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Bet9ja registration made easy – Guide for Nigerian players in 2024

The Bet9ja registration is straightforward once you follow these easy steps to fill in the registration form, create your account and put down your first deposit to start betting. Discover the complete Bet9ja registration online process, including tips on how to trouble-shoot common sign up issues.

How to register on Bet9ja – Sign up in 4 quick steps

When I sign up with Bet9ja, it took about 5 minutes. But that was only because the mobile number I tried using to register was already associated with an account. It should take not more than 3 minutes if all goes smoothly for you.

Here are the steps needed to register on Bet9ja:

  1. Enter the Bet9ja site on your mobile browser: Click on the button that says “Register with Bet9ja“. You will then be led directly to the Bet9ja Registration Form.
  2. Fill in the details on the first page: Enter your email address, first name, surname, and date of birth. Ensure the details you provide match with those on your bank account to avoid problems later. Also, enter your promo code – the latest Bet9ja promotion code for July 2024 is BETMAX. Then, tap CONTINUE to proceed to the next page.

Bet9ja registration

3. Enter your preferred Bet9ja login details: Create a username and password for your new account. Your password must be up to 18 characters containing letters and numbers with no spaces. Moreover, it mustn't include personal info like name, email, or username.

Bet9ja registration password

4. Complete your registration: After creating your login details, select your state of residence. Then, enter your phone number and submit. The bookie will send a confirmation number to the given mobile number. Type it into the boxes. That's it! Your Bet9ja registration is complete.

Bet9ja registration OTP code

Registering on the Bet9ja app

If you have the Bet9ja app, you can register on it instead of the site. The process is pretty much the same. Once you open the mobile app, you'll see the registration button at the top of the screen as usual.

However, it's located on the right side of the screen this time. Tap it to open and the same three-page form will appear. Fill in each field with the required details whilst tapping CONTINUE to move to the next page once you're done. Finally, enter the OTP code sent to your phone to confirm your registration.

Bet9ja registration completed?  Next steps to take

Once you confirm your registration, you'll get a login prompt. However, if you don't, the Bet9ja login link is adjacent to the registration button you used. Simply tap to log in with your username and password. Now, you can access the Bet9ja multiple boost bonus of up to 170% and other promotional offers.

You'll need to make your first deposit before you can participate in any promo or place a bet. Thankfully, it is as straightforward as the registration process. You only need to

  • Tap the three-bar icon to open the menu;
  • Select deposit;
  • Choose your deposit method;
  • Follow the given instructions;
  • Enter your stake amount; and
  • Confirm your deposit.

If successful, you can now place your bet. To do that,

  • Navigate to your preferred bet mode whether Live, Pre-match, Zoom or Stadium;
  • Choose a sports, competition/tournament, league, and team to bet on;
  • Switch the tab to the betting market you want – 1×2, totals, over/under, or any other.
  • Tab the odds you want to bet on;
  • Open the bet slip to see and confirm your selections;
  • Enter your bet amount and submit.

Bet9ja sports betting

There you go! Your bet is all set. You can now relax and await the results. A win may be in stock for you!

Bet9ja verification process – What you should know

You don't necessarily need to verify your account immediately after registering – you can still log in, deposit, and place bets without it. However, verification is inevitable. You'll need to do it to withdraw any winnings from the account. Fortunately, verification on Bet9ja is no biggie. All you need is a valid means of identification. It could be any of the following.

  • Voter's card
  • Passport
  • NIN slip
  • NIN ID card
  • Driver's License

How to upload your Bet9ja verification document

Once you've gotten any of those, the next step is to upload them to the bookie. Here's how to do so in 8 simple steps. You'll be done before one drinks water and drops the cup.

  1. Log in to your account if you're not already logged in
  2. Go to the menu
  3. Open the withdrawal page
  4. Click “Start Verification”
  5. Choose your residing country
  6. Select whether you want to snap or upload the document from your gallery
  7. If you choose the former, permit the app to take pictures. Then, snap both the front and back of the document.
  8. Tap Submit to complete your upload.

It takes about three minutes for Bet9ja to confirm your verification after submission which is fast compared to some bookies. However, the system may fail to properly parse your documents in some cases.

If that happens, the customer support team will manually verify your document. And that will take up to 72 hours. Nevertheless, the time frame still falls within the industry standards. Most bookies take between 24 hours to three days for their verification.

Quick note – Before choosing and uploading a verification document, ensure the details match those on your Bet9ja and bank account. Otherwise, the verification may fail and you'll be unable to withdraw thereafter.

Also, you must have verified your email before proceeding with the ID document upload. To do this, Bet9ja will send a verification code to your registered email. All you need to do is enter it in the given field and that's it, you've verified your email.

Can anyone register on Bet9ja – Terms and conditions

Like every other bookie, Bet9ja has its terms and conditions. Some of them you must meet before you can register on it. Others you only need to keep in mind as you use the platform. Below we'll look at some of the terms and conditions guiding the Bet9ja platform.

