Beat the bookies: is there a winning strategy?

The world of betting continues to fascinate many individuals irrespective of their involvement. The desire to beat the bookie is one of the primary reasons behind this fascination, as this has proven difficult for the average Joe. Over the years, several mathematicians and strategists have tried to work out how to beat the bookies, using different models of their own. However, these are quite hard to devise, while their results are also not very consistent. It is not a rocket science to know that punters have to avoid going with their heart, as making good decisions would invariably lead to profits.

How can you beat the bookies? Well there's no such thing as a sure bet, but here are some recommended techniques to get value and enjoyment. Not only that but we also recommend you use tools to help you in making a sound decision, such as our very own list of best bookmakers for football in the UKnotably two of them which offer a Coral new customer offer or a Betfred promotion code.

Better Research for Informed Predictions

betting strategies to beat bookies

The art of making consistent profits and beating the bookie lies in making correct predictions. This is easier said than done. There are a ton of factors that play a role in the outcome of a game. It is difficult to accurately predict future, but one can look at past performances to make an assumption of the future. The availability of statistics has made a substantial impact when betting on any sport. A punter is now able to gauge past performance and come up with a better prediction for the future.

A punter should have no trouble in analysing the trends and statistics about a popular contest. However, if the punter wants to place a bet on sports that do not enjoy the same scale of popularity, it becomes a challenge. In this case, one should look out for opportunities where the team in question has a commanding presence in the division. Such a team would be a huge favourite to achieve success even if they have some niggling problems like lack of a few players.

Shopping Around for Better Prices

One of the best ways to overcome a bookie and come out on top would be to shop around for better prices on the same market. This may seem like an unwanted task for a few cents of added return, but it can pay dividends in the long run since it turns the odds against the bookie. A punter is not limited to opening accounts with just one bookmaker. Since they can open several accounts, it makes sense to go with a bookmaker who is offering better prices – even if it is not by a huge margin – if the option is available. In the long run, these small price differences would end up making a difference, as they would add up and compensate for any losses that may occur along the way.

Due to the presence of many tools like comparators, it has become easier than ever to compare the prices offered by different bookies. This comparison does not take more than a minute, but it is worth cannot be underestimated.

Choosing Better Bet Types

football accumulator betting

One of the best ways for a punter to get a sizeable reward with a small stake is to go with accumulators. This can be used in favour of the punter to beat the bookie. There are several bet types that help turn the odds in favour of the punter, who is no longer restricted to the single bets where outcome is left to the mercy of the single event. Thanks to the availability of some interesting offers like an insurance cover on an accumulator bet even when one or two selections losses, it is still possible to come out with returns using this bet type.

Despite the risks, it manages to offer a higher risk reward ratio, which can be very crucial when trying to get the better of bookies. Even though a single bet may seem like a better pick in most circumstances, a combination bet can work wonders when it comes out right. You may also consider low-risk betting strategies like draw no bet.

Being Consistent with Picks

A punter will significantly improve the chances of success by going with regular picks for consistent returns. Just the presence of good knowledge in a sport does not mean that punters can get good predictions all the time. It needs a lot of experience to pick teams that are in a good shape to win a game. This can apply to any sport. For someone who has been watching their team regularly, it does not become a trouble to be abreast with the latest team development.

Since the absence of some players, weather, and other factors can make a difference to the outcome, a regular follower will have an edge in this regard. At the same time, the regular follower should frequently come up with bets so that they are always in the race to find success. The irregularity of bets can end up costing the punter, as missing out on the winners and picking up losers can become a theme when trying to cherry pick the bets.

Understanding the value provided in odds

understanding betting odds

The probability of an event is not reflected in the odds provided by a bookmaker. Since every bookie will have a margin of their own, the probability of an event is never equal to the actual probability. A punter has to be knowledgeable enough so that they can pick up odds that provide value on paper. These choices end up making the difference in the long run, as the small increments in profits would help negate losses on the bad day.

Of course, there are plenty of avenues to help increase the value from odds. The user will be able to register with bookmakers who are known to provide a regular stream of offers. These offers can work in favour of the user and help in areas where it is difficult to find a lot of value. The intense competition between bookmakers ensures that punters can rejoice in the offers that they receive.

Gavin is a full-time copywriter based in the UK and has developed in-depth knowledge of the igaming world by working in the betting industry for over five years. During this time, he has written thousands of articles covering various topics, including bookmaker reviews, ‘how to’ guides, bonus comparisons and much more.