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Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær is coming under increasing pressure at Old Trafford

Overview of the Manchester United manager position right now

It was never going to be an easy job to follow in the footsteps of Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. As we have seen in recent years, many managers have come to the club and tried to reach the expectations of the fans and replicate the success that Sir Alex Ferguson was able to achieve at the club. However, this success has still managed to elude the players, the fans, and the manager. It's not that the club has performed horrifically in recent years, but we cannot ignore the fact that Manchester United is a club that was one of the largest and most feared clubs in the world once upon a time.

These days, the club just doesn't quite have that same feel about it, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is currently struggling to try and bring The Red Devils up to the level that they have been at in the past. He actually has quite a talented team at his disposal, but it still seems that these players are struggling to put in back-to-back performances where they are playing at the level that is expected of them. Given the nature of the Premier League, these shortcomings almost always fall on the shoulders of the manager.

While one does feel for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, especially with him being a previous player at the club, we still must face the reality that he needs to take charge and start performing if he is to remain in the job long-term. Questions are already being raised about his position at the club, and given the way that Man United has started this season, things are starting to close in on the manager.

The current state of play for Manchester United

It is difficult to come up with a better word than bleak to describe how Manchester United is looking right now. The side is currently way down in the Premier League table, and they have not really enjoyed any major wins to speak of in recent games. While this is obviously not ideal from a domestic football point of view, they are in for a rough few weeks in the Champions League as well. At the time of writing, Manchester United are due to battle things out with Paris Saint-Germain in their first Champions League game, which is obviously not going to be easy.

If we look back at the last few games for the club, it is understandable to see why the pressure is mounting on the shoulders of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Most recently, the club received an absolute hammering at the hands of Tottenham, when they managed to lose by a score of 6-1. These sorts of things just never seemed to happen to Man United in the past, which is why fans are already loading the blame onto Solskjaer, and some are even calling for him to be sacked.

While this would seem a bit unfair given that we are just a few games into the new season, stranger things have happened in the Premier League.

How likely is it that Solskjaer will be sacked this season?

This is a question that is hot on the lips for those punters exploring the manager betting markets right now. While it is quite difficult to give an exact probability that Solskjaer will be sacked, we believe that he is certainly in trouble. This is why you can already find odds on Solskjaer being sacked by Christmas at some of the leading sites, and these odds just seem to keep flooding in after the infamous drumming by Tottenham.

We feel that Solskjaer’s career at Manchester United is currently on a bit of a knife-edge, and the next few Premier League, as well as Champions League games will prove to be absolutely pivotal on whether he remains at the club. Given that he is a previous legend at Manchester United, we do believe that this will cut him a bit of slack with the fans, but ultimately, the results will determine which way this goes.

With that said, Man United is a club that really should be pushing for titles such as the Premier League and the Champions League. If it is looking like they are nowhere near achieving these kinds of feats, it is somewhat inevitable that the club may choose to seek another manager.

Potential managers should this occur

If Manchester United do not buck their ideas up and start coming up with some results in the next few games, it could well be curtains for poor old Solskjaer. If this was to materialize, there are two key managers that are potentially waiting in the wings and ready to steal his spot.

Mauricio Pocchetino

This man will be one of the first in line for just about any managerial job in the Premier League if it was to open up. He is actually regarded as one of the top managers in the world, despite the fact that Tottenham decided to release Pochettino in the early part of last season. He would definitely be a boost to the spirits of Manchester United should he come in and take the job.

Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers is a man with quite a reputation in the Premier League, perhaps most famously for his time at Liverpool. He has been involved with several top-flight clubs in his time as it happens, obviously including Liverpool, as well as Celtic, and currently Leicester City. He is actually performing quite well at Leicester City right now, but if the manager position did open up at Manchester United, Rodgers is one of the favourites at the bookmakers to take the position.

Final thoughts

Obviously, there are no guarantees that Solskjaer will be sacked from his role as the Manchester United manager, but he certainly needs to turn things around sharply if he is to keep his position. If he does end up getting sacked, then the betting markets will no doubt go wild for who will take the Manchester United job, and we would definitely encourage you to check them out when you can!

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