FM 24 Touch info: Platform, release date, features and more…

FM 24 Touch is coming for another year! The handheld version of Football Manager will be released soon and we have covered everything you need to know about it!

FM 24 Touch: new features

New Set Piece Creator

Elite clubs worldwide continually work on ways to outperform their rivals. A key focus on excelling in both offensive and defensive set pieces has appeared in these last two decades, and in FM24 Touch, an innovative Set Piece Creator to enhance them has been introduced.

Your Assistant Manager will guide you through four questions to define routines, ensuring success in every scenario. The set pieces include specific player roles determined by their attributes. Tall players become your Aerial Threats, while those with strong Crossing and Passing abilities become your Creators.

Training improvements

The Training menu offers daily performance insights and allows you to set the focus for the upcoming week. For instance, prior to a huge European match where your aim is to protect an aggregate lead, you can enhance defending. Or focus on practising set pieces, while mastering the ones you've developed on the Set Piece Creator.

This year, Attacking, Defending, and Goalkeeping training units debut, categorising player training sessions. The Units tab displays the top five Attributes they'll focus on in the following week.

While your staff typically manages these units, you can decide to adapt them to your likening. FM24 Touch also emphasises mentoring groups, pairing prospects with senior players who provide valuable advice and support and fostering the growth of your young talents on and off the pitch.

Club Progression

Request stadium upgrades, budget increases, and improved youth facilities through a revamped system in the Club Vision menu. Provide context for your requests and designate one high priority per season, giving you greater influence over your club's trajectory

Managerial personality

Managerial Principles sets expectations for your players. You will have to choose three principles from a list of ten. These principles are part of the new Dynamics system, a feature that impacts player reactions to your decisions.

Winning player ‘Buy-In' is crucial: earned through consistent management, your choices influence each player's individual Mindset, creating a diverse squad with various personalities. Balancing these personalities can boost training and matchday results.

Carry your save over

Similarly to FM on PC or Consoles, you will now be able to carry over your save from FM 23 to the next iterations of Sports Interactive saga!

Improved iPhone Navigation

For those of you willing to play through Apple Arcade, you will notice significant changes to the iPhone skin. More of the screen is used by the game, so that the information are way more readable.

Menus, navigation, layout… a lot of improvements have been applied to the interface so that everything is now smoother than ever.

FM 24 Touch release date and other info

FM 24 Touch will be available on both the Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade from November 6th.

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