Anfield Stadium (Liverpool FC): Capacity, Plan & Much More


Introducing Anfield Stadium

In the Premier League, there is a whole range of impressive football stadiums. Undoubtedly, Anfield is one that ranks highly on this list, not to mention the reputation and pride that the fans associate with this stadium. Of course, this stadium is the home of the mighty Liverpool FC, a team that has dominated English football in recent years. Besides the general appearance of this stadium, it is one that is rather daunting for other teams to go and play at.

Not only are the fans some of the most supportive in the league, but it seems that the players just believe that they can play invincible football at Anfield. When you combine these two elements together, it means that Anfield can be quite a hostile and overwhelming environment for many of Liverpool’s opponents. All of this is quite well known amongst football fans in the UK, but we’d also like to go into a bit of detail about key Anfield facts, the players, and much more.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Cool Anfield facts

As renowned as Anfield has become for the quality of football that takes place there, there is much more than what meets the eye. Below, we’ve listed some of the lesser-known facts about Anfield, and why these are quite impressive.

anfield seating plan

54,000+ Capacity

If you’ve never been to Anfield, it can be difficult to imagine how imposing the stadium could be for away teams that come to play here. Of course, the quality of the football that the Liverpool players can produce is enough to make most teams cower in fear, but the size of the stadium is something that often gets overlooked. Just imagine more than 54,000 Liverpool fans all supporting The Reds during each and every home game – that’s a rather intimidating environment.

April 2017 – last Liverpool defeat at Anfield

No – you didn’t read that heading incorrectly. One of the reasons that Anfield has grown into a bit of stronghold for Liverpool is that they haven’t actually lost a game here since April 2017. This means that it has been almost 4 years since a team was able to come here and upset The Reds on home soil, and those kinds of records don’t just happen by accident. It is clear that the Liverpool players have something special in the tank when they take to the pitch at home, and who knows how much longer this record is going to be extended?

Underground Heating

As you might imagine, it can get pretty cool in Merseyside through the winter months, and even the summer months during a poor summer period. That’s precisely why Anfield received a bit of an upgrade several years ago, and the pitch now has underground heating in an effort to prevent snow and ice build-up on the pitch ahead of games. Liverpool isn’t the only team that has put this in place at their stadium, but by having this in place at Anfield, it helps to ensure that fewer games get cancelled and that fans can enjoy watching more football.

Anfield Road – a pre-match paradise

If you enjoy a few pints with friends before a football game, then Anfield is a stadium that will most definitely suit your needs. In fact, Anfield Road is loaded with some rather awesome pubs that you can frequent for a few drinks before the game. For Liverpool fans, Anfield Road really has become a bit of a paradise, as there are countless pubs and bars that are designed specifically for home fans to come and sing songs and ‘get merry’ so to speak before a game.

It’s not solely designed for Liverpool fans, however, for there are quite a few pubs behind the away stand that you can check out too, and they are all very lively.

Key players you can expect to see there right now

Liverpool is arguably the most successful team in English football right now. In recent years, they have managed to win the Champions League and the Premier League, so of course, they have some superstars in the team that have made such successes possible.

Mo Salah

This guy has been a game-changer since he first joined Liverpool. He has proved to be a handful for Premier League teams and other European teams in the Champions League, and he is one of the most skilful and prolific strikers in the league today. He regularly starts for Liverpool when he is fit and injury-free.

Roberto Firmino

From an exciting Egyptian in Mo Salah to an amazing Brazilian, Firmino is another key player that you will see at Anfield Stadium. In fact, you won’t have any trouble with identifying Firmino, as his smile alone shines all over Anfield since he has some of the shiniest teeth in the land! Firmino tends to play on the wing or in a midfield position, and he has managed to transform the result in many games for Liverpool.

Diogo Jota

Jota is a brand new addition to Anfield, as he only joined in 2020. This young man is skilful, aggressive, and he can find the back of the net from just about anywhere on the field. He didn’t come to Anfield for cheap either, as the reports state that Liverpool paid more than £40 million for the Portuguese striker. Like the other players we’ve mentioned here, Jota regularly makes the starting 11 under Jurgen Klopp.

Virgil van Dijk

Last but by no means least, van Dijk is one of Liverpool's rocks. He is a fantastic leader, but he is also a bit of a man-mountain, which is why he is considered as one of the world's top defenders right now. While Liverpool is a team that scores plenty of goals, van Dijk is the guy that helps to keep the ball out of the Liverpool net, and he does this rather effectively.

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