PL Goal of the Month odds: Garnacho vs Rooney comparisons favour Argentine

With the final month of 2023 around the corner, let us delve into the PL Goal of the Month odds for November, as projected by Football Whispers.

The Premier League (PL) Goal of the Month is a coveted honour determined by the most outstanding goal scored in a given month, involving a combination of online voting and expert opinions. In the ongoing 2023/24 season, Kaoru Mitoma, Bruno Fernandes and Saman Ghoddos secured the award in the months of August, September and October respectively.

Garnacho PL Goal of the Month odds favourite
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PL Goal of the Month odds projection – November 2023

Alejandro Garnacho vs Everton (Favourite)

Our projected odds/probability: 1/100 (99%)

In the midst of November's three-game week in the Premier League, a standout moment occurred in the match between Manchester United and Everton. Alejandro Garnacho's remarkable goal during this game is poised to be remembered for years, joining the ranks of iconic goals like Wayne Rooney's overhead kick against Manchester City and Cristiano Ronaldo's strike against Juventus.

Quite simply it was a goal that defied logic, gravity and the despairing lunge of Jordan Pickford. Victor Lindelof lit the red touch paper on this occasion, with a diagonal ball finding Marcus Rashford. Diogo Dalot then instinctively timed a run through the defence to receive Rashford's ball.

The cross looked to be something of a botch job at first, far too powerful and evading everyone inside the area. That was except for Garnacho, who sensed the ball travelling behind him, and he simply let fly with a mid-air bicycle kick from around 15 yards, which seared its way into the far corner past a helpless Jordan Pickford.

Will Garnacho win BBC Goal of the Season?

If Garnacho did win BBC Goal of the Season, he would become only the second Argentine to win the award, after Erik Lamela in 2021. So too would he be the third South American player in four years to take it, after Julio Enciso's strike against Manchester City back in May.

Garnacho must also surely be in contention for the Puskas Award of 2024 too. Lamela won it in 2021, while Enciso is amongst the contenders for the 2023 edition, so Premier League players appear to have a competitive edge over the rest.

Garnacho vs Rooney comparison favours the Argentine

Back in 2011, Rooney's similarly amazing overhead kick to win the Manchester derby for United scooped Goal of the Season for 2010/11 by a landslide. Given that the execution of both kicks was near-identical but for Garnacho being further out, logic dictates that this will be nearly impossible to surpass.

Kudus vs Brentford
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Mohammed Kudus vs Brentford

Our projected odds/probability: 2/1 (33.3%)

West Ham's summer acquisition is proving to be a valuable addition, offering moments of joy for the team's supporters. In the 11th match week, Kudus showcased his skill with a remarkable scissor kick against Brentford, securing the first equaliser.

Antonio's cross to the far post was slightly off-target for Kudus, but he adeptly adjusted his body, ensuring a powerful contact that directed the ball into the goal. The goal vividly illustrates the player's athletic prowess in bending his body to his advantage. His strategic positioning for the goal is clearly evident in the captured moment.

Olise vs Luton
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Michael Olise vs Luton Town

Our projected odds/probability: 7/2 (22.2%)

The 21-year-old has already made a significant impact, and his goal against Luton Town has further elevated his standing. Even with less than half the season gone, there is no doubt that Olise has netted one of the most impressive solo goals of 2023/24.

Receiving the ball near the halfway line, Olise initiated a dynamic run toward the Luton Town goal, hugging the byline. Skillfully manoeuvring past a defender, he then cut back inside to line up his shot. Prior to striking, he assessed the position of the opposing goalkeeper, employing a side-foot technique to expertly curl the ball into the top corner.

Zinchenko vs Burnley
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Oleksandr Zinchenko vs Burnley

Our projected odds/probability: 11/2 (15.4%)

The versatile Arsenal player, known for his adaptability across various positions on the field, netted a spectacular volley against Burnley. In a closely contested match with Arsenal holding a slim 1-0 lead, Zinchenko's goal secured the victory.

Arsenal earned a corner around the 74th minute, and although Saliba's header hit the crossbar, the ball remained in play within the 18-yard box after Burnley's clearance. Capitalising on this opportunity, Zinchenko, under pressure from a Burnley player, executed a precise shot with the top of his foot while in mid-air.

This goal not only showcased Zinchenko's shooting ability but also demonstrated accuracy. While it stands out, it might find itself ranked just below Garnacho's exceptional goal.

Sterling vs Newcastle
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Raheem Sterling vs Newcastle

Our projected odds/probability: 17/2 (10.5%)

Sterling silenced his critics with a remarkable dipping free-kick. In the match against Newcastle, Sterling confidently took the free-kick from approximately 20 yards away from the goalpost. While the Newcastle wall jumped to block, Sterling cleverly sent the ball over them, and it dipped perfectly to find the back of the net. The Newcastle goalkeeper had no opportunity to save it.

This goal could easily be classified as one of the finest free-kicks of the season, making a strong case for a spot in the top five.

When will the PL Goal of the Month be announced?

Viewers in the UK will be able to vote for their November 2023 goal of the month on 2nd December 2023, when the first December edition of BBC's Match of the Day airs.

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