Corners predictions: Latest betting tips for corners


⚽ Motherwell vs Celtic

Corner Inside 7 Mins

⚽ Girona vs Vallecano

Over 9 Corners

⚽ Forest Green vs Wrexham

Wrexham To Win

Our top corners predictions

Here are our top three picks for corners betting on the upcoming fixtures.

Motherwell vs Celtic: Corner inside 7 mins @ 5/6 (1.83)

We kick off our corner predictions in Scotland as we back Motherwell vs Celtic to deliver a corner inside the opening seven minutes. Celtic will expect to win this game and a fast start will be critical to their game plan of getting the hosts to open up a little bit more. Obviously, the dream start for Celtic would be an early goal but that's much harder to come by than simply a corner.

Girona vs Vallecano: Over 9 Corners @ 1/1 (2.00)

Neither of these teams are in particularly great form across recent matches and that will mean both sides will fancy their chances of getting a result. That should mean we see a more open game and that should lead to a higher corner count. Vallecano have averaged 8.6 corners per game this season with Girona averaging 8.9 per match. Given what we've just touched on around form, we think backing over nine corners is a good value shout.

Forest Green vs Wrexham: Wrexham ‘To Win' @ Odds TBC

Forest Green and Wrexham are sitting at different ends of the League Two table right now and we're expecting Wrexham to dominate this match and, as such, we are backing Wrexham to earn more corners than their hosts. As for stats, Forest Green have averaged 5.2 corners earned per match this season with Wrexham averaging 6.2 corners for. Wrexham concede 0.9 corners per game fewer than Forest Green on average too!

How do corners predictions work?

With football betting markets nowadays you can take a punt on pretty much any aspect of the game and making corner predictions is no different. How though does corner betting work? The truth is there are loads of ways you can bet on corners within a game. Whoever it is that gets the most corners out of these games, we highly recommend checking out the Ladbrokes sign up offer along with the Betfred bonus code.

Total Corners

Total corner betting is similar to the total goals markets where you simply bet on whether or not there will be over or under a certain threshold. For goals, you might see this as over 3.5 goals or under 3.5 goals. Corner betting is the same. The bookmaker will provide you with a series of thresholds and your job as the punter is to back over or under. Depending on the way you choose to bet, you’ll either be left with a simple over/under bet or, if using whole numbers as opposed to decimals, you will have an ‘exactly’ option to consider. corner betting For example, Bet365 are offering a total corner market for Tottenham vs Crystal Palace with a 9.5 benchmark. If you bet on ‘over’ then to win the game must feature 10 corners. If there are nine corners of fewer then an ‘under’ prediction would have been needed. There are variations to this sort of bet where you can bet on the number of corners a particular team might get or you can look to predict over/under corners within a particular time period e.g. within the first 10 minutes of a game.

Corner Match Bets

Corner match bets isn’t a catchy name but that is what this market is called. The reason for this naming convention is because the bet you place follows the exact same principles as the match result market. Your job is to bet on the outcome of the game in respect of which team wins the most corners. Like with the 1X2 markets, you have three betting options – home, draw or away. The team the earns the most corners in a game would be determined as the winner. The actual match result of a game has no bearing on the bet outcome. Like with the total corners market we have just touched on, there are variations of this bet type offered by bookies. Most common are handicap markets. Again, this follows the same principles as match betting. Sticking with our Tottenham vs Crystal Palace example, Spurs are favourites with Bet365 to win the Corner Match Bet with an 8/11 (1.73) price. If, however, you bet on Spurs to win -1 corner then the odds grow to 11/10 (2.10). By contrast, if you back Palace to win with a positive handicap then your odds will shorten. Corner Match Bet Handicap Example

First Corner/Last Corner/Next Corner Betting

This corners betting market probably doesn’t need much explanation but it’s worth touching on as the markets do exist and, more importantly, are popular. You’ll find bookies, such as Bet365, offer this as three separate markets. The ‘first corner’ market is where you bet on the team you expect to win the first corner of the match with the ‘last corner’ being where you predict what team will earn the last corner of a game. These bets can be placed both ahead of games and during matches. The ‘Next Corner’ market, as you might guess, is betting on a team to win the next corner and is widely available as an in-play bet.

Corners Race

The last corner betting market worth discussing is the ‘race’ element. The bookmaker will offer a laddered approach here with a defined number of corners offered. As the bettor, you decide on the threshold – or the number of corners in question – and then place a bet on the team you expect to reach that number of corners first. corners race

Why is Corner Betting popular?

There are two main reasons why corner betting is popular amongst punters. The key reason is because it’s seen as a risk averse betting option. Consider more ‘mainstream’ markets such as match result or total goal markets as an alternative. A team can absolutely dominate a game of football and not find a breakthrough courtesy of poor refereeing decisions, great goalkeeping or a result can be undone through a moment of madness at the back. Most football fans will have seen that scenario play out hundreds of times. It is very rare to see a game of football like that where the team in the ascendancy don’t earn corners though – it’s a market that has much less interference within it. The other big reason bettors like corner betting is because it’s really intuitive to in-play betting. Imagine you’re watching a game of football and a team is chasing a game with 10 minutes left. Your widely expecting them to ask all of the questions in the closing stages but scoring a goal is a big ask. The idea of that team winning the next corner and/or the last corner of the game though is much more likely. Of course, odds will be reflective of that probability but, generally speaking, the value on offer will be better.

Corner predictions FAQ

Is corner betting widely available with bookmakers? Yes, most well known bookies will offer some form of corner betting markets. Can corner bets be placed in-play? Yes, corner betting is perfect for in-play betting. What is the most popular corner betting market? There are many different markets but the most commonly used market is the over/under format.

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