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Outplayed vs. Oddsmonkey

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Outplayed vs Oddsmonkey: Sign up for a Matched Betting Service

If you're considering signing up for a matched betting service, this guide is designed to help you make an informed decision. Matched betting can be a valuable tool but it can be difficult to know which service to choose. One comparison worth exploring is Outplayed vs OddsMonkey, as these are two of the biggest players in the industry.

Outplayed vs Oddsmonkey – Service cost

Outplayed offers three different subscription plans to choose from. The first option is the Free Trial, which allows you to experience the service and software without any commitment. Basic access is available, and no credit card is required. The next option is the Platinum Membership, which is priced at £29.99 per month or £250 per year. It gives access to all of the services offered, except for the Casino Bonuses and Casino Software. The Diamond Membership is the most comprehensive plan, costing £49.99 per month or £450 per year.

Oddsmonkey, on the other hand, is cheaper. It has a free trial as well but only one membership deal which is the Premium Membership. It costs £24.99 per month while the yearly subscription is £180. The Premium Membership gives customers access to casino bonuses and software for no extra cost. As we can see, in this Outplayed vs Oddsmonkey section, the latter has a cheaper offer. Customers can save up to £70 a year and get casino content without additional fees.

Features and tools


When it comes to matched betting, the oddsmatcher is the most crucial tool you'll use. It is essential for finding valuable bets. Both Outplayed and Oddsmonkey offer similar tools, including basic matchers and more advanced options such as each-way and extra place matchers. Outplayed has a sleek and user-friendly design that is more accessible for beginners, however, both services have similar functionality and matched bet pop-ups.

Additionally, Outplayed offers preset and custom filters for bet type and bookmaker. Both sites also provide the convenience of laying bets directly from the oddsmatcher once your exchange account is linked. Both sites have extensive matched betting calculators, which you may use independently from time to time. The advantage is that both sites have more specialized calculators should you need them.

Bonus offers and potential profits

The next Outplayed vs Oddsmonkey comparison we will do is based on their bonus offers. Matched betting services always have both sign-up offers and reload offers. The former are offers that you get to use only once. Customers get them when they open a new account with a certain bookmaker or casino. OddsMonkey has about 40 sign-up offers for sports and 40+ for casinos. Outplayed has close to 50 sign-up bonuses for sports but to get their casino offer, you have to buy a Platinum Membership which costs £450 per year.

The story is similar when it comes to reload offers. Outplayed has close to 100 offers for sports while Oddsmonkey has 70+ for sports but also 80+ offers for casino. Profit-wise, both services are neck a neck. Oddsmonkey edges out as a winner here simply because you get their casino offer as part of the Premium Membership. Outplayed can reach a higher potential profit when you add their casino offer to the mix. However, customers need to get the Diamond Membership for that which is more expensive.

Advanced matched betting

Both services offer specialized tools that can increase your matched betting profits to over £1000. However, it is important to note that these tools require more time and effort. It's suggested to wait for 2-3 months into your matched betting journey before attempting to use them. The Extra Place Matcher is a tool for horse-racing and golf bets, which simplifies the process of finding high value bets where bookmakers offer to pay out on more places than usual. Dutching is a process of backing all outcomes on different bookmakers to profit from varying odds.

The Eachway Matcher is a tool to extract value from each-way horse bets, but it's a high-risk high-reward tool, with mistakes being costly. Finally, Accumulator tools extract value from multiple bets that offer your money back if one of the legs does not win. OddsMonkey offers all these tools in their membership package for £15 a month, while Outplayed does not offer a dutching calculator or an Eachway Matcher. On the positive side, they no longer charge extra for advanced matched betting tools.

Customer service & community

In both services, the communities are strong, and active, and continue to grow. Outplayed has been established for a longer period of time and has a large number of posts on its forum, which serves as an excellent resource. Every offer has its own thread, where members can discuss any potential catches, ask questions, and share their experiences. The community is so knowledgeable that most questions are answered by members before the forum admin even has a chance to respond.

The forum has hundreds of active members, and it's not unlikely that bookmakers may even have members spying on the community. So it's important to choose a pseudonym that does not reveal your betting identity. On the other hand, OddsMonkey also has a strong community with funny posts and discussions. Additionally, when it comes to more private or complex issues, you can raise a ticket and get answers by email, or contact them directly via Twitter and Facebook. In this Outplayed vs Oddsmonkey section, we have to say that Outplayed is doing a better job.

Outplayed vs Oddsmonkey summary and final verdict

Both Outplayed and OddsMonkey are excellent options for matched betting. Outplayed, with its new sleek design and user-friendly functionality, is well-suited for beginners. On the other hand, OddsMonkey may have the edge for horse racing matched betting. Also, it's not far behind in terms of offers and other aspects. Even though Outplayed tends to have more offers, OddsMonkey has access to some exclusive matched betting tools that Outplayed doesn't. Therefore, we recommend trying the trials from both services to determine which one you prefer. Also, for a while, it is not harmful to have access to both services.

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