Spreads.ca Review 2024: Honest Review on Online Sportsbook

Check out this Spreads.ca review for the new and improved 2024 platform!

Spreads.ca review 2024 – sports and markets supported

First and foremost, Spreads.ca is a well-recognized sports betting site in Canada. So of course, the sportsbook is something that many new customers want to learn about prior to signing up. On that note, the sportsbook at this site is both comprehensive and of the highest quality. Spreads.ca offers betting markets for sports like soccer, basketball, hockey, American football, baseball, MMA, Motor Racing, and many others too. This shows that they have catered to punters of all backgrounds and interests.

As for the betting markets, the mainstream and most popular sports like soccer tend to have 100+ to explore. This is true for other sports too, and on a daily basis, you can expect options to wager on hundreds of events on the site. Spreads.ca is unique in the respect that they have a designated section known as ‘spreads boosts’ too. This is a section where you can bet on the spread of certain events, sometimes referred to as handicap betting. And again, as the name suggests, the odds have been given a pump for the options here.

Spreads.ca review

How do the odds and limits compare at Spreads.ca?

On the whole, we’d say that the odds are pretty competitive at Spreads.ca. Based on the same events covered by competitor sites, it’s pretty rare that Spreads.ca falls below the market average. This is comforting as it means that the odds you are getting are not selling you short or taking any value off the top. However, when you then look at certain price boosts, particularly the spread boosts that these guys are famous for, it’s clear that this is where you get the most bang for your buck.

As for the limits, it appears that Spreads.ca is in line with other bookmakers of a similar size and stature in Canada. Bets tend to start at a minimum of $1 unless you are live betting. And for winnings, Spreads.ca will payout on many bets that are deep into the six-figure region. So any kind of payout maximum shouldn’t be too much of a concern.

Spreads.ca review of the available bonuses

Spreads.ca promotional code GET750 can be used while registering on the platform but does not lead to any exclusive benefits. There are no welcome rewards for newcomers. But this should not be viewed in a negative light. This is actually a condition of all betting sites for the Canadian market. Then again, other incentives could well be available as you continue to bet on the site. However, we cannot give specifics on these as they tend to be tailored for individual accounts based on activity.

Closer look at the main betting features

Live streaming and live wagering

Spreads.ca is actually pretty keen on offering streaming services for many sports on the site. From what we’ve seen, you can stream live sport for events relating to tennis, soccer, horse racing, and many others. And if streaming isn’t supported for an event that you’ve checked out, you may see in-game statistics as well as a graphical representation of what’s taking place. As for live wagering, of course, this is fully supported for the vast number of sports listed at Spreads.ca.

Cashing out wagers at Spreads.ca

Cashing out wagers is certainly possible and supported at Spreads.ca. But receiving such offers is conditional on how your bet is performing. Of course, your wager needs to be performing well for Spreads.ca to offer an early payout. If things are going south, however, you may not receive a favourable cashout deal – if any deal is offered at all. Then again, if a deal is offered, it’s a one-tap process to take the early profit.

Spreads.ca review of the mobile app

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Spreads.ca has a mobile app. However, all is not lost! Spreads.ca has a well-designed and optimized mobile site that you can use instead. This site works very well on all smartphone and tablet devices, so flexible betting isn’t something to get overly concerned about here. With that said, the mobile site supports many of the key features like streaming, live betting, as well as cashouts.

A Spreads.ca review of the casino product

Although the sportsbook gets most of the attention, the Spreads.ca casino is worth talking about. This is a growing product that already has hundreds of games split into many key categories. Currently, you can enjoy top-level games for things like slots, table games, and video poker, and there is even a high-roller, as well as a live dealer section. So for us, the overall portfolio and experience within the casino are fantastic.

Spreads.ca promotional code

FAQs on the Spreads.ca platform

Is Spreads.ca a site that I can trust?

Absolutely. Spreads.ca is a fully licensed and regulated online betting site in Canada.

Will Spreads.ca definitely payout on winning wagers?

Yes – this is a condition of having a valid betting license in Canada.

Are my funds safe once deposited into the account?

Yes. Spreads.ca is a secure site and they hold your funds in a protected account once deposited.

Does it take a while for withdrawals to come through?

Not really. Although there is a pending process that takes a few hours, many withdrawals will come through instantly afterwards.

Are there any ways that I can protect my account?

Yes. You can set up security questions, unique PIN numbers, two-factor authentication, and backup emails to protect your account.

Overall Spreads.ca review – a top-drawer betting site

Based on our Spreads.ca review, we are confident in stating that this is a site that you should consider joining. The site ticks many key boxes in terms of quality, value, user experience, and premium features. And the fact that the site is still relatively young means that things could get much better in the future too.

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