Euro 2021 Group E predictions and odds

The stage is set once again for the Euros – are you ready to get your bets placed? Read through our Euro 2021 Group E predictions before you do anything!

Euro 2021 Group E

Euro 2021 Group E – exclusive tips and predictions

The group stage is always a fun time with the Euros. It has the most action, the most available betting markets, and plenty of unique bonuses that you can grab at major betting sites. With that said, before exploring such options, have a look at our Euro 2021 betting tips to get things started:

Before we continue, we must stress that betting odds, by nature, will chop and change as the game approaches. Therefore it’s important to understand that the odds you see above may be slightly different by the time you come to placing your bets.

Spain to win vs Sweden

Spain might not be the powerhouse they used to be, but they are still a very capable and dangerous team. And against Sweden, they really should be getting the win. With 1.40 odds for this market, it’s a reasonable return on your bet too.

Poland to win vs Slovakia

On paper, these teams aren’t worlds apart. With that said, we think there is still enough distance between the sides to identify a likely victory for Poland. Should Lewandowski find form too, we believe things will get quite difficult for Slovakia to hang in the game.

Sweden vs Slovakia – BTTS (YES)

We are fairly excited to watch this game, as both teams will see this clash as an opportunity to rack up points in the group. For Sweden, it’s a chance to gain ground on the favourites to qualify, and for Slovakia, it’s a chance to make a real push forward. This means both teams will be playing highly attacking football, hence the predictions for this game!

Euro 2021 Group E – a breakdown of the outright options

Many punters will be drawn to the individual games taking place in Group E, but this doesn’t mean that these are your only betting options – not by a long shot. There are several outright markets you can also explore for this group, as shown below.

To qualify

Interestingly, most Euro 2021 groups have a similar structure for this market. One team is a clear cut favourite, two others are strong candidates to make it, and one is most likely to finish 4th. This creates some interesting plays – and we believe that Poland is the best bet to make here, at 1.40 odds.

Win group

Realistically, Spain should be winning Group E. They have the most depth and talent in their squad compared with any other team, but then again, the odds are poor as far as returns go, so it’s a good idea not to go for Spain. Instead, you might want to go for Poland or Sweden, as both teams have odds higher than 6.00. Just remember, Spain is likely to win, so we’d suggest you don’t wager too much here.

Not qualify

Although we estimate there will be quite a battle between Poland and Sweden to ultimately progress through the group, we believe that Poland does have the edge. So while both teams have a chance of failing to qualify, we think that the best value bet lies with Sweden here.

Alternative wagers for Euro 2021 Group E games

Like any high-profile football event, there is quite a range of wagers you can make – besides the ones we’ve already talked about. Of course, you don’t have to shoot for these alternative bets, but it’s always good to keep them in your back pocket.

  • Accumulator

For those who love to live on the slightly riskier side of things, accumulator bets should be right up your street. With so many games happening at the beginning of the event, accumulator bets can be placed with ease. Just remember, you need to get all predictions correct for any returns at all.

  • Bet builder

Note that there are many different bets you can combine together with a bet builder, which is why we are listing it as a prime alternative. At major bookmakers, you can create your own markets by using this tool to put several outcomes together for an individual game. It’s a great way to customize your betting experience!

  • First goalscorer

There are always some fantastic odds reserved for the first goalscorer markets. Of course, you only have one shot at getting this bet right, as your selected player must bag a goal before anyone else to win!

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FAQs – Euro 2021 Group E

Can I expect a better range of bonuses for the Euros?

Yes – when larger football competitions come around, bookmakers will typically create bigger and better bonuses.

What information do I need to provide to create an online account?

You’ll have to give details for your DOB, address, full name, and provide a few contact details too.

How will I know if I have a cashout option or not?

Sign in to your account and head to your open bets, and if a cashout is on the table, you’ll see it right there!