Win to Nil Predictions

In the ever-evolving world of online sports betting, we are seeing more and more creative markets as time marches on. On that note, if you’re looking for the win to nil meaning, which just so happens to be one of these creative markets – you’ve come to the right place. But before we get into how you can look at identifying some solid win to nil predictions, where to place such wagers, and what the advantages are, let’s first reveal the true meaning of this wager. The clue is somewhat in the name, which makes things a little easier compared to other online bets, but it still needs to be clarified nonetheless.

So, whenever you see the term ‘win to nil', this means that you are betting that a team will not only win the game but that they will not concede a single goal either. Of course, this can be somewhat tricky, which is why the odds are generally more favourable for this market compared with your regular win/lose/draw markets. If you follow football moderately closely, you’ll know that it doesn’t take much to let in a goal – even if you are betting on a far superior team.

Win to Nil Meaning – how does this exciting market actually work?

Okay – now that you have a better comprehension relating to the win to nil meaning, we’ll need to run through the other aspects of this market to truly pique your interest. After all, this is a highly fun market to explore in football!

Placing a win to nil wager

If you are looking to ultimately place a win to nil wager once you’ve got through this information, it helps to know how to actually make one. For many of you, this market will be quite new, so let’s run through a quick step-by-step on how to place a win to nil wager right now:

  • Sign up at a supported bookmaker
  • Deposit some cash into your account
  • Pick a football match you’d like to bet on
  • Look for the ‘win to nil’ wager
  • Hit ‘yes’ or ‘no’ depending on what you think the outcome will be

That’s all you need to do really, although if you’d like a helping hand – many of the larger bookmakers in the UK also have win to nil predictions in their blog pages. Of course, these are not guaranteed to come through, but it helps to see some win to nil predictions backed up by statistics, research, and to see others opinions on such predictions too.

Advantages of the win to nil market

As we have touched upon above, there are quite a number of advantages behind choosing a win to nil market. And it’s not all about the appeal of being able to pick such wagers correctly – it goes much deeper than that, as displayed below.

Higher odds than standard win/lose/draw markets

It goes without saying that when you make a win to nil bet, these are tougher to get correct compared with standard moneyline or win/lose markets. For that precise reason, you’ll notice that the odds are much higher, and therefore if you can follow up on any win to nil predictions and get them correct – the returns will subsequently be much higher.

Easy to find relative statistics

There are specific statistics that can directly influence the outcome of a win to nil market. And rather than needing to analyze very difficult and somewhat niche statistics to try and make predictions for other markets, the win to nil market always comes down to a handful of statistics. Firstly, which team is stronger and therefore likely to win? Secondly, does either team have a particularly strong defence and therefore don’t concede many goals? And lastly, does either team have a habit of grinding out wins without letting the other team have so much as a shot at goal? Weight these up correctly and you’ll have a much better run of things when going down this avenue.

Cashouts supported for this market

Compared to some of the other markets that would be viewed as somewhat specialized, the win to nil market tends to qualify for selective offers and premium features more often. Specifically for this advantage, it qualities for cashout offers to flood in if things are going in your favour, which automatically makes the win to nil market rank higher than other specialized bets. Therefore, should you follow up on any win to nil predictions and things get out of the blocks well, you should find some decent cashout incentives coming your way.

Win to Nil Predictions

Disadvantages of the win to nil market

Like all other betting varieties for football, the win to nil market isn’t without its fair share of negatives. We won’t waste any time in trying to sugarcoat these negatives here, so let’s just get right into it:

One goal could end your bet immediately

Let’s say that you wager on one team to win to nil, as the name of the bet suggests, should the opposing team hit the back of the net one time – it’s all over. This is why it’s critical to assess aspects such as the abilities of the goalkeeper, the standard of the defensive lineup, and how effective the strikers are to give yourself the best chance possible. After all, since one slip up could ruin the bet, it’s worth it to take your time and research such elements.

Never certain until the game is over

This is one of the most exciting and most terrifying elements of the win to nil wager, all at the same time. If you are someone who loves to feel the anticipation and the nerves with sports betting, this could even be viewed as a positive. But regardless, if you are driven by trying to win your bets, the fact that you could always lose the bet right up until the final whistle is always going to be a downside. For example, your chosen team could be winning 4-0 up until 90 minutes, and if the other team scores, you won’t win the bet – simple.

Certain free bets can’t be used for this one

When you get free bets from online bookmakers, on many occasions, you won’t be able to then use them for win to nil predictions and subsequent wagers. This is true for the broad scope bonuses that are handed out by bookies, but specialized offers can sometimes be utilized for win to nil markets. But either way, the fact that not all bonuses can be used to place win to nil wagers is obviously a disadvantage, as you’ll always need to stump up your own money to get such bets placed.

FAQs on win to nil predictions and bets

Do online bookies have guides regarding the win to nil meaning?

If you click on the market within any online sportsbook, you can sometimes see additional information relating to how the bet works – yes.

How much do I have to wager for this market?

Generally speaking, if you are making a win to nil within the prematch markets, the accepted minimum tends to be £1.

Does the score matter if my chosen team wins?

Not one bit. As long as your team wins it does not matter whether it’s 4-0, 5-0, or 1-0. The only thing that does matter is that the other team doesn’t score.

Can I also make these bets from my mobile?

Absolutely. Once you’ve downloaded the app or visited the mobile site, you can easily bet on win to nil markets for most football matches.

Do all bookies offer this market?

We can’t guarantee that every single online bookmaker will offer this market, but for the online bookies that we’ve talked about below – they all do, yes.

Are any win to nil predictions guaranteed?

Sadly, no win to nil predictions are 100% guaranteed, but then again, no football bet is absolutely guaranteed.

Best bookmakers for win to nil betting

If you want to bet on this market at a reputable bookmaker, you’ll want to try and sign up to wager with some of the sites below:


Bet365 is one of the classic bookmakers for football betting, and yes, these guys cover win to nil markets quite extensively. It’s all the more appealing that bet365 has a top-level native app alongside other unique features such as bet builders too.

William Hill

Speaking of classic bookmakers, William Hill is a bookmaker that has served punters very well in football, for a long time. These guys have great odds, unique bonuses, and win to nil markets are in rich supply – especially for top European leagues such as the Premier League and others.


Finally, Ladbrokes is the only one of these three that has both an exchange and a sportsbook. Users of this site also get the added benefits of daily odds boosts, appealing cashout offers for football bets and a mobile app that is one of the best in the business.