What does evs mean in football betting? A detailed guide

Ever seen the term ‘EVS’ in football betting? Hoping to gain some clarity on the question – what does EVS mean in betting football markets? You’re in the right spot. In fact, by the time you are done reading through the sections presented here, you’ll be an expert on what EVS means with regard to football betting.

How can I be so confident? Well, because the term itself actually refers to something very simple. And once you understand the term, you can then explore the ins and outs of the more ‘in-depth’ meaning of EVS in football betting. By this, I mean you’ll understand so much more than just what this abbreviation indicates in terms of the betting markets.

what does evs mean in betting football

You’ll understand the advantages of seeking out EVS markets in football, and you’ll understand what this means with respect to your potential profit. Anyway, that’s about enough as far as the necessary introduction goes. 

So let’s move things forward and start working on the explanation of EVS in football betting now.

Quick overview – what does EVS mean in betting football?

Before we get into the finer details of what this term actually indicates, the first step is to understand what it means. So to get right to it – if you ever see the term EVS in football, this actually means ‘evens’, and it’s a term used to describe the odds of any given market. For example, if you see EVS in the betting market you are checking out, this means that the odds are 2.00 or 1/1 – both mean the same thing.

You may even hear such markets referred to as ‘even money’, when in reality, this means that if you back this market and it comes true, you’d double your money. However, it also means that the particular outcome has an ‘even’ chance of coming true – also expressed as a 50% chance. The simplest example of this is a coin toss. 

In a coin toss, the odds would be expressed as EVS for both heads and tails, as you have a 50% chance for each outcome. Of course, this is a very simple example, and in this case, the bookies wouldn’t give EVS odds – they’d likely offer something shorter. After all, that’s how they stay in business and continue to turn a profit year after year.

Finer details of EVS markets in betting football

The overview supplied above tells you exactly what EVS means with respect to the football betting markets. Yet to clarify once again – EVS can be seen in any market where the odds are exactly 1/1 or 2.00. And now, as promised, I’d like to quickly run through some of the other details that you must understand for this concept. 

Potential return on EVS wagers explained

I’ve stressed earlier that EVS in betting football markets indicates that you can double your money through such wagers. This is absolutely true, but if you are new to sports betting, you might fall into a common misconception. For example, if you back Tottenham to beat Wolves at home in the Premier League at EVS odds, you will double your money if they win. Yet let’s say that you staked £10 – the obvious return is then £20.

But you haven’t made £20, you’ve made £10, as you have to minus your stake from the overall return to determine your actual profit.

The implied probability of EVS football betting markets

A very close concept that relates directly to the odds in football betting is ‘implied probability’. Simply put, whatever the odds for a betting market might be, they always have a corresponding implied probability. Essentially, this means the implied chances that the market you are betting on will come true. 

For example, if you found a football betting market with odds of 4.00, the implied probability is 25% (1/4). Of course, with EVS markets, as mentioned earlier, the implied probability is always 50%. This is true regardless of what market you are thinking of covering. If the odds given show ‘EVS’, you know that the implied probability is 50%.

Examples where EVS markets could be shown

Last but not least, you might be intrigued to know when EVS football betting markets might arise. Simply put, they can arrive at any time! As long as the bookmakers believe that there is more or less a 50% chance of that outcome coming true, there is always a chance that EVS odds will be attached to that market. This could apply to the 1×2 markets, both teams to score, individual scorers, number of cards, and anything else you can imagine!

FAQs – what does EVS mean in betting football?

Can EVS football betting markets change?

Yes. Like all markets, the odds can move from their original price.

What if I cover an EVS football betting market with a free bet token?

In this case, the math concerning the profit is done for you, as your total return will not include the value of the free bet.

Do betting exchanges also have EVS markets?

Yes. And the great part is that EVS markets might be found for both back and lay options.

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