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Interested in some relegation tips for the Premier League this season? Check out all of the information right here.

EPL relegation tips right now

Although no team wants to find themselves at the bottom of the Premier League, this doesn’t make much difference to punters like yourself looking for value in the relegation markets! And on that note, we have sourced the bets with the top odds for this market right here – and we’ve shown you the very top bookmakers where you can make these bets too.

Premier League relegation tipsSelection and odds
Bet here
To be Relegated
Norwich @ 1/16 (1.06)



To be Relegated
Watford @ 8/15 (1.53)



To be Relegated
Burnley @ 4/6 (1.67)



With Premier League games being played every single week, these odds can easily change depending on recent results. For that reason, we would absolutely advise that you look at the stated bookmaker’s markets for the most recent odds before making your wager.

Outright betting on the relegation markets

Premier League Relegation Odds ([auto_last_update format="Y" before=""])

As you can see from the information in the predictions table above, we believe that there are three main contenders that could get relegated from the PL this season – Fulham, West Brom, and Brighton. Of course, there are others that are also looking likely to be relegated, such as Sheffield United, but the odds are not fantastic to go for these other teams. And since you want to find a likely market with decent odds, we are shooting for the three teams mentioned above.


Of the three teams that are currently suffering in the relegation zone, Fulham is the one that is looking more likely to escape. But we believe that Fulham just doesn’t have the quality of squad or the form to actually achieve this goal and survive this season. When you watch them on the pitch, they just don’t look like a Premier League team right now. And given that they’ve won just 2 games all season, at the time of writing, things aren’t looking too healthy for these guys.

West Brom

West Brom is a prime contender for relegation this season, as they are currently 19th in the league. West Brom has scored just 10 goals all season, and there are only 2 teams that have scored fewer than this – with one of them being Sheffield United who are dead bottom. To add to this rather unfavorable statistic, they have conceded the most goals out of any other team in the Premier League. West Brom has managed to concede 29 goals, which also gives them the worst for goal difference in the whole league. Unless something drastically changes at this club, they are likely to go down.


For our third prediction, we were torn between Brighton and Burnley, but after careful deliberation, we are going for Brighton to be relegated. Although they have scored double the number of goals that Burnley has, their defense has been shaky almost every game, both home and away. On average, Brighton is conceding around 1.5 goals per game, and in our opinion – this is prime relegation form!

Getting the most excitement from the relegation markets

In order to have the most fun and get the best value from the relegation markets, it is better to make your wagers sooner rather than later. This is because things start to become quite clear in the latter stages of the season as to who will be relegated, and the odds can drop sharply – meaning you won’t get a great return on your stake if you make a correct prediction. So with that said, we would encourage you to follow through on our relegation tips and make your bet within the next few weeks. And of course, you will then find that you have an interest in the games that these teams are involved in!

Bookmakers with the best relegation odds

William Hill

William Hill is clearly a top online bookmaker these days. This brand is widely known in the UK, not to mention that the platform is home to thousands of members. As seen in the sportsbook, William Hill covers Premier League betting quite extensively, and the relegation markets are already hotting up at this site. Here you will get great odds, a wide selection, and you can make your bets from a top-drawer mobile app. Take the most out of the sign up offer to place a bet on the relegation market.


Ladbrokes is an amazing site for football betting. For every Premier League game, this site whips up hundreds of markets, and thanks to factors like enhanced odds, it regularly gives punters better value compared to others in the UK. And for the relegation markets, Ladbrokes also delivers great value, with competitive odds and plenty of options right now.


Two of the main reasons to bet with bet365 is that the site has some of the best odds for football out of any other providers, and the mobile app is basically unrivaled. This means you are getting top value for your wagers, and you can make relegation bets at any time through the mobile app. To add to the fun, bet365 has other features like bet builders and cash-out options for you to take advantage of, making them one of the very best.

FAQs concerning these relegation odds and predictions

Can I cash-out relegation bets?

Yes. If you make a bet over the next few weeks and your chosen team starts to slip further into the drop zone, you might find that you are offered a cash-out option.

Can I bet on more than one team?

Of course. You can wager on as many teams as you like, and you can make these wagers at various points in the season.

Can I make relegation wagers for other competitions too?

Sure – you can make relegation bets for leagues from all over the world, such as the Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga, and so many others. The principles of getting the best value remain exactly the same too!


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