Football Trading Strategies on Betting Exchange Sites: How to trade like a pro bookie

In this article, we will explore some common football trading strategies you need to use on betting exchanges. You will feel like traders once you've gone through our article stating exazcly what you need to know. But first, we would like to expand more on what exactly betting exchanges are and how they work. These can perform at their best using our football betting tips today for example!

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What’s a Betting Exchange and How Does It Work?

betfair exchange mobile betting

Betting exchanges are a twenty-first-century way of betting. It became quite popular when Betfair introduced it around 2000, and other companies adopted the idea. They virtually eliminated the bookmaker from the equation and instituted peer to peer betting. Another way to explain it is to view it as a stock market, you buy and sell stocks (back and lay bets) and gain your profit if your predictions come true. At the betting exchange, one person has to make the opposite wager at opposite odds for your wager to settle. All betting exchanges make their money by taking a small percent of the punters' winnings. This percentage is called “commission”. It's usually from two to five percent, depending.

The positive sides of a betting exchange are more than one. The best advantage of all being that it offers better odds than bookmakers and a lot more choices when it comes to markets. Bookies sometimes decide to limit player's accounts for winning but on an exchange that can never happen.

Prevalent Football Trading Strategies

Just like in football betting, there are common strategies used by many people when they are football trading. Here are some of the most popular ones and how they work.

Multiple Correct Score Markets

This strategy is harder than it sounds, and it's not for the newbies out there. It would be best if you practiced before you try using it. The idea is to think of a few unlikely correct score scenarios. After that, you lay all of them and wait. The strategy isn’t popular mainly because it’s a high risk-high reward type, and you could lose a lot, but you can also gain a lot.

Laying Correct Score 0-0

This is a very successful strategy when two highly productive teams play against each other like Man United, Chelsea, Barcelona, Arsenal. There is always the chance for the game to end with no goals, but that rarely happens, when that type of team plays at least one side. That's why many people are happy with using this strategy.

Backing then Laying the Favorites or the Underdogs

These two strategies are mostly the same. First, we have to search for events with an obvious favorite or underdog, which are at least a week away. The odds are expected to decrease as the match gets closer, so we have to wait, and then once the odds are less-favorable, we lay the same wager. The same goes for backing and laying the underdogs instead of the favorites.

Big Favorites or Underdogs

This tactic doesn't yield many short-term profits, but you could give you high returns over more extended periods in the long term. It would help if you had the latest football knowledge and other factors affecting football matches. You could stand to lose a lot, but the hope is that your winnings will compensate for the losses over time.

Multiple First Goal Scorers

The First Goal Scorer market is tough to predict if you are playing via a bookmaker. If you are using an exchange, there are quite a few opportunities you can benefit from, like laying multiple first goal scorers. The strategy follows you, picking all the players who are unlikely to score the primary goal and lay them. Even if we make one mistake and a player on our list scores the first goal, we would still have other bets to count on.

Laying then Backing the Draw

This trading strategy is reserved if you are watching the games live. The first half of the strategy, you should lay the draw, and after an early goal is scored, the odds usually go higher, and we back the draw. No matter if the game ends up in a draw or not, you would still have a profit if you use the strategy successfully.

The Winning Underdogs

Laying the Winning Underdogs is another trading strategy used for in-play events. This strategy is only used when underdogs get an unexpected advantage in the game. If you place an in-play wager during that time, you will get slightly better odds. But if you think that the underdog might keep their advantage and has a chance of winning, then you shouldn't use it.

In-Play Wagering, Live Streaming, and Cash-Out

Benefiting from features like in-play, cash-out, and live streaming is a winning strategy for any punter. Each feature has different benefits, and all of them help customers win more wagers. For example, the live streaming feature allows you to see the events unfold and decide whether to cash-out or wait until the game finishes. All of these features are intertwined because all of them implement wagering after the game has already started.

The Best Betting Exchanges Sites


Betfair is the largest and most popular in the world, and it offers its customers a great Betfair sign up offer and a lot of innovations. It was also the first betting exchange ever created. And that's just one of the best football betting sites in the UK.


BETDAQ is the second largest betting exchange, and although it doesn't have the same traffic as Betfair, there are still plenty of customers that use it daily.


Smarkets is reasonably new, and it gathers more and more customers every day. Their platform design is attractive, and they have a good reputation. You can either bet on the Smarkets exchange or the SBK app, which offers perhaps the most competitive odds out of any sportsbook product.

Our Final Conclusion

Football trading is popular nowadays, but like any venture, it takes time to learn and perfect. Don't expect to make a profit once you start using the strategies. Our advice would be to take time to learn as much about the sports as possible and take a look at statistical information on the teams or players you plan to wager on.

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