FIFA World Cup 2022 Official Soundtrack and Other Songs

We are literally hours away from the opening ceremony and the first match of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and the excitement is growing stronger with each passing hour.

But what are the things that make us so euphoric for World Cup? Football, obviously, is the main one, but also World Cup songs. Some of the World Cup songs from the past are still being listened around the world, so perhaps one of the songs for the World Cup 2022 can also find a permanent place in our hearts and memories?

World Cup Qatar 2022

With that in mind, we decided to check out some of the songs for the upcoming Qatar World Cup – both those from the official soundtrack and some unofficial tracks that are popular enough to make the list.

Official World Cup 2022 Soundtrack

So, let's kick things off with the songs that are officially part of the World Cup soundtrack, which at the moment contains five tracks.

This song is performed by the well-known rapper Lil Baby and it is a take on the classic Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears, including the famous synth instrumental, but adding some trap drumbeats that modernize the song.

This track was released in partnership with Budweiser, one of the official FIFA World Cup sponsors. This was the first song to drop as part of the official FIFA WC 2022 soundtrack is also considered to be the anthem of the upcoming World Cup.

This was another early release by FIFA as part of their official World Cup 2022 soundtrack. The song is performed by American singer Trinidad Cardona, AISHA, a Qatari artist, and Davido, a Nigerian singer.

The song tries to emulate that excitement of the World Cup by using Arabic word for hurry – hayya. It is probably the quintessential song of all other on the official FIFA soundtrack that captures the spirt of World Cup the best, as well as the theme of the host nation.

The next track on the official World Cup 2022 soundtrack is the anthem inspired by dance music, with a touch of reggaetón added to the mix. It is a collaboration of multiple artists, including Maitre Gims, Ozune, and produced by RedOne.

This song manages to recrate the festive spirt that's synonymous for Worlds Cup tournaments, but it's also a catchy dance song that has a bit of Latin drum beat. The catchy hook in Spanish will make you want to learn the language, but you will sing to it even if you don't understand the meaning behind it.

This is one of the most recent inclusions to the official soundtrack list for World Cup 2022 and it is a very catchy tune performed by multiple artists, with Canadian actress Nora Fatehi in the most prominent spot.

In addition to Nora Fatehi, the song also features other popular female singers from the Arab world, such as Manal, Balgees, and Rahma Riad, while the song is once again produced by RedOne. This uplifting track speaks of togetherness, while the official music video features female referees who will do their job in Qatar, in the first-ever World Cup in Middle East.

The last song in the official FIFA soundtrack for the upcoming World Cup is also the latest addition to the list since it was only released a couple of days ago. The song is called Tukoh Taka, which is an English translation of the Arabic term “knock knock” or “click clack”.

‘Tukoh Taka’ features three global superstars from different regions of the world, serving as a vessel for unity. Those stars are Nicki Minaj, Maluma, and Myriam Fares. In addition to this, the track also has English, Spanish, and Arabic verses, once again creating a unique and catchy mix of lyrics and beats.

This track is also the official anthem of the FIFA Fan Festival and we can expect to hear it performed live, like most or even all songs from the official soundtrack, at the 2022 World Cup opening ceremony, which is scheduled for Sunday, November 20th, at 2 pm GMT.

Unofficial FIFA World Cup Songs

In addition to the official FIFA 2022 World Cup soundtrack, there are a few other tunes that could be seen as World Cup songs, either because of their theme related to the World Cup or because they were done in collaboration with some of FIFA's official sponsors and partners.
The fighting spirit that's ever-present at World Cup tournaments can be found in the motivational lyrics of the song and perfectly infused with the guitar chords and Arabic-inspired instrumentals. Add a bit of Spanish vocals for some Latin touch and you have a great World Cup song, without a doubt.

Colombian singer Camilo released this song and while it's not an official track of FIFA's World Cup soundtrack, the song was done in collaboration with Telemundo, the official FIFA World Cup broadcaster.

The song's title mean's airport in English and that's a clear indication of where you should be ahead of the World Cup – travelling to Qatar to watch your favourite team compete against the best. The song is entirely in Spanish, but that doesn't make it any less catchy and you might find yourself humming the lyrics as you watch football games at the World Cup 2022.

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