Inter Miami transfer targets summer 2023: More Barcelona Old Boys to come?

Who are the Inter Miami transfer targets after they made quite the start to their summer 2023 movements in the transfer window, having most notably secured the signing of Lionel Messi from PSG?

The MLS side have welcomed Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba to add to their firepower, in the bid to turn their season around.

As well as the former Barcelona trio, the side have welcomed U22 prospect Diego Gomez this break, with a host of talent rumoured to be outstanding on their radar. 

Who are the Inter Miami transfer targets?

Let’s look at some of the Inter Miami transfer targets as the club aims to turn the fortune of their season with them currently sitting bottom of the MLS Eastern Conference. 

Eden Hazard

First on the list is Eden Hazard, who has been linked with a star-studded move to the MLS following the termination of his contract at Real Madrid. The Belgian was one of the most prolific players in the world during his seven year stint in the Premier League with Chelsea, where he contributed to 202 goals in 352 appearances, scoring 110 goals and registering 92 assists. 

A move for the 32-year-old would be a further statement for Miami, who could rebuild the spine of their side with the presence of some of the former members of Europe’s elite. Yet interestingly, Hazard has recently been spotted watching a Chelsea game in the flesh. But whether or not that is an indication as to his next move or not is rather unclear.

Something that is somewhat clearer, however, is that Inter Miami would love to secure Hazard’s services for the upcoming season. Just like Sergio Ramos, he is a free agent, which means the negotiation process could be pretty smooth if Hazard and Inter Miami see eye to eye. At the same time, at 32 years of age, Hazard is still a top-level winger/attacking midfielder, and Inter Miami could use a guy of Hazard’s experience and skill in this position.

Sergio Ramos

On the subject of former La Liga leaders, Paris Saint Germain centre-back Sergio Ramos has also been linked with a move to Miami. The 37-year-old is rumoured to have two transfer options, with lucrative offers reported to be on the table from both the MLS and Saudi Arabia. 

At the expiration of his contract in Ligue 1, the World Cup-winning defender could follow his former rivals to Miami in a move that could significantly bolster the side, with the Spaniard still showing glimpses that he can perform amongst the elite. 

Of course, there are many reasons for Sergio Ramos to consider Inter Miami as a possible destination too. Putting money aside, Ramos has plenty of friends and previous associates at the club already. Most significantly, Lionel Messi already left PSG for Inter Miami this summer. Adding to that, Inter Miami has snagged Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba this summer too, who are both international compatriots for Sergio Ramos. So as you can see, there are certainly reasons for Ramos to make the move in terms of his potential teammates.

Additionally, with Ramos rejecting a contract extension at PSG, his free agent status makes this deal particularly easy to complete if the terms were mutually satisfactory. But while he might be one of several Inter Miami targets right now, there is also interest from Real Madrid and from Saudi Arabia, according to the most recent developments.


Luiz Suarez 

There has been speculation that Messi could be joined by his former striker partner Luis Suarez this summer, with Miami reported to be eyeing the Gremio forward. The 36-year-old was known as one of the most prolific forwards in Europe during his time in the Netherlands, England and Spain, before moving to Brazil to join Gremio. 

Speaking to the press, Gremio manager Renato Gaucho deemed the transfer situation regarding Suarez and Miami a “problem” as the MLS side delve into their pursuit of the former Barcelona goal machine. 

The Uruguayan has recorded a phenomenal 710 goal contributions in 745 recorded career appearances, scoring a monstrous 458 goals and registering 252 assists. Could Miami reconnect the former Barcelona menaces this summer? 

It’s certainly been a bumpy ride concerning Luis Suarez and his future at Gremio in recent weeks. Yet despite all of the rumors, headlines, and media reports, it seems that there is some kind of closure on this possible deal. And for those who had hoped for a Barcelona reunion at Inter Miami, it’s not exactly great news. As of the most recent reports, it seems that Gremio is blocking Suarez from transferring to Inter Miami. 

The exact terms of this stance from Gremio are somewhat murky, however, yet Gremio has publicly declared that Suarez will not leave the club in this transfer period. Then again, it’s not all that long ago that Suarez had supposedly offered to buy out his own contract in order to make the move to Inter Miami. So with that in mind, although it now seems less likely that Suarez is still one of Inter Miami’s targets, I would not deem it to be an impossibility – not by any means.

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