How Much Is Dusan Vlahovic Worth? Here’s the Possible Chelsea Transfer Fee

Could Dusan Vlahovic really be coming to the Premier League for the 23/24 season? If Chelsea has anything to do with it, the answer to that question would be a resounding yes. The Blues have been linked to Vlahovic in recent weeks, and the club’s interest in signing the Serbian star is clear. However, there is one big hurdle standing in the way of this move, and that hurdle is the Chelsea transfer fee for Dusan Vlahovic.

Dusan Vlahovic Chelsea Transfer Fee

Based on recent transfer market reports, Vlahovic carries a value of around €70 million. With that said, Vlahovic joined Juventus in January 2022 for a fee of €81.60 million, showing that the club paid more than Vlahovic was worth to secure his services. But since that was back in January 2022, what is the asking price now for the Serbian forward? 

Or more specifically, what will Chelsea need to pay to sign Dusan Vlahovic in the current transfer window? Let’s explore this intriguing question right now.

The Potential Dusan Vlahovic Chelsea Transfer Fee – Current Situation Explained

Given his current standing as an established forward, combined with his age of just 23 years old, Vlahovic is hot property. He has already made his way into the ranks of one of the most decorated clubs in Europe, and he represents Serbia on the international stage too. So it’s not like Dusan Vlahovic is a rookie, not by any means. He has serious potential, and it seems like Chelsea agrees, as they are currently pondering the terms of signing Vlahovic. 

Yet with no contract signed, at the time of writing, we must look at a few factors to determine the likely fee and terms for Chelsea to ink Vlahovic before the transfer period is over. Therefore, let’s perform this analysis right now.

Juventus Signed Vlahovic for €81.60 Million

When it comes to the likely Chelsea transfer fee to secure Vlahovic, I’d be incredibly surprised if Juventus would accept less than €81.60 million. I say this because this was the fee that Juventus paid to sign Vlahovic in January 2022. Not only that, but this was a four-and-a-half-year deal, so Vlahovic has plenty left on his contract at Juventus. So if a straight-up fee was paid, I’d expect it to match the €81.60 million fee and then some.

Most Recent Developments and Likely Outcomes

Although we can entertain the idea and speculate on Chelsea paying a direct fee to sign Dusan Vlahovic, it doesn’t look like this is the most likely route. Within the last 24/48 hours, news has broken of Chelsea considering a swap for Romelu Lukaku. As you might be aware, Lukaku played at Inter Milan last season after being loaned out by the Blues. Lukaku scored 10 goals in 25 appearances for the club, and he helped them reach the Champions League final. 

Furthermore, rumors surrounding Romelu Lukaku’s next club are rife after he expressed his desire to leave this Summer. As for the most recent developments surrounding this swap deal, Juventus is playing hardball. According to the most recent figures, Juventus are demanding that a fee of £50 million is paid for Vlahovic. This is a hefty price in itself, yet Juventus also want Lukaku as part of the swap. 

Then again, Chelsea does have the cash to meet such a demand, and with Lukaku looking to leave the club, I feel this deal could definitely go through.

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