How Much Is Goncalo Ramos Worth? Here’s the Possible PSG Transfer Fee

The 22-year-old Portuguese striker, Goncalo Ramos, is in high demand at the time of writing. Many will know him as the man that has come in to replace Cristiano Ronaldo as the number-one striker for the Portugal international squad. However, while his international career is pretty much guaranteed to feature plenty of big moments for Portugal, his immediate club future is uncertain. For the time being, Ramos is still on the books at Benfica, but it looks like this won’t be the case for the upcoming 23/24 season.

Goncalo Ramos Transfer Fee

More specifically, it seems that the European giants, PSG, are looking to sign Ramos. But the exact PSG transfer fee for Ramos is still up in the air. According to the most recent reports, PSG is close to agreeing to an €80 million fee for the young striker. This is around £69 million, which is even more than the possible Ousmane Dembele PSG transfer fee – another red-hot target for the team. 

Anyway, many estimations put Ramos around at around a value of €50 million, so it’s obvious that PSG is keen on bagging Benfica’s star man. And who can blame them? Ramos netted 19 goals and produced 2 assists (Primeira Liga statistics) to help Benfica win the Portuguese Primeira Liga last season. So he’s obviously in great form, and at 22, one has to assume that he will only improve from here. Yet coming back to the possible PSG transfer fee and likely outcome, let’s take a closer look.

Goncalo Ramos’ Market Value & PSGs Transfer Approach

This is an interesting one to discuss since there are no previous transfers involving Goncalo Ramos. Usually, we can look at previous transfers for certain individuals for a gauge of what a future fee could be. Yet since Ramos is a Benfica man through and through, meaning he has been nurtured from a young age at the club, there are no fees to help us make an estimate. But as mentioned above, recent reports put him at an estimated value of €50 million. 

So exactly what might materialize concerning this potential move to PSG given these factors? 

Possible Figures and Terms for Ramos’ PSG Move

Despite the €50 million estimate of Goncalo Ramos’ market value, there are strong rumors that PSG are considering an €80 million bid for the striker. This figure has sprung from reports that Benfica will demand this sum of money to let Ramos go. And given that PSG is a club with a rather extensive budget, I can’t see them trying to negotiate too much. Furthermore, there is still uncertainty surrounding Mbappe’s future at the club, even with less than one month left in the Summer transfer window.

On that note, this uncertainty could well be underpinning the delay in any breaking news relating to Goncalo Ramos moving to PSG. Additionally, since PSG needs to sign a number 9, and with Harry Kane moving ever further from a potential PSG move, Ramos looks like the perfect target. Yet to confirm once again, with Benfica wanting €80 million for Ramos, I’d be extremely surprised if PSG were able to sign him for anything below that value.

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