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Betfred vs Coral

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Betfred vs Coral – Two of the Best Bookies Face Each Other

Another comparison between the two UK's best online and land-based bookmakers has been in the game for many years. We will evaluate the most critical aspects of all Sportsbooks and pick the best bookie for each category and overall. First and foremost, we want to let you know about the Coral sign up offer.

Available Sports and Markets to Choose from – Coral All the Way!

The number of markets and sports you can wager on is an essential part of any Sportsbook. They determine if there is a wide enough variety to please all types of customers, including the ones who like wagering on niches sports such as Sumo, or Water Polo. Coral has an incredible amount of competitions you can choose from, and they provide enough markets for the punters on popular events. Their range of markets in less-popular games isn't as impressive. Betfred has way fewer sports you can wager on and the markets available for the popular events are almost the same amounts as Coral. The main difference is that Betfred offers less if none markets in general for niche sports. They only provide the essential content to their customers, and the wagers for less popular games are limited to outrights. The in-play bets are also better on Coral because there are more options to choose from on less popular events. Betfred has an excellent in-play selection, but it only reaches the popular competitions and matches. Coral's the definite winner in this category, and they deserve it even if they aren't perfect. We would rate Coral with 5/5 stars and Betfred with only 3/5 stars.

Bookmaker Prices on Pre-Game and In-Play Events – Coral Wins Again!

When it comes to the events' prices, both Coral and Betfred offer similar odds on sports like Football, Snooker, Basketball, Tennis, etc. Again, the decision of who wins rests on how many odds are available. Coral takes the prize simply because they offer more prices than Betfred for niche sports. Having the opportunity to wager on an event is very alluring to punters. Coral even has regular odds boosts they release so their customers can get the best experience and a little bonus from the enhanced prices. Betfred doesn't offer daily price boosts, except on specific promotions, especially the Betfred promo code SPORTS60. We think that Coral deserves the win and give them 5/5. Betfred does give substantial odds for the matched they provide but again, not as many as Coral, and with little to no boosts. We will only give them 3/5 stars.

Bookmaker’s Mobile Application Ratings – Betfred has the Better App!


Betfred mobile app

The next part in our extensive review is the mobile experience both bookmakers offer. Mobile apps are very trendy, and many people enjoy betting from anywhere they want. In our opinion, Betfred offers a better mobile app. It features a user-friendly mobile platform, and the app is easy-to-navigate. The features that you can access from the application are the same you would typically get on the website. Betfred offers its customers separate mobile apps for each of their sections, a plus for people who only wager on sports because the app wouldn't have unnecessary functions. Coral's mobile app has several cool features included for the convenience of the customers. Unlike Betfred, they combined their sports betting app with the other services they provide, such as their Live Casino. Some people might not enjoy that. When it comes to user ratings, Betfred wins again. For example, on Apple's App Store, Betfred has 3.7, while Coral only 3.3. The difference isn't that big, but it's still a difference. The ratings for the other platforms are almost the same. Our evaluation of the Coral app would be 4/5, and Betfred gets 5/5 stars.

Extra Sportsbook Features and Advantages – Coral Wins this Round!

Additional features are essential for Sportsbook customers. People often look forward to having other options for the regular betting experience. This is where Sportsbooks offer features like cash-out, in-play betting, live streaming, bet builder, request a bet, and other special features. Coral excels in this department because they offer way more wagers in their in-play section on many sports and events, not only the most popular ones. Betfred has only a limited amount of live betting markets available and much fewer wagers with cash-out. When it comes to living streaming gain, the decision is based on the quantity rather than quality. Both bookmakers have a high-quality streaming platform, which is 100% free if you have funds in your account. Still, Coral has a wider variety of streams available across different sports compared to Betfred. Both bookmakers have a Bet builder feature (Betfred's #PickYourPunt and Coral's Build A Bet features), but Coral also has a request a bet feature. You can contact them via Twitter and request odds for a specific market via the #YourCall hashtag. Coral takes the prize in this round, as well, and we rate them with 5/5 stars. Betfred isn't a lousy bookmaker when it comes to the features they offer, but compared to Coral, they have a lot to work on to reach their level. We rate them with 3/5 stars.

Our Final Opinion – Coral is the Definite Winner in this Head-to-Head Match!

Both bookmakers are established on their own and have a massive customer base already, but since we have to pick only one winner, we couldn't look past the shortcomings of Betfred compared to Coral. The seasoned bookie has enough to provide its customers, but it isn't as much as Coral has. It all comes back to quantity. We couldn't find any significant drawbacks when it comes to the quality of both bookmakers' platform, so we had to compare them via the quantity factor. Coral offers a more extensive Sportsbook, more features, and more betting opportunities than Betfred. Their mobile app needs work, but all other factors we took into consideration were in their favor. We declare Coral the winner in this hypothetical match only because they offer a more extensive array of elements on their platform. We can't complain about the quality of the platform of both bookies.

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