challenge and while it seems easy enough, it will be a test of your abilities unless you decide to manage one of the title challengers of course, but you wouldn't do that, would you?


During these challenges and throughout any of your FM Touch saves you will be able to unlock abilities to add you in the future. Here is a list of the unlockables and how to gain access to them… (some of these might be outdated so please check the in-game FM store for more details on the Unlockables and how to unlock them, plus the option paid unlockables available)

No Loan Restrictions

Unlocked by having a player on loan (at your club or from your club) win player of the year

High Visibility (no hidden attributes)

have your player win player of the year

No Transfer Windows

Unlocked by making a large profit when selling a player

No Sacking

Unlocked by increasing club stature within football

National Management

Unlocked by winning manager of the year 3 times

No Work Permits

Unlocked by showing a commitment to youth

Son Generated

Son unlocked by having a player retire after 10 years of service for you

Unlimited Scouting

Manage a club for 10 years

Foreign Influx – no work permits

Unlocked by staying undefeated in a domestic league (this can be tough perhaps use Barcelona as they are very strong first season)

All Players Interested (This does not include your main rivals)

Unlocked by winning 20 cup competitions (cups only not league)

Board Override

Change the board's mind on 1 request