  1. You must be up to 18 years and above to register
  2. You must provide only correct information when requested
  3. Any account you open must be for your personal use only – no third party allowed
  4. You must not utilize your account for commercial purposes of any sort.
  5. Be9ja reserves the right to change or remove a feature at any time
  6. You should only use the bookie in Nigeria and any other country where it is legal – Bet9ja will not be responsible for any breach and non-compliance with state or country laws
  7. The bookie makes use of the Nigeria currency only – you'll be responsible for any losses incurred due to exchange rates
  8. You are entitled to only one account – the bookie frowns upon creating multiple accounts even if it's with a different name, email, or phone number.
  9. Your account is yours forever – transfer of an account or acceptance of one is unacceptable.
  10. Bet9ja has the right to suspend, restrict or terminate your account if you breach the contract or engage in foul play.

Bet9ja registration bonuses and promotions

One thing you'll enjoy from registering on Bet9ja is the constant availability of exciting bonuses. For example, you can get a multiple boost bonus of up to 170% once you sign up with the Bet9ja promotion code. Other active bonuses for registered players include

  • BetBoom: Enjoy super explosive odds on your bets. The maximum payout is now up to ₦200 million – the more you bet, the higher your potential payout.
  • Cut 1: You get insurance on all your accumulators with at least 5 selections. So, you can still win even if one event cuts your ticket
  • 9ja Pay: Deposit at least ₦1000 in your 9ja Pay virtual account to win up to ₦10,000 cash!
  • Super9ja: Predict and win up to ₦10 million in the Super9ja contest. Even better, it's absolutely free to play!

Having trouble registering? – Most common registration issues resolved

While it may be easy to register on Bet9ja, the process is not exactly foolproof. As such, you may encounter certain issues during registration. If that happens, you need not panic. You're not alone in it. Even I had trouble registering because my phone number was already used. All I did was retrace my steps and try with a new number. And it worked!

Here are the most common issues you may encounter in your Bet9ja sign-up process.

  1. Already Registered: You can get this notice if you already have an existing account on the bookie. In such a case, all you need to do is switch to the Bet9ja login page. Tap “forgotten password” and the bookie will send you a new password to your existing account. Now, you can log in and join the fun.
  2. Registered but not confirmed: If you get this pop-up, you must have failed to input the OTP code sent to you during the registration. What you can do is wait for 24 hours and try again. If you do that, the bookie will send you a new code. Then, you can enter it and confirm your registration

Bet9ja registration issues

  1. Bet9ja sign up error: An error may arise in your registration due to password restrictions or age limitations.
    1. For the former, you only need to create a stronger password that meets the specified requirements.
    2. Solving the latter on the other hand is not so simple. If you're getting that, it means you're below 18. Therefore, you cannot create an account on the platform.
  2. Connection Problems: Facing problems is common in Nigeria. If that happens, don't worry. All you need to do is
    1. connect to a stronger network;
    2. Turn on flight mode for a while;
    3. Reboot your phone.

After that, you can refresh. Unfortunately, you may need to start the registration process again in most cases.

  1. Website Down: The Bet9ja website may sometimes be down due to traffic or system upgrades. Whatever the case may be, you need not panic. You can always do your registration when the site is back up. Just leave it for a while. It'll most probably be fine when you return.

Registration problems – Where to get help

If you encounter a problem that you cannot solve during your Bet9ja sign up, you can always reach out to the customer support team via the following means.

Call – 02013306666, 02015158888, 02013505145, 08099990939

X(twitter) –

Official Telegram Assistant –

Bet9ja registration customer service

Aside from those, you can send them a message on any of the websites whether mobile or desktop. They'll reply to you within 48 hours.

Registering with Bet9ja – My expert opinion

The Bet9ja registration online is among the easiest and fastest in Nigeria. It is also one of the most secure with three different verifications – mobile number, email, and account verification. The good thing is you only need to do one – mobile number verification to confirm your registration. The rest can come later.

Speaking of which, it takes less than five minutes to verify your bet9ja account unless in special cases where manual verification is required. Once you upload your documents, the bookie will confirm your identity and you can withdraw any funds you may have won without stress.

I recommend registering on Bet9ja because even if you have no money to bet now, you can still play and enjoy yourself with the Super9ja feature. Even better, you can win up to 10 million naira in the promo without spending a dime. All you need to do is sign up with the Bet9ja promotion code today.

Hello reader! I'm Maryloveth, an avid content writer specialised in the igaming industry for over 2 years. I love writing guides and informative articles to help people find relevant answers to questions and make informed decisions. When I'm not in the middle of a book or web page, you can find me gisting with family and friends.

Bet9ja Registration FAQ

Yes, Bet9ja is a legit betting platform with a license to operate in all sports-betting permitted states in Nigeria. They even have their head office in Ojuelegba Lagos. So you know where to find them if anything goes wrong.

Yes, Bet9ja utilizes the best technology from Europe to safeguard your account information and protect your transactions.


Yes, it is free to register on the Bet9ja platform whether app or site. All you need is a smartphone and a stable network connection. You can also walk into any Bet9ja outlet to do your registration.


You can contact the Bet9ja support team for any questions you may have or help you may need. You can do that by sending them a message on the official website, calling their help centre, or contacting them on X or Telegram.

If you want to delete your Bet9ja account, you’re free to do so as stated in the bookie’s terms and conditions. However, to do that, you must send them a message through your Bet9ja account or at [email protected]. Meanwhile, the message must contain your account details, deactivation reason, and ID card. Once you do that, Bet9ja will close your account. However, your personal information will only be deleted from the system after the standard expiry date of seven years.