FM 2021: Best Scouts


Football Manager 2021 – Scouts

One of the most important areas of the Football Manager 2021 game is your scouting ability. Hiring the right scouts can make a huge difference to the talent that you have in your squad, and the gems these guys can find is just awesome. By hiring the right scout to enhance your team, you might find that a star player emerges from Brazil, France, Itay, Colombia, and a whole bunch of other places.

When these scouts unearth such players, there can be many benefits, and we’re not just talking about on-field performances of the players. There are other factors to consider such as cheaper wages for young but talented players, their ability to slot in with the current team, and so much more. So, exactly who are the right scouts that you should be hiring and why are they the right guys for the job?

Let’s get into it right now.

Aurélio Pereira

This man might be heading towards the twilight of his career, so to speak, but he has got some pretty special ability when it comes to sourcing young talent. Pereira scores top marks for his ability to work with youth, and he scores as excellent in several of the judging categories too. He has a score of 19 for judging ability, 20 for judging potential, and 16 for his tactical knowledge. As you can see, Pereira has the ability to find some real gems for your squad, but he can also help to develop the emerging players in your team too.

Many players of Football Manager 2021 try to snag this guy as he really is one of the top scouts you can get in the game. His own wages aren’t exactly cheap, but the tradeoff is worth out in our opinion.

Steve Rowley

Steve Rowley doesn’t have the best statistics when you look into the primary categories, but he is a bit of a gem in the other categories. Of course, in a scouting role, it is all about how well the guy can judge players and see their potential. If the guy is great at doing exactly this, he can help to bring in fresh and exciting talent to your squad. Rowley is more than capable of doing this, and he has a score of 20 for his judging potential and ability statistics. There aren’t many other managers in the game that have such scores.

Just be forewarned with Rowley, his negotiating skills on the game are not too hot, so you may want to find another manager to fill this void.

Jim Lawlor

To start out with on Football Manager 2021, Lawlor is working at Manchester United. As you can imagine, since he is pretty great at what he does, it will take a fair bit of persuasion to get Lawlor to budge and join your squad. However, if you are capable of doing this, you will be adding on the most legendary scouts you can find. He has a score of 20 for his ability to judge potential and ability, which puts him in the ‘legendary’ category. With that in mind, as you have probably already guessed, Lawlor is capable of finding some great young players.

He will search far and wide to bring the very best into your team, and once you snap up a couple of youngsters, Lawlor is extremely good at helping to develop their ability. In our opinion, he is one of the best deals you can get on the game for scouting.

Pablo Longoria

Pablo Longoria is one of the youngest talent scouts you can find on Football Manager 2021, at just 32 years old, but he is immense. He has some of the best statistics currently seen with any other manager in the game, with ‘legendary’ status for working with young players. His other statistics are not too hot, which doesn’t make Longoria very versatile, but if you are bringing him in purely for his scouting process, you won’t get much better.

The young Spaniard has the ability to find talent in areas of the globe that you didn’t even know existed, and of course, this can make a huge difference to the talent of youth at your chosen club. Given his rather poor fundamental statistics, Longoria is comparatively cheap too, so he is ideal if you’re trying to build a club on a bit of a shoestring budget.

Eugene Krasnikov

Last but not least, we have Eugene Krasnikov. When you look into this man's statistics for knowledge, they are just breathtaking. The young Ukrainian evidently knows a thing or two about scouting, as his role would be ‘chief scout’ at the club, and his statistics justify such a role. He scores full marks in areas like judging potential, and he scores almost full marks in many other categories. Krasnikov is a great all-around scout to bring to your club, and he isn’t overly expensive either.

By hiring him, you will get a respectable scout while holding some funds back to try and build up your actual team. Another bonus of hiring Krasnikov is that he has exceptional negotiating skills, so you might just be able to bring on a young superstar for a relatively low cost.


All of the names we have mentioned within this post are fantastic all-around scouts, as reflected in the numbers that they can boast for areas such as knowledge. Sure enough, whoever you decide to hire will need to depend on your available budget as well as your ultimate goals for the team. If you are happy with the players that you currently have, and you’d rather work on those players improving rather than finding new ones, it doesn’t make much sense to enlist the help of a scout.

However, if you’ve got a club that doesn’t have an enormous budget, and you are in desperate need of some young and fresh legs to help you win games, a scout can be a great option.